SECRET CRUSH : Episode 21 – The End




Adrian’s POV

I parked the car at the function venue and got down with Mariel.. she was dressed in a pink flowing gown and pink hills.. she looked so gorgeous..

My beautiful girlfriend..
I kissed her lips as i held her waist and led her into the large hall..
People were so much in the hall… all dressed beautifully..
I walked to a chair and made Mariel seat then i sat on one…

The man dressed in white shirt and black trouser came to us and offered us red wine before leaving..
Mariel sipped her drink from the tumbler and i did same..
We were both chatting and laughing..

“Hey mariel.. you came” A familiar voice said..
A feminine voice.
Mariel faced back and saw Nessa she was grinning from ear to ear as she stood up and hugged her passionately.
I must say Nessa has changed a lot, she looked more beautiful and had added weight.

She wore a yellow cocktail gown and yellow flat shoes and bag to match..
She walked with Mariel and the both of them gisted and played together… she introduced her to some people too..
Mariel later came back to me and sat beside me.. music was playing so i took her hand and led her to the dance floor..

Mariel’s POV

Nessa was really sweet, she supported I and Adrian relationship without asking much questions.
Adrian held my waist as we danced to the rhythm of the music..
I could see Anna and Jeremy.. her crush..
Chatting and Anna was smiling widely..

We had fun at the party which later came to an end.. I waved Nessa and Nathan goodbye before getting into the car with Adrian..
Henry.. Nessa son was a very sweet and cute boy.. he loved me and we played a lot at the function..

It was a large one and people were there to grace the occassion..
I told Adrian to drop me at Babianca house.
I stepped down and went into her house.. we both chatted and greeted and i introduced her to Adrian.

My phone rang and i picked it..
It was the examination board members.. they apologised for not calling as promised yesterday and they offered me admission to the university..
I was also given a scholarship…

I jumped on Adrian and told him about the good news..
My life is really perfect… sooo perfect…
This is a very memorable day in my life… A very joyful day for me..
My life is working out perfectly fine right now..
Fvck all bad pasts..

****The End****

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