Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 55

❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

“Your leg is fine now meaning you will be able to walk without your walking aid.

I suggest you do not stress your leg so much.” The Doctor advised as I nodded.

She gave my Mum the X ray result and few other test results of mine.

I stood up slowly placing all my weight on my left leg and slowly diverted part of my weight on the other leg and took one step

“How do you feel?” Ryan asked.
“Um..ok..just a tiny pain.” I replied and Silvia cheered silently and we slowly headed out with Ryan by my side.

Silvia followed Mum to go get my needed medication.

“Do you feel comfortable walking without support?” Ryan asked and I nodded.

We finally got to the car park and got into one of the jeeps he came with while we waited for Mum and Silvia.

I felt Ryan take hold of my hand and I averted my gaze to him.

“Now your leg is partially fine,how about we go out ….next week. Just you and I.” Ryan offered and I nodded with a smile.

My gaze absently dropped to his lips and a great feeling of want developed within me.

Ryan’s hand came up to cup my face and he leaned in while my eyelids closed automatically.

I felt his hot breath on my lips and that was when the door opened and we quickly disengaged.

The driver and guard stepped in and the ride out of the hospital began.

I chewed on my lower lip with a light heart as the thought of kssing Ryan flooded my head.


Mum stopped by a friend’s place while we headed home alone.

Silvia raced up to her room upon our arrival while Ryan headed to get us a drink while I relaxed on a couch.

No sooner, Silvia hurried down the stairs dressed up and I arched a brow.

“Am going to Nelly’s.” She hastily notified and I chuckled.

“Be safe!”I said after her as she made an exit.

I know one of Ryan’s guards would definitely accompany her.

“Where is she off to?” I heard Ryan asked as he sat next to me handing me a glass of tomato juice.

“A friend’s place. And since when did you start having tomato juice? Thought you hate it m.” I said and he only shrugged.

“Now I love it.” He grinned and I chuckled drinking from my glass.

Once I was done with my juice, I headed to keep the glass in the kitchen.

As I rinsed it, I felt Ryan’s presence in the kitchen as he placed his glass in the sink and I helped him wash it.

“You healed up pretty fast.” He stated and I shrugged.

“Am glad I did.” I replied and placed the glasses aside.

Ryan moved standing right behind me as he held unto my waist and I grew stiff.

His hot lips rested on my neck teasingly as I emitted a throaty moan.

He began placing feathery ksses around my neck up to my jaw and my ear as he sucked and bit my earlobe as my breath grew sharp and rapid.

“Ugh!.. Ryan..” I moaned as he slowly turned me to face him as used a hand to cup my face and our foreheads met while our breaths mixed.

“You are so beautiful Diana.. very.” Ryan whispered and I bit my lower lip trying to hold in my blush.

He leaned in claiming my lips instantly as I felt myself melt like butter in a hot pan.

Our lips danced lazily for a long while till I could barely breathe.

Ryan moved the kiss to my neck and I held the sink for support.

It all felt so sweet….so beautiful.

He returned to my lips giving me a brief kiss before pulling away and my heavy eyelids opened.

He smiled at me before scooping Mr into his arms to my utmost surprise as I giggled.

“You need to get some rest cherry.” He said and began making an exit.


Before Mum came back home, I and Ryan made dinner together while Silvia busied herself by taking selfies with Ryan’s iPhone.

“When would you be leaving? It’s almost a month now.” I queried as we cut up the large watermelon.

“Simple reply. We would resume together cherry.” Ryan replied and I faced him sharply.

“What do you mean?” I asked and he chuckled.

“What I mean is, I am not leaving until resumption.” He replied and I smiled deeply.

“Seriously?” I squealed excited and he nodded.



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