SELENA THE MONEY LOVER : Episode 1 – The End



“What was the meaning of what you did back there, Selena? Have you no shame at all?” Princess asked, amazed.

“Ashamed? What should I be ashamed of, Princess? That I collected chief’s number? Oh please spare me that!” Selena said going into her room.

Princess followed her. She could not believe Selena could be so unreasonable.

“You shouldn’t have done that for God’s sake! Do you mean to tell me that you’ve dropped that guy just like that all because he’s a body guard?” Princess asked.

“Point of correction. Body guard and gate man.” Selena said out loud.

“But what’s wrong with that?, Isn’t it love that matters?” Princess admonished.

“Please, enough of your sermons. Come and be going as you can see, I want to make a call. Whether you like it or not, Chief is the man I want. Like ….check him out. Who love to suffer? Oh please!” Selena said.

“I pity you, Selena. May God forgive you!” Princess said and vacated the room.

“Hello, Chief chief..oh really? Okay, I will be there tomorrow. No, it’s no problem. I just wanted to thank you for today. I was so happy. That man is a b@stard.” Selena said, referring to Benny.


The next day, Selena knocked at the gate and just as suspected, Benny opened it. She entered and looked disdainfully at him.

“Selena! Thank God you came.” Benny said happily but Selena hissed loudly.

“Is your boss around?” She asked.

Benny wondered why she was asking. “My boss? Yes, chief is around but why are you asking?” Benny replied.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’ve come to see him. Or wait, you actually thought I came to see a pauper like you?” Selena taunted.

“Selena! Watch what you say to me. How could you do this to me after all I’ve given you?”

“Look at his mouth. How much did you give me? Look, you better mind yourself to prevent another slap.” Selena said and hissed.

Just then Chief came out from the main building and saw them.

Selena quickly moved away from Benny’s side and started walking towards Chief and smiling sweetly.

“Good afternoon, chief.”, She greeted.

Chief returned the smile. ‘How are you?'” he asked.

Benny stood there and watched as Selena put her arms around chief and went inside with him.

Benny went back into his little room with disappointment and heavy heart.

Two days later, Princess was outside washing her clothes when Selena brought out some of her clothes too.

“Help me wash these clothes abeg. Make sure that this particular top is neat….as in very neat. I’m going out with chief this night and I intend to wear it along.” Selena said.

“Okay, madam oh. Madam chief. You better be careful because this one you are shouting chief up and down, I don’t understand.” Princess teased.

“My dear you will soon understand by the time you hear our wedding bells!” Selena said happily.

“Wow. Really? Na wa oh, so you are really done with Benny?” Princess asked.

“Who? What is Benny? Abeg, that is past tense. Let me go inside and put something on fire.” Selena said and just as she turned to go, Benny arrived.

He walked up to her. Selena was overwhelmed with anger. She turned to face Princess and supposedly started a conversation with her so as to ignore Benny.

“Hi honey. Selena, I’m greeting you. Selena?” Benny said and touched her arm.

Selena’s action was a shock. She turned and gave him two slaps on the check.

Princess sighed, amazed.

“What’s your problem! Benny, what’s your problem, I’m asking you? Can’t you understand simple English? Which part of leave me alone don’t you understand?

Even if you are a gate man, that doesn’t mean you should be completely dumb. Get out!” Selena yelled at him.

“Baby….what have I done to deserve this? Okay, forgive me for whatever I’ve done. I love you and I want you to understand me.” Benny said but his words fell on deaf ears as Selena had turned to face Princess. She was talking with her and completely ignored Benny.

Benny went down on his knees. “Honey…” He started but just as soon as he called honey, Selena picked up a full bucket of water and splashed it on him.

“Idi0t!” Selena shouted into his wet shocked face and rushed inside.

Benny knelt there still shocked. His body dripped badly of water.

“Oh my God..I’m so sorry!” Princess exclaimed and stood up. She gave him a hand and lifted him to his feet.

“Thank you.” Benny said with a low voice.

Princess was sad to see such a nice guy like this. He was so wet. “You know what? You can’t go home like this. Wait here let me get you one of my shirts. I can come over to to your place for it.” Princess offered.

Benny turned to look at her and for the first time, he looked deeply into her eyes and saw something great. Something he never noticed before.

Princess felt this too. Her heart was shaken. She felt something spark between them too as she quickly went inside to bring the shirt.

Benny stood there still dripping of water and watching princess as she walked inside.

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