(Be Careful With My Heart… )



Godiva waited patiently as Raphael was taken to the operation room.

The bvllet on vespertine’s arm had been removed and was treated.

He sat next to Godiva who was crying her eyes out

” Don’t worry too much diva, Raphael is a fighter, it wouldn’t take long before he wakes..” Vespertine engulfed her into a tight hug while she cried

” Lora left already Vesper, I might just die as well if Raphael leave too” She said in tears

The door to the OR opened and Raphael’s body was push out. Godiva stood up and quickly rushed to them

” How is he Mary? How’s my boyfriend? ” She asked staring at Raphael who’s eyes were closed

” The operation was a success and it’s like a miracle.

It seems there’s something precious he couldn’t leave behind cos he fought a good fight for his life..” Mary smiled

” Maybe he couldn’t let his baby be fatherless.. ” Mary added and She walked over to Raphael and held his hand

” Thank you for staying with us..” she muttered as tears left her eyes..

Raphael was pushed to a VIP ward and Godiva made to enter too but Mary held her

” Godiva are you okay? have you checked the news?”

” I know what’s happening already, I guess the company I’ve been trying to protect will be crumbling tomorrow.. ” she smiled sadly

” I don’t mind, I’ve lost a lot of things and loved ones already so I really don’t care” She added

” About Alora, what will you do? Do her burial tomorrow or what?

I really feel pity for her..” Mary sighed and Godiva bit her lips, trying to stop her tears from falling

” That fool… She died and left me to face the consequences of what she did to me alone?

She should have stayed and continue taking care of me like she’s being doing all this while.. ” She muttered,

” What did you say? Which Alora are you both talking about?” Larina asked from behind

” Mom.. ” Vespertine called and she faced him..

Her mouth went wide at once

” What happened to you? ” She asked and Alston’s eyes moved to Raphael’s unconscious body

” BI.oody h’ll, what in the name of heaven happened to you all?” He asked

” Papa ” Godiva hugged him

” Alora, she died…she died trying to save me and my baby.

She left me papa ” she burst into tears and Alston disengage from the hug and stared down at her

” Your Baby? Alora? died?” He asked unbelievably and Godiva nodded

She cried as she explained everything to her parents.

She didn’t tell them her cousin which she cherished very much was responsible for her allergy..


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