Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 47

❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

“Despite how late someone is,she is still perming up.” I heard Delia snigger and they laughed.

“Did you girls by any chance take the dorm mistress soya milk again?” I asked and they giggled.

“Abigail was the one who brought it.” Denise said followed by a loud smack and an ‘ow’ from Denise while Delia kept laughing.

I shook my head after fixing my badge then headed out leaving my crazy friends.

I walked hastily towards the school auditorium as I noticed the place bustling with excitement.

So many cars filled the parking area and the graduating students took lots of pictures in groups or alone.

“Hey! That’s the girl who took over from Sam.” I heard a senior say.

“Junior!” A call followed and I had to reply.

“Good morning.” I greeted with my most polite smile.

“Yeah. Do you mind taking a picture with us?” The girl requested.

I nodded shyly and the girls soon swarm alover me like bees.


I watched each and every senior go out for their certificates and prizes if any.

Soon enough, a long talk based on what they should expect in the world was given.

“Look at us,we get to listen to this amazing talk twice.” Ryan who had been sitting by my side said to me and I chuckled.

So true..

I and Ryan were made to give a farewell speech after the previous president and assistant gave their speech.

Ryan intelligently gave them the best farewell speech ever as if he had been practicing it for years.

The graduation ended and each class headed for different places in the premises to host their parties with their parents in support of the school.

Class A had the large gym space as the place was transformed greatly, Class B had the basketball court as they were few and Class C had the football field.

“Our turns is so near.” Ryan said as we strolled along the car park which was filled up so much and lots of escorts filled the place following every parent and ward.

“I can’t believe we are partial seniors already.” I said and Ryan chuckled.

“Yeah.” He replied.

A girl or let me say outgoing student putting on a seductive black dress stopped before Ryan.

“Hey Ryan..” she said in a slurry tone and bit her lower lip.

I glanced at Ryan to see him scanning her seriously.

“Oh! Hello to you. My successor.” She waved .

The ex assistant president and head girl.

She faced Ryan and began to talk to him obviously seducing him.

“I will have to lend him for a while.” She said to me and pulled Ryan with her as he followed her like a robot

“Maybe you need tips on how to hold him tight.” I heard a girl say and I turned in shock to see a very pretty blondie with pretty green hazel eyes.

Her skin was so rich and flawless.

Her shape, totally a killer shape.

She had a casual outfit on.
Blue plain pleated skirt stopping mid thigh and a baggie black long sleeved shirt tucked in only at the front.

Where the h*ll did she fall out of?

“Who..who are you?” I stuttered and she scoffed.

“It really doesn’t matter.” She said and circled me once giving me a deep scan.

“Still have his crazy taste huh” she stated and I furrowed my brows.

She stood before me and folded her arms.

“That snake just led your man away and you stood like a statue, unable to do anything so I thought you would need some tips on how to hold him tight.” She began and I scoffed.

“Who the h*ll are you? And he isn’t my boyfriend. He is dating Corriene.” I snapped and she rolled her eyeballs.

“That bch doesn’t deserve a sweetheart like Ryan. Darling,that dude is a Playboy that penetrates every skirt and let the owner of the skirt go after a few days like a piece of rag but he’s changed. It would be sickening if that snake get to have a taste of him cause her advances towards him is annoying for a year and half now. So I will advise you to hurry and get your man before it’s too late.” She said.

“He’s not dating me okay!?” I retorted.

“Bambi!” I heard a call and we turned to see a girl dressed so chicky like the one before me waving.

“I have got to go.” She said and walked off leaving me stunned.
Who is this girl?

She definitely can’t be a student of this school but then, she knows so much.


I eye scanned the surrounding but he wasn’t in sight.
Could that strange girl be righ

I began to think of where I could possibly find them and gave up soon enough.

I let out a weak sigh and headed for my dorm.


❣️❣️ Ryan Pov ❣️❣️

“I know you also want me like I do. Why don’t you just grant this wish of mine? At least, a farewell gift.” She purred ¢aressing my chest.

“You need to stop this Samantha. I can’t get you laid, you have a boyfriend and besides,we are in school. Look, whatsoever charm I must have effected you without knowing, am sorry for it but I can’t.” I said pulling her off me but she was too clingy.

“Please Ryan..just this once and I wouldn’t bother you. After all, I will be leaving tomorrow.” She pleaded and I groaned.


❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

It was almost last 5pm and I had already gotten ready for the movie date.

No one has knocked on the room door since I got ready.
Ryan had told me he would send a student to me.

I sighed almost giving up when I heard a knock on the door.
I quickly checked it to see a student from between grade 7 to 9 due to her statue.

She was sent by Ryan.
I closed the door and did final arrangements to my dressing before heading out.

Ryan was leaning on the pillar when I got out and he stood up straight on seeing me.

“Hey!” He hailed and I only nodded then we began walking away from the dorm area.

The walk to the movie hall was quiet as many questions filled my head.

We arrived the building, showed our passes and headed in.

We took burgers and soda at the snack machine before getting seated.

In a short while,the movie began.
I ate my burger absently as thoughts if Ryan laying that girl flooded my mind.

“Are you okay?” I heard Ryan ask and I looked at him with questioning eyes.

“Where did you two go?” I blurted and he arched a brow.

I let out a sigh at how foolish I was.

“Sorry.” I muttered looking away but he took hold of my face as our eyes locked.

“The orchard.” Ryan said and my eye squinted.

“She led me there.”He added and I felt the next question forcing it’s way through my lips.

“Did you two…” My words hanged and he shook his head.

“We didn’t. She tried seducing me but I didn’t..”
“I swear.” He assured and I only nodded.

Now am feeling so much like a fking jealous girlfriend.

We both faced the movie enjoying it so much.

I felt so relaxed and happy.
I couldn’t decide why I felt so happy.

Is it cause they didn’t go over the border or the movie date?

I sighed lowly earning a glance from Ryan.


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