REVENGE : Episode 21 – 30


Episode 27.

Its been 2months since the princess Chimamanda went to Ekeh village, Aguyi has been able to assemble 32 young men, and 60women who are ready to fight against the wicked king Azaza for the evil done to them. Aguyi had told them to wait the return of the princess.

Meanwhile, the igwe’s health has deteriorated drastically, his leg has began to rotten from down up to his waist. One leg was completely condemned and it has begun to enter into the second leg. But despite his situation he has refused to give his crown to the Prince.

King Azaza: Nnamdi, I know you are happy over my predicament, I know you want me to die fast so that you will take over my crown and be king.

Prince Nnamdi: Father why are you talking like that? I have been bringing different healers for you. If I wanted you dead I will sit and do nothing and let you rot away.

King Azaza: if you really want me to get well why have you not sent for Aguyi’s daughter, the healer who healed Nina. Why have you not sent for her to cure me.

Prince Nnamdi: Father but I told you, she is not here in this village, we have searched all over for her and she is no where to be found. Why would I hide away whoever or whatever I know would heal you or are you no longer my father ?

King Azaza: Nnamdi, I know you, you will kill me by your hands if you had the chance.

Prince Nnamdi: why are you talking like this?

King Azaza: do you think am stupid? You think I dont know that you are in live with the woman I intend to marry? You think I dont know that you have your eyes on her from the moment I brought her into this palace? You think I dont see the way you’ve been all over her like her Prince in shining amour? Oh! You think I dont know? I know you would do anything to have me out of the way so you can have her.

Prince Nnamdi: oh father ! I am so disappointed in you. Do you think I am as evil as you are? it is because your heart is evil that you think evil of every one. As wicked as you are I can never wish or do you evil because you are still my father.

King Azaza: Listen let me tell you, you can never have her, you will never have her, because she is mine and mine alone. Do you hear me? Mine…… Guar……d, guarddddddd (he screamed at the top of his voice, the guard came running to the igwe). Please call me the ezemoi now. Goooooo.

The guard ran off and the Prince began to wonder what his father was up to this time. He took a chair and sat by his father waiting for the chief priest to arrive.

King Azaza: IH, you are sitting down, it’s even better because I want you to witness what is about to happen. (It wasn’t long before the chief priest came in with the guard who went to fetch him.)

Chief priest: igwe, you sent for me.

King Azaza: oh good, ezemoi you are here, please I need you to do something for me. Meanwhile guard go and fetch me the queen to be, (the guard ran off again and came back with Nina who was beautifully dressed in a queens attire).

King Azaza: Ezemoi, I called you here so that you can pronounce her as my wife, my son here will be the witness to this Union.

Chief priest: But Igwe, you are not well, you can’t even stand and you are thinking of marriage.

King Azaza: ezemoi, this is what I want. I want you to pronounce her as my wife.

Prince Nnamdi: father what is the meaning of this, you should be thinking of your health and not marriage.

King Azaza: son, thank you so much for tour concern, allow me to think of what I want to think of. Ezemoi, please go ahead and do as I say.
(The Prince ran to Nina and held her hands)

Prince Nnamdi: Nina, Nina, dont marry him, dont agree to this. Please am begging you, dont marry my father, I love you and I will take care of you. Please dont marry him.

King Azaza: oh oh oho, I said it. Now you’ve finally spoken up. You love her, you love your father’s wife. Foolish boy! Today you will know that I am not just your father but I am also your king. Ezemoi, please go ahead and pronounce her my queen.

Nina: (turns to the Prince) am so sorry, I must obey the call of destiny.

Chief priest: ( does some incantations) young woman, do you accept to be the wife of the king and to be the Queen of the land?

Nina: I accept.

Chief priest: From this day onward, I pronounce you, Queen of OKU LAND! (and a crown was placed on her head, the wicked king AZAZA let out a loud laugh as Prince Nnamdi walks away in frustration).

Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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