SELENA THE MONEY LOVER : Episode 1 – The End


EPISODE 02 💖 💖

“Sir, we are stopping here.” Princess said from the back as soon as they got to their bus stop.

Selena turned to look at her and cast her a dreadful look before turning to look at Benny. Don’t mind this fool. She’s dropping here but me I’m not. I just want you to take me out. I think I’m in love already!” Selena said as Princess sighed, amazed.

Benny laughed. “Wow. It’s no problem with me. Let’s hang out then.” Benny replied.

“Oya you come out.” Selena said and went down waiting for Princess to come down. She dragged her off from the car side.

“Princess, are you mad? No, tell me if you have suddenly gone mad. So you want to spoil business for me abi?” Selena asked.

Princess was amazed. “Selena, what’s your problem?

For goodness sake, we just met this guy some couple of minutes ago!

You don’t even know if he’s a ghost!” Princess said.

Selena laughed. “Look at her mouth. Ghost indeed. Oya come and be going home. Cook something delicious Biko. Ngwa, bye-bye. Kill joy.” Selena said and ran back to the car and hopped in.

“Aahh!” Princess sighed out loud and walked away.

“She should have come along. Doesn’t she wanna go with us?” Benny asked as he started the engine.

“Oh don’t worry about that bush girl. Let’s just go.” Selena said already impatient.

She wanted to have this guy already.

She could smell money! Lots of them!

Benny took her to a classic eatery and told her to order anything.

Selena was happy. She was so excited because this was the type of life she had always envisioned.

The waiter brought the menu and Selena choosed a great meal and ordered for extra dessert.

Benny on his own part was watching the girl with keen interest. He was beginning to like her. He watched her pretty face and the way she chatted happily with him.

He liked the way she felt so safe with him even though they were just meeting for the first time.

He failed to realize there was something else to it.

“Hope you are enjoying your meal?” He asked as he continued sipping his drink and watching her.

“Oh yes, thanks so much.” Selena said and smiled at him.

Benny smiled back.

Hours later, Selena got home with two filled plastic bags.

“I’ve made it!, I’ve made it!” She sang as she entered the house.

Princess was laying on a couch and reading a novel. She sat up, watching her cousin.

“What have you made?” She asked sneering.

“Oh you sit down there and wallow in the ocean of poverty. As for me, I’m keeping this guy. Man, he’s so loaded!

We are having another date on Saturday and this time in his house! I’m sure his house will look like heaven!” Selena said dreamily as she dropped one of the plastic bag on the table. She stretched the other one to princess.

“Here. He said I should give you this. Abi you no want?” Selena taunted.

Princess stretched and collected the bag.

She opened it and gasped. A full packet of pizza, two sandwiches and some box of chocolates.

“Wow. He must be so nice, Selly!” Princess said happily.

“You can say that again. I’m surely gonna keep this one and spend his money with him.” Selena said as she sank into a couch.

Princess rolled her eyes. “Selena there you go again.
Money, money, money! That’s all you ever think of! Can’t you think of getting to know him better and….”

“Hold it there. That’s enough. I’m going inside to rest. I really don’t have time for this your sermon.” Selena said, yawned and stood up. She left the living room singing.

Princess licked her lips and started justice on her own plastic bag.


Two weeks later, Selena had got into bed four times with Benny.

She demanded for lots of money after each s*x.

Benny was beginning to get suspicious about her behavior.

He thought she was being too cheap but nevertheless, he still cared about her and gave her all she needed.

One a Sunday afternoon, Selena had come to visit and both of them cuddled up in a sofa.

“So honey, I was thinking if we could get married, you know. I can’t wait to have you as a wife.” Benny said.

Selena was excited. She hugged him happily. “Same here with me, Benny. I’m dying to have you as my husband.” Selena replied.

Benny smiled and brought her closer. They k!ssed and before they could open their eyes, they had another s*x.

Around seven in the evening, Selena got free and got ready to leave.

Benny saw her out to the gate.” I could have dropped you off but I have to do something urgent. Just take a cab home.” Benny said.

“Okay but you haven’t given me the money you promised me. I need it.” Selena said, worriedly.

Benny stared at her. She had never for once cared about the business he does to get this money she always requested.

“But I promised I’m going to give it to you. I don’t have it now.” Benny said.

Selena turned to look at him disdainfully.” En? Isi gini? You don’t have what? Ah, please don’t joke with that type of thing oh. Remember how much we are talking about here.

Just one hundred thousand naira? What if I’ve requested for two hundred?
Please I need that money as soon as possible.” Selena said and marched away.

Benny was amazed as he stood there watching her walk away angrily.

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