Episode 56

Mum finally got back home and we all had dinner together.
Not without her praising Ryan for preparing the meal.

She did not even consider me when I told her I also took part in preparing it.

Ryan and I cleared the dishes together while Mum and Silvia watched a movie.

“So.. school would open in three weeks.” Ryan stated and I hummed a reply.

“Are you ready to become a senior?” He asked and I paused in wiping the spoons.

“I guess. After all, I deserve it.” I replied and he chuckled.

“Ever heard of SAT?” He queried and I glanced at him.

. “I haven’t.” I replied and carried on with wiping the spoons.

“It’s an examination written in most white countries which would determine if a student can get into the university or college.” Ryan enlightened.

“Wow! Is it hard?” I asked and he shook his head.

“It’s pretty easy to do and lasts for a day in five selected months.” Ryan replied and I nodded.

We cleared the kitchen island and exited the kitchen.

“We will be going to bed Mum.” Ryan announced and squeezed my hand preventing me from protesting.

“Okay! Good night!” Mum replied nonchalantly and Ryan pulled me along with him carefully as we climbed up the stairs.

“Why did you say that? Am not sleepy yet.” I groaned as we walked into his room.

Ryan locked the door and turned to face me.

“I wanna spend the night with you. That’s why.” He said and hugged me tightly.

I tapped his back with a groan.

“Um… I can’t breathe.” I choked and he pulled off.


I nodded brushing my fingers through my hair.

“We could spend the night together but I need to shower…”

“You can use mine.” He chipped in and I rolled my eyeballs.

“Please Cherry.” He cooed and I nodded then headed to sit on the bed as my leg began to ache.

“Do you need a massage?” Ryan asked and I bit my lip.

“I guess.” I sighed.

“Come on.. lay down.” He urged and I nodded adjusting into the bed and I laid down.

In a short while, I felt Ryan climb up the bed to my side.

“Your healing leg hurts?” He asked and I groaned in response.

“Sorry..” He cooed and set to work.

❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

I smiled at my reflection and grabbed my chain shoulder purse them walked out of my room.

I moved to Ryan’s door then placed two soft knocks on it.


❣️❣️ Ryan Pov ❣️❣️

I dropped my hair brush and made to answer the knock on the door.

I twisted the knob opening the door to behold Diana.

“Wow..” that word slipped right out of my lips as she smiled at me.

She was dressed in a flared skirt of white colour and an off shouldered top of red which was tucked in neatly.

“Am ready.” She grinned and I gulped with a nod.

My gaze lingered on her partially exposed thighs down to her fine red high sneaker shoe which she wore.

She made a pretty nice choice since she couldn’t put on heels.

I stepped out shutting the door behind me and I took her hand in mine then we moved on.


❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

Ryan kept glancing at me throughout the ride and it made me all fuzzy inside.

It was almost noon when we left the house and Ryan told me we would be going to a special place.

Well… I have been living here in Mexico all my life so I do not know a place that could be so special.

But before going there,he suggested we stop by an ice cream shop.

The jeeps pulled over in the small premises and the guards came out to open the doors for us as we stepped out.

I had to pull on my shades due to the hot summer sun.

Ryan held my hand and we walked in leaving the guards outside.

As we stepped in,my nostrils hot filled up with the enticing scent of muffins,cakes, ice-cream sundaes, candies and more..

We occupied a table for two and in no time,a young teenager like my age walked up to us.

She obviously work here and tried flirting with Ryan.

“What would you like to have?” Ryan asked fixing his gaze on me alone giving me so much joy.

“Chocolate and vanilla sundae with an apple pie.” I replied.

“I will take the same.” Ryan said to the girl not looking at her.

“O..Kay.” She purred and catwalked away as I rolled my eyeballs and took off my shades.

“How did you know this place?” I asked and he smiled then shrugged.

“My family and I always come here.” I added.

“Oh wow! Sweet coincidence.” Ryan grinned and I shook my head.

Our orders finally arrived,not without the girl slipping a folded paper to Ryan .

I glared at her as she walked away and found myself snatching the paper from Ryan and shredding it into tiny bits.


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