*Inside the study room*

Tim was sitting in his swivel chair, there are a bottle and glass of whiskey at the top of the table. He drinks the contents of the glass.

He heard a knock on the door, but he did not open it, he doesn’t want to talk to her, he is afraid to hear what she wants to say. He is afraid that Kira might ask for a divorce.

Tim pour another whiskey on the glass, ‘No! He won’t let Kira left himside.

He won’t give her a divorce.
Not yet.
He might be selfish, but he will do everything to make her stay with him.
Maybe his efforts on making her fall for him wasn’t enough.
Maybe he still needs to work hard to make her love him.
Whoever sent those photos of her and Alex has only one goal, it’s to ruin his marriage with Kira.
And he won’t allow it to happen.
He won’t mind even if people called him stupid, but if Kira cheated on him, he is still willing to forgive and accept her.



The next morning, it’s weekend, Kira has woken up, but she hasn’t seen Tim when she turned her head in the space beside her..

Kira sighs!
Tim might have misunderstood her act yesterday.

‘No! She won’t let this happen’
‘They have to talk about this matter, and fix everything between them’

Kira decided to get up and headed to the study room. She knocked three times before she turned and opened the doorknob, the door wasn’t locked, unlike last night. She entered the study room, but she was met with silence. She knitted her brows, ‘Where did he go too early in the morning?’ she asked her self.

‘Ah! He might be having his breakfast!’ She assumed.

With that thought, she hurriedly went downstairs and headed to the dining area, but she only saw Becca, Jane, and Helena.

“Dear, you’re already awake. Come and eat your breakfast!” Helena said.

“I’m still full auntie,” Kira replied.

“But Kira, you have not eaten dinner last night,” Helena said worriedly.

“I’m alright auntie, I don’t feel hungry anyway,” She replied

“Anyways, have you saw Tim?” She asked instead.

“No, I haven’t seen him this morning,” Helena replied.

“Missus, I saw the Young Master left this morning.” Jane joined the conversation.

“Too early in the morning?” Kira asked.

“Yes. Missus, he left in a hurry,” Jane replied.

Kira looked down as her thoughts went deep.

‘Is he avoiding me?’ she thought.
This won’t do!
We can’t fix this misunderstanding if he keeps on avoiding me.

Kira turned and went back upstairs. She picked up her bag and went downstairs.

Helena saw Kira, ” Kira?” She called her.

“Auntie…” Kira stopped in her track.

“Where are you going dear?” Helena asked.

“I’m going to Tan Corporation, I will talk to Tim.” She replied.
“I have to go, auntie…” Kira said and then she hurriedly got out of the house and headed to the garage.

She placed her bag in front of her scooter before she rode, turned on the engine and drove away.

In just forty-five minutes, Kira reached the Tan Corporation’s Building.

“Excuse me, ma’am, how may I help you?” The security asked when he noticed Kira standing at the entrance.

“I—-” Kira opened her mouth to respond, but someone suddenly spoke behind the security.

“Missus!” Coby blurted out when he saw Kira standing outside the building.

This is her first time to come here!

“C-Coby!” Kira becomes hopeful when she saw Coby.

The security was stunned as he heard Coby called Kira a “Missus”.

Is she Mr. Tan’s wife?
The security secretly observed Coby.

Coby spokes to the woman the way he spoke to Mr. Tan, it is full of respect!

With that thought, the security instantly asks for an apology, “I’m sorry if I have not recognized you, Mrs. Tan!” The security apologized.

“Oh, it’s nothing” Kira replied to the security and then she faced Coby again.

“Coby, has Tim arrived yet?” Kira asked.

Coby knitted his brows, “Mr. Tan is not here, Missus.” he replied.

“Oh!” Kira’s shoulder’s dropped.

“Where could he be?” She mumbled as she looked down.

“Missus, would you like to wait for Mr. Tan in his office?” Coby asked.

“Oh, I…I think I’ll just leave and go home.” She refused.

“Alright, Missus,” Coby replied.

Kira nodded her head lightly, but her mind is in deep thought, ‘Tim, where are you?’ She secretly cried inside.

Kira turned to leave, she is absent-minded at the moment and she did not notice the man coming into her way. She bumped into the man as soon as she turned!

“Ooooh!” Kira blurted out as she staggered back.




Mr. Fuente gets down of his car and headed to the Tan Corporation’s entrance, he looked at his watch and didn’t notice the woman on his way.

“Oh!” Mr. Fuente was startled when someone bumped into him. He looked up to the woman but he was stunned.

“Missus!” Coby hurriedly hold Kira to prevent her from falling on the ground.

Thanks to Coby’s reflexes, Kira did not fell on the ground and she gets back to her balance instantly. Kira looked up to the person in front of her to apologize.

“I’m sorry—” Kira’s next words were stuck in her mouth when she saw the old man in front of her. She stared at the old man with her mouth slightly opened.
This man is giving her a vibe of familiarity.

Mr. Fuente’s face turned pale and he can’t look at Kira straight to the eyes.

“Missus, Are you alright?!” Coby asked Kira.

“I-I’m sorry… I didn’t see you…” Mr. Fuente said and then he hurriedly walks away.

Kira was left stunned outside. Her heart is beating so fast! She doesn’t know why, but she feels odd with that man!



Mr. Fuente slumped the door of his office. He did not expect to see that woman. He doesn’t like the feeling that the woman brought to him after seeing her.

Mr. Fuente becomes restless, he started pacing back and forth as he rubbed his hands.

“No! ” he keeps mumbling.

“She didn’t recognize me” He said to himself.

He held his head, he felt like he’s going insane.

“I know she didn’t recognize me” He mumbled again as his eyes darted left and right.

“Of course, No one knows about it!” he added as if he’s convincing his self.

Mr. Fuente’s entire body was shaking!
‘Those eyes!’ Mr, Fuente’s mind cried.

He couldn’t forget those eyes. Those eyes are giving him nightmares for a long time.
Mr, Fuente was acting differently.

Just then, his ȧssistant came inside his office.

“Mr. Fuente—” His ȧssistant was not able to finish his word as he saw Mr. Fuente’s state!

“Sir!” Jan hurriedly approached him.

With that thought, Jan quickly took Mr. Fuente’s medicine and gave it to him.

“Sir, take your medicine” He said as he stretches his hand to Mr. Fuente.

This is not the first time that he saw him in this state, so, he already knows of what to do whenever he had an anxiety attack..

Mr. Fuente hurriedly took his medicine with his trembling hands. He opened the bottle and took his medicine.
Jan helped him to take a seat.

A few minutes later, Mr. Fuente started to calm down, but his body felt weak. He took a deep breath before he slowly leans into his swivel chair.

He fell in deep thought again, now, he has the biggest reason to get rid of that woman as soon as possible.

“Missus, are you hurt?” Coby asked worriedly.

Kira snapped back to her senses, she looked up to Coby and spoke in a faint voice, “N-No…”

“It a relief then, ” Coby replied.

Kira slowly turned her head to Coby, “I have to go now,” Kira said.

“Let me drive you home, Missus.” Coby offered.

“No need, I brought my scooter, I can drive on my own.” Kira refused and then she headed to the car park.

‘Where are you, Tim?’ she asked herself.



*Alex’s house*

“What brought you here early in the morning, Mr. Tan?” Alex asked the man sitting opposite to him.

“I am here to tell you that, I won’t give up on my wife!” Tim said straight forward.

Alex’s automatically knitted his brows, “What are you saying, Mr. Tan?” he asked in confusion.

Tim puts down the envelope in front of Alex.

Alex looked at the envelope, “What is this?” He asked.

“Somebody sent those photos to me,” Tim replied.

“Photos?” Alex’s knitted brows got even deeper.

Tim secretly observes Alex’s expression. He suspected that Alex was the one who sent those photos to him, to ruin him and Kira, but now he is having a doubt if his suspicion was right, because Alex seems like he doesn’t know anything about the photo.

Alex takes a look at the photos one by one.
At first, he was stunned but later on, he realized something.

The photo of two people inside the car wearing the teacher’s uniform.

‘Now it made sense to him why the man who attempted to moIest Kira was wearing the same uniform as his.
His main reason was not to moIest Kira,

‘The culprit just wants it to look like he and Kira are having a secret affair and sent these photos to Tim’
‘The culprit wants to think that Kira is cheating on him’
‘They have a goal, it is to ruin Kira and Tim.
He was right.

Alex puts down the photo at the top of the table, he looked at Tim straight to his eyes, “I have a question to you, Mr. Tan.”

Tim narrowed his eyes as he straightened his body.

“Do you love Kira?” Alex asked.

“Of course” Tim replied without a doubt.

“Giving your love to someone also means you give your trust to her,” Alex paused for a moment and throws Tim a meaningful look, ” Don’t you trust your wife?” Alex continued.

Tim was not able to answer.
“Stop fussing! Tell me what you want to say”

Alex took a deep breath.
“Mr. Tan, do you think Kira could do such a thing to you?”
“Do you think she will cheat on you?”
“Do you even have an idea what happened that day?” Alex asked one after the other.

“What do you mean?” Tim asked in a puzzled look.

“Someone is targetting your wife” Alex replied.

“W-What?!” Tim blurted out.

“I wasn’t the one on that photo.” Alex pointed out the photo on the table.

“That afternoon, I was getting ready to head home, but an anonymous number sent me a message.”

Alex took his phone, he swiped it a few times and show the text message to Tim.

Tim reads the message.

“What does it mean?” He asked.

“He means Kira. The culprit behind this knows about my feelings towards Kira. He used me to achieve his plan. I went to the place, there, I found Kira inside the car, calling for help while trying to defend her self from this man,” Alex pointed out the man on the photo, ” he is trying to moIest her”


Alex’s words are like a bomb that explodes in front of Tim.

‘Kira was moIested?’
‘Someone is targeting her?’
‘How could he not know any of these?!’

“S-She did not tell me about this…” Tim mumbled.

“Because she doesn’t want to add to your burdens,” Alex said.

Tim looked up at Alex.
“She is worried about you, Mr. Tan.”






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