Kira and Alex entered the admin office.

She presses her thumb to the biometric before she heads to her locker, but she was met by her co-teachers’ tease!

“Ayeehh” Myla a senior teacher screamed.

“Ohmo!” Kira almost jump out of fright.
” You startled me!” Kira complained

She felt like her spirit has separated from her body.

“What did I saw in the parking lot? Huh?” Myla asked suspiciously, but with a smile on her face.

Kira automatically knitted her brows.
“What are you saying?” She asked in confusion.

Myla nudged her lightly, “Hey, don’t you ever try to deny it to me, Kira” Myla continued to tease Kira.

“I saw you get down from teacher Alex’s motorbike and he even took the helmet from your head” Myla said and she can’t help but giggle!

“Oh! That?” Kira smiled bitterly, ” Don’t misunderstand teacher Alex’s actions, he is just being gentleman, nothing is going on between us.” She explained.

“But, that is not what I am seeing!” Myla said.

“What do you mean?” Kira asked.

“Teacher Alex is always there for you and make sure everything is alright. He even brings foods for you in the hospital because he was worried that you might have not eaten that day. And he fetched you at home today”

Kira sigh.
“He’s just concern to me because I am his friend, and besides, he has a girlfriend.”

“What if he doesn’t have a girlfriend?”

“Myla, let’s just stop this alright?” Kira said and then she turns to leave.

She doesn’t want this topic to go far.
But Myla doesn’t want to stop.

“I heard that teacher Alex and his girlfriend has broken up a few months ago,” Myla said.

Kira stopped in her track.
She turns back to Myla with her knitted brows.

” What?”

“Her girlfriend chooses her career over teacher Alex, I heard she choose to work abroad, and rejected teacher Alex’s marriage proposal.”

“R-Really?” Kira blurted out in an unbelievable expression.

He is smiling while talking to the other teachers. It is not obvious to him that he is a broken-hearted man.

“I didn’t know it,” Kira said in a faint voice.
“He never talked about it” She added.
“It’s not obvious though.”

“Yeah right! Men are really like that. They like to hide what they feel because they don’t want to look weak” Myla commented.

Kira looks at Alex again, He was there for her whenever she needs someone to comfort her, but she never knows his struggles.



Coby went back to Tan’s mansion after he sent the documents.

“Good morning, Mr. Tan.” he greeted Tim.

Tim nodded his head before he gets inside the backseat.

“Did she accept it?” Tim asked.

“Miss Li has already left for work when I arrived,” Coby replied.

“Oh!” Tim blurted out.

“But I gave it to the old lady, Helena.” Coby continued.

“I told her to give it to Miss Li when she gets back home.”

“Good!” Tim said.

“Is there something else you want to say?” Tim asked again.

“Uhm…” Coby looks at Tim through the rearview mirror.

“Someone fetched Miss Li in their house.”


“I think he is a teacher named Alex.”

Tim’s expression automatically turned cold.
Coby gulped when he saw Tim’s expression changed.


“Goodbye teacher!”

A five-year-old student said goodbye to Kira.

“Goodbye, Jamie!” Kira said with a smile on her face.

The kid got out of the classroom with his guardian.

Kira fixed the messy classroom, but before she could even finish fixing everything, her phone suddenly rings.
Kira took her phone and see the caller ID. Her brows knitted when she saw the anonymous number. She swiped her phone and answered it.

“Hello?” Kira answered.

“I am on the second gate.” The voice of a man said from the other line.

Kira’s knitted brows got even deeper.

“Who’s this?” She asked.

“Your future husband.” The man replied.

“What?” Kira blurted out!

“Come out now or I will ask the guard to let me get inside the campus.”

“No, no, no!” Kira instantly opposed.

“Don’t you dare to come to my classroom” Kira warned Tim.

“Why not?” Tim asked.

“I’m coming out now” Kira finished up her work and hurriedly took her things and run to the second gate.

But on her way out, someone suddenly called her.

Alex in on his way out when he notices Kira hurriedly got out from the admin office.

“Kira!” Alex called her.

Kira stopped in her track and turned her head to the person who called her.

“Alex” Kira blurted out.

Alex walks closer to Kira, “You’re going home?” He asked.

“Huh?” Kira was mentally blocked for a moment.

“I can drop you to your house.” Alex offered.

“Oh… Uhm… no…” Kira got rattled for a moment.

“N-No, I mean… You don’t need to d-drop me,” Kira stammered..
“S-someone will fetch me.”

“Someone will fetch you?” Alex repeated.

“Ennn…” Kira nodded her head a few times.

“Who?” Alex asked again.

Kira froze and she was not able to answer Alex’s question.

“Ahhh… The guy you dated last night.” Alex answered his question.

“Y-Yeah…”Kira just nodded her head.
“The guy that I dated last night.”


A tinge of disappointment flash into Alex’s eyes, but Kira did not notice it.

“I should go then,” Alex said.

Kira nodded her head.
Alex turned and left.

She has a sigh of relief. She then continued to walk towards the second gate.

Kira stopped when she saw the familiar man leaning on a motorbike. The man is wearing a leather jacket, faded jeans, and motorcycle boots.

Kira was stunned for a moment, her neck bent as she stared at Tim who is patiently waiting in the car park.

‘Woah! He looked so cool’ She said inside.

But then she snapped back to her senses. She blinks her eyes a few times and shook her head.

‘What am I thinking’ she mumbled before she continued to walk and approached Tim.

“You’re here” Tim said with a smile on his face which revealed his cleft chin.

The second gate is crowded and Kira can feel the gaze of the people around them. It made her uncomfortable to see the people throwing an envied look at her!

“Why did you come here?” Kira asked in a low voice.

“Isn’t it right to fetch my fiancee from work?” Tim replied.

“Aish!” Kira almost cursed.
“Hey, you don’t have to shout out that I am your fiancee”

“Why not?” Tim asked with his brows knitted.

“Can’t you see these people’s look? They are judging me” Kira replied.

Tim looks around, the people around them pulled back their gaze and pretended not to care.

Tim sighs, he lowered his head to level to Kira, ” Don’t mind them.” He said.
“Come.” He gesture her to come closer to him which she did.

“Why?” She asked.

Tim took a helmet and put it to Kira’s head.

‘He seems caring’
‘Will he do the same if we get married?’ Kira thought.

Tim secure the lock of Kira’s helmet before he put on his helmet.

“Hop in” Tim said to Kira.

But Kira did not move.

“Are you not going to ride?” Tim asked when Kira did not move.

“Why do you want to carry me?” Kira asked instead of answering Tim’s question.

“Because I don’t want you to ride on the other’s motorbike,” Tim replied straight forward.

“Ha!” She let out a sarcastic laugh, she was about to argue with Tim, but her sarcastic smile instantly faded when she saw her other co-teachers coming out from the second gate.

“Ohmo” Kira hid her self behind Tim!

“Hey, what are you doing?” Tim asked with his puzzled look.

“Just don’t move” Kira said.

“Mr. Tan, you’re going to drive me home, right?”

“Of course” Tim replied.

“Let’s go” Kira said and she hurriedly hops in the motorbike.

“Why are you in a hurry?” Tim asked.

“I don’t want my co-teachers to see me” She replied.

“Why not?”

“Hey” Kira glared at Tim.
“I have my reasons and I don’t want to tell you.” She said sternly.

“Are you ashamed to introduce me to your co-teachers?” Tim asked in a sulky voice.

“Ugh!” Kira rolled her eyes.

“I just don’t want to become the subject of rumors” She replied.

“Rumors?” Tim repeated Kira’s last word.

“Those people will surely question me if they saw me with an influential man like you”

“Let’s go before they notice us” Kira said.

“Alright, if you say so.” Tim did not ask questions anymore and started the engine and drives his motorbike away.

It took more than thirty minutes before they arrive in Kira’s house. Tim stopped in front of the house.
Kira gets down of the motorbike, Tim followed.

“Eh” Kira blocked Tim’s way!
“Where are you going?”

Tim stopped in his track.

” Won’t you invite me inside? Or ask me to stay for dinner?” Tim asked back.

“No! Not now!” Kira objected!

“Then, when?”

“I will—”


Kira’s next words were stuck in her mouth when Helena suddenly speak behind her.


Kira’s eyes went wide opened as she turns to face her auntie and hid Tim behind her. But Tim is taller than her, so Helena is still able to see him.

“And who is this good looking man with you?” Helena asked.

“Huh?” Kira was out of words

This time, Tim lightly pushed her aside.
Tim bowed his head and greeted Helena.

“Good evening auntie.”

Helena did take her eyes from Tim. Tim straightened his body and introduced himself.

“I am Timothy Tan,” Tim said and turns his head to Kira.

“I am Kira’s fiance.”

Kira’s wide-opened eyes went wider and her jaw dropped.

‘Oh no! I’m done!’



*In the living room…*

Kira and Tim are sitting side by side and in front of them is Helena.
She is restless.
She keeps on rubbing her hand.

The living room is silent and seems like no one wants to talk first!

“Ehem!” Helena pretended to clear her throat.

Tim seems to understand Helana.
He was the one who spoke first.

“Auntie, I’m sorry if we startled you,” Tim said.

“Auntie…” Kira joined the topic.

” I’m sorry if i did not tell you in advance,” Kira said as she continued to rub her hand.

“So, he was the one who picks you up last night?” Helena asked.

Kira nodded her head lightly.

“I’m sorry if I lied to you, auntie,” Kira apologized.

“Kira, you’re a grown-up already. You don’t have to hide this kind of thing from me. You have your own decision and I don’t have the right to stop you whatever you want to do with your life. I will support you in whatever decisions you made, as long as it will not cause you harm.” Helena said.

“Auntie…” Kira is almost speechless.
She felt touched by her auntie’s words.
She also felt relieved that her auntie did not ask too many questions about her and Tim.

“When is the wedding anyway?” Helena asked them.

“Next month, auntie.” Tim was the one to answer.

‘Next month?!’

‘That instant?!’ Kira wants to object but she couldn’t react because of her aunt’s presence.
Readers, is like it’s not what you are thinking…..
Helena knows nothing about the marriage, or what do you think?


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