REVENGE : Episode 21 – 30


Episode 24.

Its the Queen’s death remembrance, and every year on this day Prince Nnamdi always kept to himself. He has named that day a sad day for his life and so he always locked himself up in his room without food for the whole day.
On this day as usual the Prince kept to himself, the maid who had forgotten that it was the queens remembrance took his food to his room but he gently reminded her that he was to be without food the whole day. The maid apologised and took the food back. On his way back he met Nina who wondered why she was taking the food back.

Nina: whose food is that?

Maid: its the prince’s food

Nina: And where are you taking it to?

Maid: The Prince is to be without food today, so u an taking the food back to the kitchen.

Nina: and why is the Prince to be without food for today. What is happening?

Maid: it’d the late queens remembrance today and the Prince normally uses today to honour his mother by staying without food and keeping to himself.

Nina was surprised to hear this. She took the food from the maid and asked her to leave.

Maid: That had been how it has been for the past 15years since the Queen passed on.

Nina: its okay just give me the food and show me where the Prince is.

The maid gave her the food and pointed out the direction of Prince Nnamdi for her. Nina carried the food and went straight to the room, he met the Prince lying down in his bed looking so sad. He was surprised to see her, he quickly sat up

Nina: I heard that you refused to eat and has declares today a fast as a way to remember your mom the Kate Queen.

Prince Nnamdi: This is how it has always been.

Nina: Really? And who days you can’t eat and mourn your mom. You can eat and still remember her….

Prince Nnamdi: Thanks but I dont want to eat and remember her. Just let me be. I really need to be alone.

Nina: listen , my mom, my dad, my brothers and sisters all died the same day.

Prince Nnamdi: What? How is that possible? I thought Ajuwe was your mom.

Nina: Ajuwe is not my biological mom. Ajuwe only took me in and took me as her own when I lost my family.

Prince Nnamdi: Am so sorry about that. What happened to your family?

Nina stared at him for a while before answering.

Nina: They were murdered by a wicked man. They were accused falsely of plotting against the man to steal from him. they were judged and condemned without them even knowing and on that faithful night they were murdered, I only managed to escape, if not I would have died too.

Prince Nnamdi: wow, you mean one man just one man was responsible for the killing of your entire family? that man deserves to be killed too.

Nina: After stabbing my parents and my siblings he burnt them alive in our house.

Prince Nnamdi: what? What kind of a man is that? That man is not a man but a monster.(Nina was just looking at him) that man deserves to die a horrible death, a slow and painful one.

Nina: His time will come. But my point of telling you is that I still mourn my family, i still remember them, but I dont starve myself in the process. Or maybe you want to join your mom abi? (Nnamdi looked at her with an angry eye) dont look at me like that, if you dont want to join her you will eat.

Prince Nnamdi: you dont understand. My mother died mysteriously and I am yet to understand what happened. And whenever I think of it, I just lose my appetite.

Nina: what happened? Tell me how she died.

Prince Nnamdi: I was still very much younger, father was sleeping with a maid, mom was against it, and she wanted to tell the elders about it. She summoned the elders for a meeting but that night she slept and didnt wake up. She had told me everything that night before we went to bed. How she died I can’t explain. Sometimes I want to believe that father has something to do with her death but ……..I really dont know.(Nina looked at Jim for a while and then shook her head)

Nina: its all in the past, you have to move on with your life. Even the Queen mother will not be happy that you are standing yourself so please brace up and eat your food.

Prince Nnamdi: its okay, I will eat but that will be later.

Nina: okay since you won’t eat, I won’t eat either.

Prince Nnamdi: ah! Go and eat your food o. Dont starve yourself because of me o.

Nina: if you won’t eat then I won’t eat.

Prince Nnamdi: (Stares at her for a while ) its okay then, bring the food let’s eat together. (Nina smiles to herself she has been able to convince the Prince to eat. She put the food down and together they ate and hosted into the night?

Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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