“Why are we here?” Kira asked when Tim parked his car in front of a restaurant.

” We’re meeting someone,” Tim replied while taking off his seatbelt.

“Who?” She asked as she removes her seatbelt.

“You’ll know it later,” He replied before he got down from the car.

“Oh!” Kira blurted out as she followed Tim into the restaurant.

Tim looked around as if he is searching for someone.

After a while, his gaze froze on the other side of the restaurant and then he turned his head to Kira, “There she is,” he whispers as he looked back ahead of them.

Kira looked at Tim and realized he is looking in one direction. Her gaze followed Tim’s gaze and she saw a young lady sitting in a corner and waving her hand to them.

Kira knitted her brows, ‘Who is this young lady?’ She asked her self.
‘Is she his sister?’
‘But, why I didn’t know about her?’

Kira has a lot of questions in her mind but she did not dare to ask Tim.

The two of them approached the young lady’s table. The young lady stood up from her seat and greeted them.

” Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Tan.” The young lady greeted them.

“Good evening,” Tim replied and then he turned his head to Kira.

“Sweetheart, this is Ella Villariez.” Tim introduces the girl to Kira.

Kira froze….

‘Ella?’ She secretly repeated in her mind.
‘Isn’t it the girl’s name who called Tim yesterday?’

Kira looked at the girl in front of her. The girl has short and black hair. She looks young and her big round eyes made her looked innocent.
There’s no way that she can be Tim’s mistress!

‘Why did Tim let her meet this girl?’
‘Oh! Is this his way to clear things up?’

“Ella, she is my wife, you already know her, right?”

“Ennn…” Ella nodded her head a few times with a sweet smile on her face.

Kira felt lighthearted as she saw the girl’s innocent and sweet smile. She had a good feeling for this girl.

“Hello, Mrs. Tan, it’s nice meeting you, I’ve heard so much about you.” Ella reached her hand to Kira.

Kira looked at the girl’s hand, and then she lifted her hand and took Ella’s hand.

“Nice meeting you too,” She replied as she shook hands with Ella.

“Mr. Tan always talked about you. He is obviously proud to have you as his wife,” Ella said.

Kira looked at her husband, and Tim just revealed a sweet smile.

“Let’s take a seat,” Tim said after a while.

The three of them took a seat. Kira and Tim sat down side by side while Ella was opposite them.

“Ella is the daughter of the former owner of the LCX bus line, the one that I bought at C Province,” Tim spoke as soon as they sit.

” I am thankful that Mr. Tan did not refuse my father’s request,” Ella added.

“Request?” Kira blurted out.

” My father just passes away a week ago due to cancer.” Kira looked at Ella and she can see the sadness in her eyes.

“I don’t have a family that is left, everybody turned their back away from us when we started to struggle. My dad lent a big amount of money on the bank and the loan sharks. He is sick and can’t work anymore, so, he decided to sell the company to Mr. Tan. But before he died, he asked him for a favor.” Ella paused for a moment to wipe the teardrop in her face.

“To look after me.” Ella finished her story.

Kira felt like crying while listening to Ella.

“Nothing left for me, I thought I’d become a beggar, but I am glad that Mr. Tan came and took me.”

After the long story, the three of them ordered their food and ate dinner but Kira was silent and she doesn’t have the appetite to eat.



Kira and Tim are inside the car and heading home, but Kira stayed silent.
Tim is currently driving the car and he noticed his wife’s silence. He glanced at Kira, who was sitting beside him.

“Is there something wrong, sweetheart?” Tim asked.

Kira turned her head to Tim, and then a tinge of guilt flashed in her eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Was the only word that came out from her mouth.

“What for?” Tim asked.

“For…” Kira paused for a moment.

She felt ashamed of her self. She got jealous of an innocent girl. She jumped into a conclusion and doubted her husband.

“For doubting you.” She continued.

Tim held Kira’s hand, ” Don’t apologize, it is not your fault. I should have told you about her ahead of time.” Tim said.

But then he noticed the sadness in Kira’s eyes.

” Why you looked so lonely?” He asked.

“Oh, that…” Kira took a deep breath before she continues.

” I just… I just remember myself to her,” said Kira.

“I was in the same place as her, fifteen years ago. I didn’t know where to go. I have no family left. My dad and mom died in a car accident.” Kira’s tears started to fall as she remembered the painful and traumatic event of her life.

Tim pulled over the car and embraced Kira, hoping to make her feel at ease.

“Ssshhh…” Tim stroked Kira’s back.

Kira’s shoulders shook as she cried harder.

It was fifteen years ago, but the pain of losing both of her parents is still the same. She was helpless then. If it was not for Helena, Kira doesn’t know if where or what she could be right now.



It’s too quiet, the child saw a man walks closer to her, she wanted to reach her hand to the man, but she couldn’t move. The man turned his back away from her, and then there are screamed.

A car is falling off to the bottom of the cliff.
Kira wanted to move her body, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t move her body. It felt like someone is preventing her to move.

“Help!” Kira suddenly got up from her bed.

“Sweetheart?!” Tim who was lying beside her woken up from her cry.

He turned on the lampshade and looked at Kira.
Tim was shocked to see Kira soaked in her sweat while panting and she looked pale.

“Why?!” He asked worriedly.

Tim froze…
He can feel Kira’s trembling body.

“I saw a car fell off the cliff, I heard how my screams as if they’re calling for help! I could have saved them! If only I was strong enough, I could have saved them!” Kira said as tears fell to her face.

Tim felt like someone clutched his heart, and he embraces Kira, ” Ssshhh…”

“It’s just a nightmare…” Tim said as he stroked Kira’s back.

Kira tightened her embrace to Tim.

“I saw a man, I asked for help but he only looked at me and turned his back away from me,” Kira spoke again in between her sobs.

Tim slowly stopped stroking Kira’s back, and a tinge of guilt flashed in his eyes, ” I’m sorry. I was not there to help you.” He said in a lonely voice.

If he could only make things right, he would do it!

And the saddest thing is that he couldn’t do anything to correct his father’s mistake.



The next morning, Kira doesn’t have work, so, she decided to give a visit to her parent’s grave.
Kira put down the two bouquets on a different tombstone.

She touched the names on the tombstones, “Mom, Dad, I’m sorry if I have not visited the two of you often. I was busy with work.” Kira spoke on the tombstone as if she is talking to a person.

Tears started to form in her eyes.
“I’m sorry if I was too weak to and I was not able to save you both,” Kira said as her tears started to fall.

“It was fifteen years ago, but the pain of losing both of you is still here.” Kira’s shoulders shook as she pointed her left ċhėst.

“I missed you both, mom, dad.” Kira sobbed.

Kira continued to cry in front of her parent’s tombstone. It took a while before she calmed down, but she felt like someone is looking at her from a distance.

Kira looked around, there are only a few people in the cemetery and they don’t seem suspicious, but Kira’s gaze unintentionally fell into a familiar silhouette of a man standing far from her. She couldn’t even see the man’s face, but his silhouette looked familiar to her.

Kira knitted her brows, as she stared at the man. He is wearing a brown coat, a black hat, and sunglasses. The man might have noticed Kira looking at him for he turned and walked away.

Kira froze…
Her heartbeat became faster!
The way the man turned is too familiar!
Kira’s gaze followed the man until he was out of sight.

‘No!’ Kira shook her head, ‘I might be thinking too much!’ She said to her self.

‘Maybe it is because of her nightmare!’

Kira tried to calm her self before she walks to the car.

The driver instantly opens the car door when he saw Kira coming.



*Tan residence…*

Helena saw Tim standing in the balcony while in deep thought.

“You seem to be in deep thought, Tim,” Helena asked as she approaches Tim.

Tim snapped back to his senses when he heard Helena spoke behind him.


” It Looks like something is bothering you,” Helena commented.

“Kira already knows about the will,” Tim replied.

“But you did not tell her the truth behind it, did you?” Helena asked.

Tim shook his head.

“Oh!” Helena blurted out.

“I couldn’t, auntie,” Tim said.

“I wouldn’t question you for not telling her.”

Tim took a deep breath.

“But Tim…” Helena spoke.
“For how long are you going to hide it from Kira?” Helena asked.

Tim froze for a moment, “I can hide it until forever, auntie. If it is the only thing to keep her beside me, I would bring all the secrets into my grave.” Tim is determined.

Helena just sigh!


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