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*Months Later*

“O my! O my! I passed my SAT!” Diana screamed joyously after seeing her name at spot 2 among the top ten students.

“Really?!” Denise gasped.
“Yes!” Diana squealed.

“You are lucky bae.” Abigail said happily.

“After Ryan Kai came Diana Arlo,then Carl and Nathan…hold on! My name!” Delia screamed and the girls rushed back to the board.

Delia was at spot 9.

“And there’s Abigail’s name at spot seven!” Diana squealed.

. “Is my name there?” Denise asked hopefully.

“Yes! Spot 5!” Abigail screamed and they had a crazy happy dance while Ryan and his friends watched amused from a distance.

“How did we end up with crazy girls?” Mason groaned and they laughed.

Over the months, Mason,Ryan and co. became friends thanks to Diana’s effort.

, “We have to keep up with it after all,we are prolly going to gain admission to the new university, Poshville Academy.” Ryan shrugged.

“Yeah..” They agreed nodding.

The girls soon noticed them and rushed to go meet them.

“Congratulations Cherry.” Ryan said to Diana and smiled widely.

“Thanks alot and congratulations too. You made the first spot. Smart boyfriend.” Diana teased and Ryan laughed exposing his dimples.

They both held hands and walked out of the building.

“Do you believe we would be leaving next week?” Ryan asked and Diana sighed.

“It’s hard to believe it like…the months went by really fast.” Diana replied.

“Honestly, I miss Corriene…alot.” Diana muttered and Ryan glanced at her surprised.

“Really?” He asked and she nodded.

“I miss everything about her and I have forgiven her already for everything. I really wish to see her again.” Diana groaned and Ryan could only marvel.

“I will always love you boo.” Ryan sighed pulling Diana in for a hug as they stopped walking.



Writer Pov

The couple laid out in the orchard in the cool night staring at the bright sky and enjoying their last moments in high school.

Both had different thoughts in mind.

The male would have to run his family vast companies thereby making him busy, while the female would further her studies.

What would the future hold in store for them?

Ryan propped himself up staring at Diana’s face before turning her face to his with his index finger.

“What are you thinking of?” Ryan muttered and she sighed.

“The future.” Diana muttered.

“Then stop and live for the moment.” Ryan said and she nodded.

He stared down at her lips and dipped his head in for a kss capturing her soft cold lips sending hot feelings all through her body.


Diana could barely believe what had happened and when she felt Ryan making a move to get off her,she held him back before thinking.

“What is it cherry?” He whispered and she gulped.

“Um.. I think am ready.” She blurted and he furrowed his brows as she nodded.

“I never remember asking you for sx Cherry. Am sorry if I touched you without you needing it.” He apologized.

“No!” She chipped in staring into his eyes.

“No Ryan. I loved it and I wish to feel alot more. I know that in a way, you are abstaining from that act cause of me.. but am ready.” Diana said huskily.

“I don’t mind giving you my all right here in this orchard.” She added and Ryan could barely believe her offer.

His body yearned to comply but his heart didn’t.
He loved her so much and his respect for her was immeasurable.

He promised himself not to take her in no matter what till he finally make her his bride.

“Listen to me Cherry. I love you so much. I respect you alot and would do anything to keep you with me. I can’t sleep with least, not until we are married. Until I make you mine forever. I must not make love to you to prove our love cause true love isn’t based on s.ex.”Ryan said and Diana smiled deeply then hugged him really tight.

“I love you so much peach.” She sighed and he smiled.

“Me too Cherry.”


Writer Pov

“Hurry up Diana!” Denise groaned as Diana did few touched to her makeover.

“Almost done.” She said.

“Not as if you are getting married.” Delia sneered.

“Allow her.” Abigail sighed and Diana got off her seat.

“Am done. Inpatient roomies.” Diana jeered and they laughed.

“Our graduation ceremony is about to begin and the ex head girl is going to appear late.” Denise scoffed and Diana laughed.

“Let’s go girls.”…


As they approached the hall they spotted someone very familiar.

“Hold on.. isn’t that Corriene?!” Abigail asked and they looked to confirm it.

“Diana!” She waved at their direction making them surprised.

Corriene walked up to them and waved stylishly.

From her actions and outfit,she had really changed alot.

“Hi girls…”
“Happy graduation.” She wished as they smiled.

“Thanks..” They mumbled.

Corriene faced Diana and glanced down at her ringed finger.

“So it’s true..” She muttered

“Huh?” Diana voiced.

“It’s nothing. I only came to apologize. For everything I had done, I am sorry. I know am a devil and I am very sorry for all.”

“I am here to celebrate with you and I will appreciate it if you find a place in your heart to forgive me. I realized I kept the wrong friends who poisoned my heart and mind towards you.

I was a fool to fall for their plans. Am sorry Diana.” Corriene apologized as they were all surprised, Diana most especially.

“I forgive you. I have already done that a long time ago and am happy you are here.” Diana finally said and Corriene smiled deeply.

“Thank you so much!” She sighed and they hugged.

Denise and co. glanced at each other, shrugged and joined in the hug.


“Happy graduation my dear!.” Mrs Kai sighed and hugged Diana who smiled.

“Thanks Mother.” She muttered.

“Where is your boyfriend?” Mrs Kai asked and Diana turned pink.

“Haven’t seen him yet…” Diana replied.

“Oh! Here he comes.”

Diana looked to behold Ryan walking towards them looking ever handsome and cute….her perfect bae.

“Mum..” he exclaimed and hugged her then planted a light kss on Diana’s cheek.

“Come’s about to start.” Mrs Arlo announced and they rushed in.

Mr Kai and Mr Arlo smiled at each other and followed suite.


“I must say,it has been an awesome adventure in this noble school. My high school life definitely turned out to be amazing. Six years isn’t an easy period.

I learnt alot and I am grateful. On behalf of my mates, I thank this wonderful school and principal for nurturing us.” Ryan concluded and there was a standing ovation.



The students of Grade 12 A had gathered in the basketball court for their private party as music shook the walls and happy graduands danced around.


Admist them, Ryan and Diana were having fun and dancing wildly like never before.

At long last,the high school phase of their life was over.

Ryan pulled Diana closer to him and encircled her waist as she flushed badly.

“I love you so much boo. And I would do anything for you.” Ryan said and she smiled then went on tiptoe claiming his lips and the students cheered crazily.

The End



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