Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 59


❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

Ryan shook his head standing up as I did the same and he turned his back against me.

“Ryan…what did you say?” I muttered in disbelief.

“You heard me right Diana. I love you.” He recapped and I flinched.

He turned facing me and I could see a reason to believe him right in his eyes.

“From the very first day you stepped out of your father’s car, I immediately fell for you.” Ryan said and I gasped palming my mouth.

“That was the first time a girl made me almost kss the ground.

I fell for you,both physically and the other way. I needed to bond with you so bad so I asked that lady to make me your tour guide.

I wanted to know you more and to be honest, I lusted after you for so long until the tour when I finally fell for you.

You stole my heart Diana and when you started dating that Dave, you have no idea how bad I felt…it felt as if I have lost it all.” Ryan revealed and stepped in taking a hold of my arms.

“I want you to know that even after what happened with your ex, you still have one person that would always love you that is me….. I, Ryan Kai, will forever keep loving you for you have captured my heart.” Ryan concluded and I couldn’t find my voice.

“Please say something Diana..” he sighed and I shook my head.

“I.. I.. gosh..” I looked away unable to form a sentence.

He cupped my face locking gazes with me.

“Diana.. I love you so much. More than you know and it would be of a great thing to me if you love me too.

Please Diana..” Ryan went down on a knee to my surprise and took out a ring from his pocket.

It was a Ruby ring and I was stunned to the core.

“I didn’t plan to ask you out this way but… now I have the chance. Be my girlfriend Diana.” Ryan proposed and I nodded rapidly.

“I will Ryan… I will!” I consented and he wore me the ring them stood up pulling me into a tight hug.

“Oh Diana.. I love you so much.” Ryan sighed.

“I love you too Ryan.”I smiled and he caressed my hair tenderly.

I have finally found peace.


Ryan stroked my hair while I laid on the mat with my head on his lap and I admired the ring around my middle finger.

“Do you know I always fancied being asked out with a ruby ring?” I sighed and he hummed.

“Lucky guess.”

“Um…did you ever give Corriene a ring?” I blurted and he scoffed.

“No ..I didn’t. We were still in session then.” He replied and I exhaled heavily.

“How about Dave?” He asked.

“No.. he didn’t.” I replied and silence fell.

“So…when school resumes,how do we appear before the students?”I asked shyly.

“As a couple duh.” Ryan replied and I stared at him stunned.

“I just remembered a funny incident that took place months ago.” I said with a chuckle.

“Tell me.”

“Well…a girl in school walked up to me during grade 12 graduation day,a blondie to be precise and she had seen the ex head girl lead you away.

Then she said to me, “maybe you need tips on how to hold him tight”. She scanned me and was like, ‘still have his crazy taste huh’. Like… I was surprised that day.” I narrated.

“What’s her name?” Ryan asked sounding serious.

“Ion know but she had hazel green eyes, her skin is a hundred percent flawless.

I really don’t want to talk about her shape. It is as if she isn’t from this planet.” I explained.

“Oh! I heard a friend call her Bambi.” I added and Ryan scoffed.

“Silvia…” He muttered and I sat up.


“She is my ex.. Silvia.” Ryan said.

“Whoa…!” I exclaimed staring at him in awe.

Ryan really do have a wild taste so why did he settle for a plain girl like me.

“She cheated on me with Mason.” He added.

“Denise boyfriend!?” I shrieked.

“Yeah. That’s an old score tho, surprisingly,she is a namesake to your sister.” He said and I chuckled.



The jeeps rolled into the premises and I spotted Dad’s car.

“Father’s back.” Ryan said and I smiled.


Immediately the jeeps pulled up, I jumped out of the ride and winced due to a sharp pain in my thigh.


“Are you okay?” Ryan asked and I nodded.

We walked in and met Father in the sitting room with Mum.

“Finally! You two are back.” Mum exclaimed and kissed Ryan and I.

“Dad!” I sighed hugging him tight.

“I missed you baby.” He cooed.

“Me too.”
We disengaged and Ryan greeted Dad.

Silvia was busy watching a cartoon while munching on some chips.

“Are we still eating out Dad?” Silvia asked.

“Yes we are.” Dad replied and I excused myself up to my room leaving Ryan with Mum.


❣️❣️ Ryan Pov ❣️❣️

“So how was it?” Mum asked and I smiled widely.

“O my!” She gasped.

“No wonder I saw her wearing a ring.” Father said and I grinned.

“Congratulations son.” Mum said hugging me tightly.

“Okay. Let’s go get ready.” Father announced.


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