Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 49

❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

My head felt so hot and my throat dry.

I weakly fluttered my eyelids open as the bright daylight flooded into my view.

“Diana?” I turned my head to see Ryan seated next to me grinning like a boy who just won a candy.

“You are awake.” He said and a weak smile escaped my lips.

“How do you feel?” Ryan asked and I tried sitting up only to receive a pain filled feeling shot up my right leg as I let out a low yelp.

“Easy Diana. You have a healing hip.” Ryan advised and I arched a brow.

“Healing hip?” I queried and he nodded.

At that moment the ward door opened and a junior boy stepped in.

“They are coming.” He said to Ryan who stood up like he was stung by a bee then he faced me.

“I will see you later Diana.” He said and made an exit.


Seconds later a nurse walked in.

“You finally woke up.” She stated and I nodded.

She picked up a spoon and touched my right foot.

“Do you feel anything?” She asked.

Strangely… I didn’t..

“N- No. I didn’t.” I stuttered and she sighed.

“I guess you are nursing tons of questions already. I’ll tell you.” She offered and I became curious.

“You had a bad fall which sprained your wrist and dislocated your hip. After that, you suffered temporary paralysis.” She explained and I developed the goose bumps.

The door opened and my friends rushed in happily to my side but didn’t hug me.

“You’re finally awake!” They sighed touching my hair and face as I only smiled.

“You got us really worried Diana.” Abigail groaned and I chuckled.

“Sorry.” I muttered and we chuckled.

“Your hip would take about 8 weeks to heal up and 3 months to fully heal. During that period and six months after that, you will have to avoid anything that would stress out your hip or apply too much pressure on it. In a nutshell, quit cheerleading.” The doctor said before my friends and I gasped.

“Quit cheerleading? I can’t do that.” I protested.

“You have to Diana else you might lose your right leg.” The doctor replied.

“Leave that to me Doctor.” Denise chipped in and faced me with a glare.

“Listen to me Diana Arlo, you have no choice but to quit cheerleading. How many more injuries would you have before you understand that you are putting yourself at risk? This fking doesn’t make sense Diana. You have no choice and you would quit. That’s final.!” Denise growled and I sighed.

“Yes Diana. You need to quit.” Abigail added and Delia nodded in agreement.

“Anyways, hopefully,by night, you would start feeling your leg. I would prescribe some medication and I suggest you take more of veggies and plantain. Do not forget milk.” She said and I nodded then she left.

I can’t believe I won’t be able to walk for weeks!
Oh heavens!



“Are you sure you would be fine alone? We would love to stay with you alnight.” Abigail said.

“Am certain and I know I would be fine. Besides, you all need to study.” I assured.

They sighed and gave me goodbye ksses before leaving.

I exhaled sinking deeply into the bed.

I felt so bored. If this hadn’t happened, I would be studying with Ryan already.

Thinking about Ryan… He has not come to see me after he had left.

Could he be studying right now or what?

With a tired and bored self, I slowly drifted away into dream land.

❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

I got discharged from the school hospital today and had a pair of crutches to aid my walking.

My friends had come to pick me up after closure.
As we walked on, lots of students paused to watch us, especially me.

The attention began to make me feel so sick that l felt like passing out.

After a long walk which was due to my state,we finally got to our dorm.

I carefully sat on my bed as I placed the crutches by my side.

“O..Kay. Here are your medications and pain relieving cream.” Delia said placing the bag by my bedside.

Ugh! So much medicines.

“What did I miss in school all these while?” I finally asked as Abigail opened a bag of chips then Denise and Delia began to do what I don’t care about.

“Well- nothing. Everything has been going normal.” Denise finally replied sitting at the desk.

“Yup.” Delia added and I exhaled.

“How about the school president, Ryan?” I asked and a random scoff ran through them.

I arched a brow at their reaction.
“What’s happening?” I asked glancing through them and I noticed Delia roll her eyeballs.

“He is good. Totally.” Abigail said.

“Yeah. Especially when he is being all cozy with his LOML.” Denise sneered.


“Easy Denise. You know that isn’t true especially after their argument.” Abigail retorted and clamped her mouth shut like she had spilled an important secret.

My brows creased in deep curiosity
“What’s going on?” I demanded and Delia sighed dropping the novel she had been reading,or pretending to.

“Look, after your accident,Ryan and Corriene had a huge fight and then the school authority ordered Corriene to get rid of life threatening stunts. Case closed.” She explained and I scoffed.

“And you girls planned on keeping it away from me?” I asked and a heavy silence ensured.


I kept Denise and Delia quiet despite how hard they tried to discourage me from going for classes today.

I had to go,at least to make up for my four days absence.

I pulled on my best which I opted for today.

I got hold of my crutches and stood up, swung my bag over my shoulder and made an exit.


💜💜Corriene Pov 💜💜

Maybe, maybe I was wrong to think causing that fall would teach her a lesson.

Instead, I earned Ryan’s anger as he solely believes I caused her fall.

He hasn’t spoken to me since that day and it really hurt me so much.

So much!

“Stand up Corriene, you can’t miss classes for the fourth time this week.” Paige said and I groaned.

“Let me be Paige. Leave me.” I retorted and buried my face into my pillow.


❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

Abigail was shocked to see me attend classes despite my state and I assured her that I am good.

Before recess, a message came to me telling me if a call from the principal.

I didn’t plan on leaving the building even for lunch due to the stairs I would have to alight outside but now, I would have to and it would be one stressful thing.

As I shut my locker, I adjusted my bag pack and began to head for the exit when I heard my name.

I stopped walking arching my neck to see Ryan.
A tiny smile formed on my lips as he stood before me.

“Hey!. You came for classes today.” He stated and I nodded.

“How’s your hip?” He asked glancing at my leg.

“Still hurts. The Doctor said I would have to use this crutches for almost two months and also quit cheerleading ” I replied.

“That’s a good one. You obviously can’t put pressure on your hip for almost a year so cheerleading is totally out of the picture.” Ryan said and I gasped.

“You too? Ugh!” I groaned rolling my eyeballs.

“Where are you off to?” He queried.

“Am going to meet the principal. She called for me.” I replied.

“I will walk you there.” Ryan offered and I knew best not to turn him down.

He walked by my side till we got outside and I tried alighting the stairs when he held my arm stopping me.

“I will carry you instead.” He offered.

“No!” I chipped in and he rolled his eyeballs taking my bag pack from me and made me hold my pair of crutches in one hand before he lifted me off the floor against my wish.

“Put me down Ryan. You are creating a scene.” I pleaded and he only scoffed and began to alight the stairs.

When wehad gotten down, he didn’t put me down, instead,he carried me all the way to the building I was going to.

By the time he placed me down, I had turned tomato red.
Leaning on my crutches,Ryan arranged my hair before we headed in.

“That wasn’t necessary.” I groaned and he only chuckled as I rolled my eyeballs.


💜💜Corriene Pov 💜💜

Maybe I should have stayed back at the dorm.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes beheld.

Ryan carried Diana and the b*tch kept blushing.

“You are already losing him Corriene.” Lesley said and I groaned.

“Never! Ryan would forever remain mine. Diana has to go ” I spat fuming in anger.


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