Written By Tosin Ezekiel

Episode 22

Fifi knew his end had come when he disobeyed Kapo.

They kidnapped a pastor and the pastor, Pastor D, preached and Fifi repented.

He turned to God and secretly released Pastor D a man that a high profiled politician had paid for his soul.

But Fifi was ready to die, to him, he had lived a failed life and if setting a man who was living meaningfully would be the end of his life, so be it.

So he sat on the bed where the pastor he set free was supposed to be, waiting for his end.

Not long, Perol, and his guys came, who had been sent by the governor to rescue Pastor D, came. They didn’t know Pastor D was in the bush running for his life with Fokie.

When Perol reached the powerhouse with his guys, he technically approached, his aim was to kll no one but to rescue Pastor D either by dialogue or by force.

But Kapo, the boss, was not in the powerhouse. He was coming with Jazz to finish up Pastor D.


Perol entered the powerhouse but found nobody. Fokie who was to welcome him had been set free too.

Perol thought it was an opportunity to quickly rescue Pastor D. He just hoped they had not harmed him.

He approached the prison room only to see Fifi lying down.

“Fifi?” Perol said in amazement.

“Boss?” Fifi replied.

“What are you doing? Where is Kapo and where is the man you caught in your last operation?

Fifi: Boss, these are many questions, and I don’t know where to start.

Perol: Fifi, see I don’t have the time, where is the man?

Fifi: The man is gone, Boss.

“Hey, man, I am not playing joker, where is the man!” Patrol ordered and tried to raise his gûn to let Fifi know he was serious.

Fifi: the man ought not to die, he is a pastor, I released him and I am ready to die for this.

Just before Fifi could finish his sentence, there was a loud shout outside. Perol’s boys saw the arrival of Jazz and Kapo.

Jazz knew what happened immediately he saw Perol’s boys. Ge knew that they had come to obstruct his plan, Jazz and Kapo rushed into the powerhouse and entered the prison room, they met Fifi and Perol.

Jazz stood at the door, then walked in gently, took the only chair in the room and he sat with his legs crossed.

Then he spoke in his rough voice, giggling in his wicked spirit,” Peter ( talking to Perol) why did you allow that coward you call the governor to push you to your grave? Where is the man? I will pardon you if you hand him over to me now.”

Perol: Honourable, with due respect, I don’t know what you are talking about.

Jazz stood up in anger, “I don’t repeat myself when I have spoken,” he raised his deep voice a bit, ” Where Is the useless pastor?!”

There was silence.

Four men stood in the room: Kapo, Perol, Jazz and Fifi. Their guys stood outside with weapons waiting for an order to fight.

Jazz spoke further,

“Do you really know that I can take your life for his? Do you really know if I kîll you, I would continue to live for many years?”

Nobody answered him, Jazz got furious and said, “When last did I use a gun, it seems I will do it today?”

Perol set to walk away from the prison room.

Jazz asked him to stop which he refused. He was close to the door when Jazz signalled to Kapo to shoot him, but Kapo could not, he couldn’t shoot his boss.

Perol was almost exiting the room when Jazz grabbed the gun from Kapo to shoot Perol.

When Fifi saw it, he sprang up from the bed and jumped to pull Jazz away from shooting Perol, the bullet missed Perol and hit Kapo on his left leg.

Jazz became furious, he shot Fifi instantly, “You fool, when you come on earth again, learn wisdom and mind your business.”

Fifi dîed instantly while Kapo wallowed in pain.

The guys outside were scared when they heard gûnshot, they rushed into the powerhouse.

Perol escaped the bullet and hid behind the door, he was ready to fight Jazz.

Perol told his guys and Kapo’s guys what had happened, they all rushed in to attack Hon. Jazz

When they entered the room, Jazz was no more in the room, he had vanished.

Fifi was gone too, he dîed but he reconciled with his Creator before he dièd, he received Jesus.

But Kapo was wallowing in pain, the boys picked him.***

For hours, Pastor D and Fokie have been running in the bush, not knowing which direction they were going. It was all bush and it was hot in the afternoon.

The only thing they kept doing was following the direction of the sun. After a long time in the bush, they were thirsty and fagged out. It was getting late and the sun was going down.

There was no network on the phone Pastor D was holding. Pastor D and Fokie didn’t talk much during that time they were running in the forest. Fokie wore bum shorts with a short shirt that didn’t cover her navel.

Then it was getting dark and fear dripped down on their skins. Pastor D climbed a tree to see from afar, he saw smoke rising to the sky. They were happy that finally, they would enter a town.

They kept going with the hope of finding help where they saw smoke rising.

Up till this time, Pastor D and Fokie hadn’t talked much. It was just “sorry, take care, be careful,” they said these to cheer as they struggled in the jungle.

They finally got near the village, but they found a stream close to the village, they both rushed in to have a drink.

They were there drinking when a boy approached the stream from the village, he was naked, carrying a gourd, a bucket-like calabash.

They could hear someone whistling from afar, they remained still to observe.

They finally stood to greet him, he screamed and ran back.

Pastor D and Fokie were scared.

Pastor D started reciting,

The Lord is my Shepherd…though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil for You are with me.

A couple of minutes later, about ten men approached the stream, they were all naked, and they held bows and catapults in their hands.

They took their steps gently, bending their heads as if targeting an antelope. They were speaking a language Pastor D and Fokie didn’t understand.

Pastor D, too, started speaking in tongues.

The naked men kept moving closer taking their steps gently as though they would shoot.

Pastor D spoke in tongues louder and the men raised their bow and catapult up, they wear ready to shoot.

The louder Pastor D spoke the more ready the men wanted to shoot.

“Lady, why are looking, can’t you pray?” Pastor D said with a shaky voice.

“It’s not prayer we need, I have an idea…” Fokies was saying.

Pastor D cut him, “Which idea, please pray that God should scatter them by fire. It’s prayer, it’s prayer we need, prayer of fire….”

But the more Pastor D raised his voice, the more the men were ready to shoot their arrows.

Fokie spoke,

“Please, stop praying, listen to me, this is not prayer, please, Pastor trust, just listen….


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