SECRET CRUSH : Episode 21 – The End



Mariel’s POV

We both sat on the couch confused, Anna and her mom have left for about 30 minutes now and they are not back.

I know this wasn’t going to end well, they might have figured out that I’m not Adrian’s girlfriend, I never wanted to do this initially.

I looked at Adrian and he caught my gaze, I think he was looking at me, maybe at my mini gown.

When he complimented on my outfit earlier I felt happy and when he drooled at me in the car I felt really nervous.

“Adrian, are you sure this is going to end well… i’ve got real strange feelings about this” I said.

“Don’t worry about anything…. i’ll take care of it… just relax” he said.

“What if they get to find out that we’re tricking them… what if they get to know i’m your fake gi….

Adrian’s mom and Anna arrived and I cleared my throat repeatedly.

“So what do you say about the Movie cupcake?” Adrian asked changing the subject quickly.

“Oh.. it was superb… i really enjoyed it” I replied.

“Umm… what movie are you guys talking about…cos I can’t see any movie playing on T.V” Anna said.

“Oh… that… we umm.. we went to the Cinema before coming here” Adrian said.

“Oh… wow… what movie is that?” Adrian asked.

“Merlin” I said.

“Netflix” Adrian said.

We both looked at eachother, we had said different things at same time.

“So you guys watched Merlinnetflix… that’s a strange movie.. right mom” Anna asked her mom, in a confused expression.

“Yeah… i haven’t heard of such movie in my life” she said.

“Oh… mom… we actually watched Merlin before Netflix.. that’s what we were trying to say” Adrian said quickly.

“Oh… i see” Mom and Anna said.

Anna and Adrian’s mom both sat down on a different couch, they were whispering to eachother.

“So Anna… go and get the chocolate” mom said, Anna stood up and went into the kitchen. She came out with a plate of chocolate and 2 spoons and she dropped them on a small stool at the front of I and Adrian.

“So Mariel… this is for you and Adrian” Anna mom said.

“Me and her?, but it’s just one plate” Adrian said.

“Yes dear… we wanna watch you both feed eachother like couples” Mom Saïd.

“COUPLES!!” I and Adrian said together.

“Mom seriously.. we’re not couples.. at least not yet… we’re still dating and Mariel is kinda shy” Adrian said.

My heartbeat was increasing rapidly..

“Oh… Mariel, you’ll have to get used to us sooner or later.. so it’s no big deal” Anna said.

“Okay… cupcake… it’s not we haven’t done it before… com’on… let’s.. umm.. just do it” Adrian said.

“O… okay” I stammered.

Adrian picked the plate of chocolate and he fed me with a spoon, I took the second spoon and fed him too.

We continued like that repeatedly till the plate got empty.

“See… can you guys now believe that she’s my girlfriend?” Adrian asked.

“Not really though… but i’ll fully believe if you guys can kiss… I mean on the lips” Anna said.

Adrian glared at her and she winked at him.

My legs were getting weak, how will I ever be able to kiss Adrian.

Won’t I just die here, we’ve kissed before though but that was unintentional.

“Com’on Anna… is that all you’ve got, it’s no big deal kissing my girl… moreove we do that almost every second” Adrian said.

“Well if that’s true I wanna see it” Anna said.

“Mom… do you…. support this?” Adrian asked.

“Yes son…. i’m not that old to see a romantic scene… I and your dad still kiss” Adrian’s mom said.

“You’re okay with it mom?” Adrian asked hoping she’d say No.

“Yes son.. go on”


“Com’on Adrian mom already accepted it… since it’s no big deal why can’t you just do it and stop asking questions like an investigator?” Anna chipped in.

“You know how much i hate doing the laundry and cleaning your always-dirty-room… so you don’t think i’ll just do it without getting some real and solid proof that Mariel here…. is your girlfriend” Anna said and smirked at Adrian.

“Mariel is a really shy girl… so we’ll just go to my room now” Adrian said and held my hand, i stood up too.

“Adrian” mom called.

“Kiss…” Anna paused

“Your girlfriend. ….” mom continued

“Now” Anna finished

“That’s if she truely is…” Anna said.

Adrian faced me and took my face in his palm… i was sweaty..

Please don’t do it Adrian.

Please don’t do…

His lips touched mine and i jerked up.


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