SINGLE MOM : Episode 51 – The End


{Her ultimate desire}


(Finally resolution)

?Episode 53?

Penny’s POV:

I stared at him with wide eyes, I couldn’t believe that he wants to marry me.

I was surprised, I felt so emotional at the moment.

I was in daze for a very long time.


He carried me up so that I can wrap my legs around him.

“I’ll love you and cherish you my love, you’re all I want in a woman, forget about physical appearance because if that was the case, I wouldn’t have got Zen arrested.” He said and immediately I felt my sense recovered.

“I forgot to ask you about her for about 18 hours now, I heard from the media that you arrested her just a day after the accident, why?” I asked him.

“She was the that tampered with your car Penny, that woman wanted to kill you!” He said angrily.

He dropped me on my feet and run his hand on his hair.

I was surprised, I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if I really died from the incident.

But to the extent of arresting his wife for my sake, he sure love me a lot.

Just as I was about to say something, Martha walked inside the kitchen.

“Mr King, the kids are inside the dinning room waiting for your special peanut butter.” She said and i chuckled.

Peanut butter that is not even quarter prepared.

“Please tell them to go and play or study, whatever but the peanut butter is not yet near done.” I told her.

She smiled and nodded at me before turning around and walked away.

I faced Bryce and held his face in my hand.

“Now tell me why you got your wife arrested Bryce.” I inquired with all seriousness.

“She was the one that tampered with your Car Penny, i lost it. When i found out I went to save you but i couldn’t find you.” He responded, his voice low. Sadness laced in his voice.

Zen tried to kill me? That is despicable of her.

How can she be so wicked.

And Sasha my own sisyer, including my mother.

Don’t think about them Penny, they didn’t add a dime to your life.

“If you cry you will stop being pretty.” He said and wiped away the tears that was slready streaming down my cheek.

Everytime i remember the hatred my mother have for me, i felt so down.

I chuckled and he wrapped his hands around me.

“You have me, whatever it is that’s making you cry won’t be anymore.” He assured me and I nodded.

My man is Bryce King, what can’t he do?

He will take care of me.

“Let’s get this done with and do something else.” I told him and he nodded.

“Continue beating the flour while I go prepare the oven.” I said to him before walking away.

It only took us more thirty minutes and we were done with the peanut.

“How is it? My life depends on your ratings right now kid.” H said to the kids and I knocked on his head.

“Tell us what you rate the peanut butter children,”

“I’ll buy you a Gucci school bag, and you a customized Dolce & Gabana bike.” He whispered to them.

“That is cheating Bryce, we should do this fair and square.” I told him and he straightened his back.

“Okay then, please be sincere kids. What is your thoughts on this peanut that I made?” He questioned them.

“Daddy you’re not as good as Penny but you’re great on your own way. I’ll rate you 59%.” Arley said and I chuckled.

“59%, not that……..59? What!!” Bryce exclaimed and Arley just shrugged.

This two are very hilarious, they should both star in a comedy.

“Chris? What do you rate the peanut?” I asked Chris who has been quiet throughout the whole peanut saga.

“I think Mr King really gave it his all, I’ll rate it 75%.” He said.

“Well that’s my boy, you’re getting your bike for real.”

“For real!”

“Yes,” Bryce brought out his phone and dialed a number.

“Katie, yes order for a quick delivery of Dolce customized bike and Gucci schoolbag for me, send I straight to my mansion.” He said and I watched him with wide eyes.

He was very happy, smiling from ear to ear.

I guess something really good is on his mind.

“Thank you daddy, even when I gave you a low rate you still got me something.” Arley said and hugged his leg.

“You’re my precious daughter afterall.” He whispered and kssed her forehead.
“It has been long I last step inside a jacuzzi.” I told Bryce as he placed the tray containing our refreshments.

“Well get ready to be stepping inside it from now onwards.” He responded and I scoffed.

As if I would.

I removed my robe and stepped inside the jacuzzi.

The warm water welcomed my body with outermost relief.

I rest my back on it and collected a glass of wine from Bryce.

“So how many women hit on you after Zen conviction?”

“Uncountable, it doesn’t matter though, I don’t even remember their faces.” He said and I made a low noise under my throat.

“So do you like any of them?” I asked him calmly.

“Would you want me to?”

“Course not, I’ll break her hand.” I chipped in angrily.


“Because you’re mine!” I yelled, he stared at me in disbelief.

I was surprised at my outburst, I never expected it to go that way.

“Did you just lay your claims on me?” He asked and I clams my mouth together.

I had no excuse to give, but after all he is mine isn’t he?

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