Tim automatically stopped what he is doing. He looked at Kira and he saw her crying expression and he can feel her body trembled.

Tim’s expression turned into a puzzled look.

“W-Why?” He asked worriedly.

Kira looks at Tim, “I… I couldn’t.” She said in a faint voice.

Tim went blank for a moment, he looked down and realized what he almost did to Kira.

Tim was speechless, he looked at Kira again and he can see the fears in her eyes. He doesn’t know if she is scared to him.

“Uh,” Tim quickly distance himself from Kira and he gets down of the bed.

“I… I’m sorry” He apologized.

He took a clean towel to cover his lower body.

He took another clean towel for Kira, ” Finish what you are doing earlier, I’m really sorry.” He said and then he hurriedly gets out of the master’s bedroom and went to his study room’s bathroom.

Kira was left alone in the master’s bedroom. She is in a daze. They almost did it. She almost gives her self to Tim. She knows there is nothing wrong with it because they are already married. But the thing is, she is not yet ready. She is not scared of Tim, she is just afraid to get pregnant. She feels like she’s not yet ready to be a mother.

Kira went back to the bathroom and finished up to take a bath. She gets dressed and lay down on the bed, she couldn’t sleep. She keeps on thinking about what happened earlier.

Kira waited for Tim to get back to the room, but he did not until Kira fell asleep.



The next morning, Kira wakes up and found Tim seating on the couch.

“Good morning, sweetheart” he greeted her with a wide smile on his face.

Kira stared at her husband.
‘Is he not mad at me anymore?’

Tim gets up from his seat, “Come, let’s have breakfast together,” he said as he approaches her on the bed.

“Are you not mad at me?” Kira can’t help but ask.

Tim froze for a moment and he knitted his brows.

“Mad? Why would I get mad at you?” Tim asked back.

“Because…” Kira doesn’t know how to finish her question but Tim understands what she wanted to say.

Tim sat down on the bed.

“If you’re asking if I’m mad about what happened last night, you’re wrong. I am not mad at you, alright?” Tim said sweetly.

Kira look at Tim, “But you did not sleep here last night.” she said.

Tim smiled, “I did not sleep here last night because I am afraid that I might lose my self-restraint if I see you.”

“Oh!” Kira blurted out as her face flushed red.

“You looked cute when you blush.” Tim complimented.

“Let’s go” Tim said and then he got up from the bed and suddenly carried Kira.

“Hey!” Kira was startled.

“Hey! You startled me!” She complained

“Sorry” Tim whispered.

But his gaze unintentionally fell to Kira’s arm. He knitted his brows, “What happened to your arm?” He asked.

Kira froze for a moment, ” Uhm…” She tried to think for an alibi.

“I…I accidentally, spill a hot water on it.”

“What? You should have been careful”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was in a hurry, then.” Kira reasoned.

Tim sighs.
“From now on, you are not allowed to touch any hot object” Tim said in a serious expression.

“Huh?” Kira notice Tim’s cold expression.

“So, It means, I am not allowed to touch you?” Kira tried to take Tim’s coldness.

“Don’t try to flatter me.” Tim said and was not moved by Kira’s cheekiness.

In the afternoon, Kira got out of the second gate of her school. She stretched her neck and searched for Tim’s car but she couldn’t find it.

Kira frowned, Tim promised her to fetch her from work, and he is usually early when he fetches her, but why hasn’t he arrived yet?

Kira took her phone and called Tim.

“Hello, sweetheart?” Tim answered.

“Tim, where are you now?” Kira asked.

Tim unconsciously glances at his wristwatch and realizes that it is time to fetch Kira from work.

” I’m sorry, sweetheart, I didn’t notice the time” He said.

“Oh! Are you busy?” Kira asked.

“No—” Tim’s word was stuck in his mouth when Coby suddenly spoke.

“Mr. Tan, here are more files that need your approval.” Kira heard Coby’s voice.

“Hey, I think you’re busy,” Kira said to Tim.

“Uh, I’m sorry sweetheart, I was out of town and left my work for a few days. So, I got a lot of files to review.” Tim apologized.

Kira smiled, “You don’t need to apologize, I understand. You have a big responsibility in the company.”

“I’ll let Coby fetch you at work,” Tim said.

“There’s no need, I can take a cab. You might need Coby there.” Kira refused.

“But sweet —”

“Hubby, don’t worry about me, your wife will be alright, okay?” Kira insisted.

Tim automatically smiles as soon as he heard Kira’s endearment.

He seems to forget Kira’s next words.

“Alright then.” He agreed..

“Bye.” Kira ended the call.

Tim put down his phone while still wearing a smile on his face.

“Should I fetch the Missus, sir?” Coby asked when Tim put down the phone.

“No need—” Tim froze when he realizes something…

Did he just allow Kira to take a cab?

“Wait, I’ll just call her back! ” Tim hurriedly took his phone and called Kira.

After a while, he spoke,

“Sweetheart, stay where you—” Tim paused for a moment as if listening to the other line.

“You’re heading home now?”

“Oh! Alright! Take care.” Tim said and then he ends the call.

He looked at Coby again, “She already takes a cab.”

Coby nodded his head.

“Do you need anything else, sir?” Coby asked.

“Just make me a cup of coffee, please,” Tim replied.

“Alright, sir!”

Coby nodded his head and he turns to head outside the office, but his footsteps came to a stop when he remembers something.

Coby turned back to Tim and ask, ” Mr. Tan, I just remember, how is the Missus’ burn in her arm? ”

Tim stopped reading the file in his hand and he looked up to Coby, “How did you know it?”

He asked and throw Coby a suspicious look.

Coby seemed to understand Tim’s look to him, “Uhm…” He gulped!

‘Oh, boss! Please don’ t get jealous of me! ‘
‘ I didn’t do anything! ‘ Coby wanted to cry.

“Please, don’t misunderstand me, sir.” He started to explain.

” I… I have just seen her burn when I went to the Villa to fetch the documents that you’ve asked for.” Coby explained.

“I’m sorry if I haven’t told you about it right away, sir, it went out of my mind. ” Coby added.

“Oh,” Tim blurted out as he heard Coby’s explanation.

“It is getting better now.” He said.

“Oh, good then, I hope that Madame Gezel won’t be too rude to the Missus, again.” Coby blurted out unconsciously.

Tim’s brows automatically knitted.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Huh!?” Coby looked at Tim.

“Does my auntie has something to do with the burn on Kira’s arm?”


“Mr. Tan, there is something that you should know,” Coby added.

“What is it?”

“The Missus said that she accidentally spilled a newly boiled water in her arm, but I overheard the servants talking about it and they said that…” Coby paused for a moment as if having second thoughts.

“That?” Tim waited for Coby to continue.

Coby cleared his throat before he spoke again, “That the Madame was the one who did it.”

“What?!” Tim blurted out.

“The madame was the one who splashed hot water to the Missus.”

Tim’s expression instantly turned dark as he gritted his teeth and without saying a word, he gets up from his seat and picks up his car’s key and stormed out of his office.

“Uh…” Coby was left speechless.



After paying the driver, Kira gets down of the taxi and get inside, but Madame Gezel, Gaile and three other men in black are in the living room waiting for her arrival.

Madame Gezel gets up from her seat as soon as she saw Kira.

“So, you’re here!” Madame Gezel said sternly.

Kira sighs when she saw Madame Gezel with her stern expression, ” I don’t want to fight with you auntie,” She said.

“If you don’t want to fight with me, give it back to me, then.” Madame Gezel suddenly said, still wearing her stern expression.

Kira knitted her brows, “What should I give to you?” She asked.

“I know that you know what I mean.” Madame Gezel said coldly.

” What are you saying, auntie?” Kira asked with her puzzled look. She doesn’t know what Madame Gezel is saying

“Oh, stop playing innocent Kira” Madame Gezel’s voice raised.

“Auntie, please calm down,” Gaile said while stroking Madame Gezel’s back.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, auntie,” Kira said.

Helena heard the noises and she went to the living room and approaches Kira.

“What are you doing to Kira again, Gezel?” Helena asked sternly.

“Oh! The auntie!” Madame Gezel said sarcastically.

” I am just trying to get back something from Kira,” she said coldly.

“I have nothing to give you, auntie.” Kira insisted.

“Alright, then I’ll find it”

“Go to her room and find my necklace” Kira commanded the three men in black.

Kira got even more confused, “What?”
“Necklace?” She repeated.

‘What necklace is she saying?’ she asked herself.

“Go!” Madame Gezel shouted to her men.

The three men in black instantly followed Madame Gezel’s instruction and they went upstairs.

Madame Gezel and Gaile followed them.

“Hey!” Kira yelled to the men when she realizes where they are heading and she followed upstairs to stop them!

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Kira follows them to the master’s bedroom.

“Stop it!” She yelled when the men in black started to touch everything in the room, but the men did not listen to her.

They continued to search all over the place they almost turned the bed upside down, they also searched her drawers, and the closet too.

“I didn’t take anything from you, auntie” Kira said to Madame Gezel with her voice raised.

“If you did not take anything from me, then let my men search the whole room!” Madame Gezel replied.

“Stop this right now, or else…”

“Or else, what?” Madame Gezel interrupted Kira.

“Or else you will tell Tim?
“Ha!” Madame Gezel let out a sarcastic laugh.

“Do you think he will take sides on you if he knows that the woman he marries is a thief?” Madame Gezel asked sarcastically.

“I am not a thief, I already said, that I did not take anything from you!” Kira said with her gritted teeth.

Kira and Madame Gezel looked at each other with their sharp gazes, while Gaile is secretly enjoying the scene in front of her.

Their confrontation just stopped when one of the men spoke.

“We found it” One of the men suddenly said.

Kira turns her head to the man, and she was stunned to see the man holding a ruby, diamond necklace.

Helena who is outside the door was stunned too.

“We found it inside her closet.”, The man added.

Madame Gezel’s expression went colder while Gaile has a sigh of relief.



Tim runs inside the house, but no one is in the living room..

He runs upstairs and headed straight to the master’s bedroom, but he knitted his brows when he saw Helena outside the master’s bedroom, the door is open and he saw Gaile, his auntie, Kira and other three men in black inside the room.

“What is going on here?!” Tim asked.

The people inside the room turned their heads to the newly arrived Tim.

Madame Gezel seemed relieved to see Tim, while a smirk flashes into Gaile’s face.

“It’s a good thing that you are here, Tim.” Madame Gezel was the one to spoke.

“It is better to see it yourself what kind of person you have married.”

Tim looked at his auntie.
“What are you saying?” He asked.

“This woman is a thief!” Madame Gezel said without holding back.

“She stole the necklace that Gaile gave to me a few days ago”

“No! I did not steal anything”

Kira’s entire body is trembling but she still tried to defend her self.

“Oh really?!” Madame Gezel raised her brows, “How can you explain your fingerprints in my things inside my room?” She asked sternly.

Kira froze…

“I found out that the necklace has gone missing, so, I hired investigators to investigate, and guess what they find? Your fingerprints are all over my jewelry.”

“Yes!” Kira spoke.

The people inside the room stared at her.

“I went to your room to help someone to search for your medicine,” Kira said.

“Ha!” Madame Gezel let out a sarcastic laugh.

“Do you think we will believe your alibi?”

“I am not making an alibi, I am telling the truth!” Kira said and then she looked at Gaile.

“Why won’t you tell them that you asked for my help to search for Auntie’s medicine a few days ago?” Kira said to Gaile.

Gaile acted stunned as she straightened her body. ” K-Kira… W-What are you saying?” Gaile acted innocent.

Kira frowned when she heard Gaile’s reply.
Did she forget or she is just denying it? Kira asked her self.

“You—” Kira froze when she realized something.

Kira looked at the people inside the room.
All of them are looking at her and they are judging her.
This is a setup.
Someone is trying to set her up.

Kira’s gaze fell into Gaile and she can see the faint smile plastered on her face.

Kira looked at Tim, she can’t see any emotion on his face.
Did he also judge me and believe these people?


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