SECRET CRUSH : Episode 21 – The End



Adrian’s POV

I couldn’t help but stare at the beauty sitting beside me, she dressed really beautiful and i could percieve her lemon spray deeply.
She caught me drooling at her and she felt shy and played with the hem of her gown.


We both walked into my home, i held her hand and led her into our living room.
Once we got there she smiled at me and sat on a couch as she admired the house.

“It’s pretty.,” she said.
“What?” I asked.
“Your house” she said.
“Yeah… thanks” i said.

“I’ll just call my mom… don’ t forget the rules… i’ll answer any question they’ll ask… got it” i asked and she nodded thrice.

I left to call my mom and sister, Dad went for a conférence meeting today, so he wasn’t at home.
Mom and Anna rushed to the living room.

Mom mouth was wide when she saw Mariel while Anna smiled at her and she returned it.
“Wow… you’re really beautiful… what’s your name” Anna asked after sitting beside Mariel.

“She’s Mariel Cornwell” I said.
“Was i talking to you Adrian?” She asked.
“Sorry” i muttered.
“So your’e Adrian’s girlfriend?” She asked
“Of course she is” i said again.

“Adrian??” Mom and Anna said and Mariel shook her head at me.
“Sorry… sorry” i muttered again.
“So you attend same school with my son?” Mom asked.

“She does… we’re both in same class” i said again.
“Adrain… can’t she answer for herself or is she deaf?” Mom asked and i shook my head negatively.
Mom and Anna sighed together.

“So dear… when did you Adrian start dating” Mom asked.
“2 we….
Mariel was about to talk but i interrupted her.
“2 months ago” i cut her off and Mariel nodded.

Mom and Anna were getting pissed off.
“Okay… okay… that’s enough bro… let her talk for herself… ” Anna said and i looked away.
“So dear… do you have an ex?” Anna asked.
“She doesn’t…. I’m her first… right cupcake?” I asked.

Mariel nodded and Anna gave me a deadly glare.
“What?… is it wrong to answer for my girlfriend?” I asked rhetorically.
“Not when she can talk” Mom chipped in.
“So.. can you bake… vanilla cake” Anna asked.
“No she…

“ADRIAN!!!” Mom and Anna screamed and Mariel giggled.
“Okay… fine.. i’ll just keep mute” i said.

Anna shook her head and then faced back to Mariel.
“Awww.. it’s a pity you can’t bake… i’ve been wanting to taste vanilla cake… (sighs)…. I’m about to bake strawberry and Vanilla cake but since you can’t make strawberry…. we’ll just make Vanilla” Anna saïd.

“Who’d join you?” I asked
“Mariel…. right Mariel… please say yes” Anna said.
“She can’t sorry… she has to go soon” i said.

“Adrian i think you should keep quiet… you’re not Mariel… okay… just , let me make a friend already… you’re freaking me out” Anna yelled.
“Mariel… what would you like to take… i could make food for you… or would you prefer snacks or……

“No mom… she’s fine…we already a…..
“ADRIAN… ENOUGH…” Mom, Anna and Mariel Yelled at me and i rubbed my temples and looked away.

“Mom… i wanna see you for a while” Anna said and stood up, mom also stood up and they both left.
Mariel glared at me and sighed as she rested her head on the chair.
“What!” I asked but she shook her head.

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