REVENGE : Episode 21 – 30


Episode 26.

The igwe was rushed into the palace and the best traditional healersl was sent for at once. The Prince also sent for Ezemoi.
When the healers came, they managed to remove the big nail that was inside the igwe leg, they also applied some herbs and medicine to the leg and assured the Prince that soon enough the king would be up and bouncing and ready for his wedding.

The prince was very disturbed and worried for in as much as he were not friends with his father he was not yet ready to be an orphan. The elders and rulers gathered around the king praying for him to get well. Prince Nnamdi could not withstand his father whirling in pains and so he stepped outside the palace to clear his head and odogwu followed him.

Odogwu: my Prince, I know you are worried over your father the king, but I am here for you. Do not be worried, the gods are not dead and they know what they are doing.

Prince Nnamdi has never liked chief odogwu, he has heard stories about him and he didnt intend to be friends with him, he didnt even like that odogwu was talking to him, and so he made attempt to walk away, but the chief was not done talking.

Chief Odogwu: my Prince, these are hard and trying times, and in this hard times, as a young prince, I know you need guidance and counselling, u just want you to know that I am here for you always to guide you and support you

Prince Nnamdi: thank you so much chief Odogwu, but I am just fine.(he made an attempt to leave again, but the chief continued)

Chief Odogwu: my Prince, you know that right now that the king is sick, he won’t be able to carry outbhis duties as a ruler, and you know the kingdom cannot just be left like that. The kingdom needs a ruler, and from the look of things I dont think you are ready to rule, or are you?/(he asked looking at the king).

Prince Nnamdi: chief Odogwu, what exactly is tour point. Stop beating around the bush and hit the nail on the head

Chief Odogwu: hehehehehe, my Prince you are a very wise boy, erm, my point is since you are not ready to rule, why not appoint someone who is ready and capable, a strong man that your father would have loved and chosen if he had the chance, why not appoint such a man to rule for the time being, until you ate ready, or the igwe is completely cured to rule. That way the kingdom won’t have to be without a leader and other villages won’t take advantage of us.

Prince Nnamdi: (folding his hands and looking at him) and who would you recommend I chose for this great task.

Chief Odogwu: that’s my point son, its a great task indeed and whoever you would chose should be someone who has the interest of this great land at heart. And someone strong enough to pilot the affairs of the people.

Prince Nnamdi: yes! So who would you suggest I name to rule us pending when am ready to rule.

Chief Odogwu: Well ERM, I really can’t say that to you o. You are the Prince, you know the people of the village better, you know the strong men amongsts us and you also know the weak men, so you know who best fit to rule for the time being. Except you want me to just do it, though its a very tasky assignment , a great task like you call it. Azaza is my friend and you are like a son to me, so if you want me to do it, I will just do it for your sakes though it will be tight for me but for your sakes I will just do it.

Prince Nnamdi: oh no sir, I do not want to stress anyone or task anybody o, most especially you sir. So if its going to be a great task for you. Then there is no need appointing….

Chief Odogwu : (quickly responded without allowing the Prince land and complete his statement) no no no no, that’s not what I mean. Who says I cannot do it, I am a strong man, your father the king can attest to that. I can rule and be king pending when you are ready that won’t be an issue at all.

Prince Nnamdi: so it means you want to be king pending when my father heals and I am ready.

Chief Odogwu: With your sanctioning my Prince why not. I will gladly move this land to their next victory. I will change the land, everyone will love me, I will……

Prince Nnamdi (cuts in) oh its okay. I will think about it.

Chief Odogwu: no problem my Prince, just do it fast before news flies to other villages thatvour king is sick and then they begin to plan an attacks against us.

Prince Nnamdi: No problem chief. I will

Nnamdi walked away thinking to himself how wicked Odogwu must be. Just a day after the king gets into a house accident he was already planning on taking over his kingdom. He wished his father was wise enough to see the kind of friend Odogwu was before all of this had happened.

Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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