*L Country*

“Gaile, what do you think you’re doing with your life? You’ve been like this since you came back from S Country” Gaile’s manager Amanda is furious.

“Some of your endorsements retracted their contract because of what you did”

Gaile did not come to the fashion week, she did not come in a few photoshoots. She did not attend many events. She just stayed and locked herself in her apartment.

Amanda looked at Gaile sitting on the floor, and hiding her self on the corner while embracing her legs and her chin rested on her knees.

Gaile is not responding to all she said, and she is in a daze.
Amanda shook her head as she saw the big changes of Gaile. She looked different from the Gaile that she used to know.

The Gaile before has a fighting spirit, she is confident, sophisticated and she always wanted to look perfect in front of everyone. But the Gaile in front of her now is the total opposite. She looked stressed. There are dark circles around her eyes. Her hair is messy, she looked pale and thin. She looked like someone who lost its interest to live.

“Fix your life Gaile, before you lost everything you have. There are many models out there, the ones who are more pretty and younger than you” After saying her word, Amanda left Gaile’s apartment.

There is no use of staying and talking to Gaile, she doesn’t even know if Gaile is listening to everything that she said.

Gaile was left alone inside her apartment. Her eyes moved and she’s starting hearing things again.

‘How could you be a failure?!’
‘You’re just like your mother!’
‘You have no use here!’
‘My husband will never choose you!’

Gaile held her head. She felt like her head is going to burst, little voices are whispering to her. She couldn’t sleep because of these little voices in her mind, whispering her.

‘There are models who are pretty and younger than you!’
“No!” Gaile shouted. She couldn’t take it anymore.

Gaile got up from the floor, she headed to the medicine cabinet and took her medicine. She want these little voices to be out of her mind, but they just won’t stop. She took another piece of the drug but she felt like it wasn’t enough, so, she added one more, and more, and more.

Gaile filled her palm with the medicine before she stuffed it into her mouth.



Capital City…

The taxi which Coby rode was about to pass Lea’s convenience store.

Coby looked at the store, “Just drop me here,” he said to the driver.

“Alright, sir.” The driver said and then he pulled over the car.

Coby paid for the fare before he got off the taxi.



It is night, there are only a few customers in Lea’s convenience store. She thought this night would be peaceful just like the other nights. But it was the opposite of what she expected.

Two customers got inside the store, one wearing formal attire followed by a young man wearing a cap, a black hoodie jacket, and faded jeans.

Lea thought that the young man wanted to ask something, so she opened her mouth to greet him.

“Good even—” Lea’s word was stuck in her mouth when she saw the young man suddenly put a barrier on the door.

“H-Hey, What are you doing?!” Lea confronted the young man, but the young man seemed unmoved by Lea, he just straightened his body and he looked at Lea with his sharp gaze, he then slowly pulls an object from his waist.

Lea’s eyes widened when she realized that the young man is pulling a gvn.

“Give me all the money that you have” The young man demanded and then he aimed the gun to Lea as he slowly walked closer to her, ” Don’t make any move, otherwise, I’ll shoot your head” The young man threatened.

The other customers notice the man aiming a gvn to Lea and they can’t help but feel frightened.

“Ahh!!” Others of the customers screamed when they saw the gvn on the young man’s hand.

Lea’s face turned pale, she suddenly felt like someone splashed her ice-cold water. She couldn’t move, she stood rooted on the ground and her knees and the entire body was trembling.

“Don’t even try to call for a cop, or all of you will die here” He threatened the customers.

The young man turned his head to Lea again, “Give me all the money you have” The young man demanded again.

“Y-Ye, yes” Lea stammered as she replied.

She turned her back away from the robber. She quickly took out her cash box, with her trembling hand but before she could open it, she suddenly heard a noise from behind her.

Lea instantly turned back to see what’s going on, and to her surprise . A man in formal attire is fighting with the robber.

The man hit the young man’s arm which made him dropped his gvn.

The man in formal attire kicked away the gun which h it the wall and it shattered, everybody realized that it was just a toy gvn.

The man in a formal attire attacked the robber and gave him a strong pun¢h on his face.

The pun¢h was strong which made the robber slumped on the floor, near the liquor stand and it made the robber got furious.
Though he felt dizzy, he doesn’t want to get defeated.

The robber took a bottle of liquor, he got up from the floor and sma$hed the bottom of the bottle into the wall which made the debris shattered on the floor.

The robber is now holding half of the sharp broken bo..ttle while shaking it in front of the man in formal attire.

“You wish to die, don’t you?” The robber yelled as he aims the sharp bottle to the man.

The robber’s full attention is on the man in formal attire, Lea took the chance to secretly call for a cop.

“Stop this right now” The man in formal attire said with authority.

“Ha!” The robber laughed sarcastically.

“Who are you to tell me to stop?” He asked sarcastically.

“I will be the man who will bring you to jail if you don’t stop this” the man replied.

“Let’s see if you can still do that if I do this to you!” The robber suddenly attacked the man in formal attire.

“Aaahhh!!!” The people inside the store screamed as they watched the robber trying to stab the man in formal attire with the tip of the broken liquor bottle.

Lea had just finished talking to the cops on the other line when she heard the people screamed.

Lea automatically turns her head to the crowd’s direction, and her eyes went wide opened when she saw the robber attacked the other man.

Lea unintentionally dropped her phone as she watched the robber trying to stab the man in his abdomen. She thought the robber would be able to $tab the man.

Fortunately, the man in formal attire turned and tried to dodge from the attack, but the tip of the bottle was still able to h it his arm instead of his abdomen. The bottle created a long and deep cut in his arm. Everybody gasped as they saw the bIood started to trickle on the man’s arm.

The man ignored the pain from the wound, he continued to fight with the robber and forcefully kicked the robber’s back.

“Ugh!” The robber grunted as the man’s ki¢k landed on his back.

He felt like he br oke his backbones!
The robber lets go of the sharp bottle as he lost his balance.

The robber was kno cked down, in a prostrated position.

Coincidentally, the cop arrived and Lea opened the door and let them in. The robber was not able to move due to the pain that he felt.

“Don’t move!” The cops ordered.

“Put your hands up”

“Mr. Officer, please arrest that man!” Lea said as she pointed to the man who is lying on the floor.

The cops approached the robber, they took a handcuff and put it both on the robber’s wrist while saying his rights.

This time, Lea has a chance to approach the man who fought with the robber.

The cops ask few questions from the witnesses.

Lea stood silently on the corner while watching the man in a formal attire who is currently talking to the cop.

The cops left the store when they finished taking the witness’s statements.

Lea has a chance now to approach the man.

“Excuse me…” Lea said, trying to get the man’s attention.

The man slowly turned to Lea’s direction.

Lea looked at the man, who has a blank expression on his face.

“Uhm…You…You’re wounded.” She said as she looked at the man’s arm.

“It’s nothing…” The man said plainly.

“N-No… I mean…”

Lea stopped when the man walked away from her.
He went to the cooler and took a few cans of beer before he walked pass to Lea, went to the counter and put all the cans of beer that he was holding.

“I just want to buy a can of beer, I did not expect that I would encounter a robber tonight.’ He said.

Lea walks to the counter.

“Mr. Coby…” Lea called the man.

Coby looked up at Lea.

“Don’t thank me. I just did what is right.” Coby said in advance.


Lea is speechless, this man is frank.

“Your wound is bIeeding,” Lea said after a while..

Coby looked at his wound, he tore the sleeve of his dress and tied it above his wound, and then he looked at Lea like nothing has just happened.

Lea was speechless again as she watched Coby.

‘Is this man doesn’t feel pain?’
Lea can’t help but asked her self.

“How much?” Coby asked plainly.

Lea looked at the cans of beer in front of her before she looked at Coby.

“Uhm… Don’t pay for it.” She said.

” This is a thank you gift for saving me and my other customers from the robber,” Lea replied, she took a bag and put the cans of beer inside it.

“Okay then,” Coby said as he picked up the bag and walked out of the store.

Lea’s gaze followed Coby, ‘ Why is he like that?’
‘He’s cold and he doesn’t even know how to smile’
She said to her self.

Coby stopped outside the store, he turned his head to Lea who is now busy cleaning up the mess inside the store and then a faint smile slowly formed in his mouth.



*Fuente residence…*

Mr. Fuente is sitting on the couch while looking at the old photo in his hand. There are three persons in the photo. One woman and two men.
One of the men was him, while the other was his close friend, before.

Mr. Fuente is in the middle of the three persons in the photo, on his left side was his friend and on the other side was his girlfriend.

On the photo, Mr. Fuente’s arm was wrapped around his girlfriend’s waist. His gaze fell to the other man in the photo.

“You and your daughter are very much alike.” He said as if he was talking to someone.

“You snatched my woman, and your daughter snatched the man that my daughter likes. You never let me live in peace. You still made me feel like a loser even if you’re dead. I’m still living in your shadow. Your daughter is a big thorn in all my plans, just like you, when you were alive. Why wouldn’t you just rest in peace? You should have brought your daughter with you when you died” Mr. Fuente said as he gritted his teeth and clutched the photo.

His gaze sharpened as he fell into deep thoughts. His deep thought was interrupted by his phone’s ringtone.

He picked up his phone and checked the caller’s ID, it’s a call from overseas. He swiped his phone and put it on his ear.

“Hello?” He answered.

” Hello, may I speak to Mr. Fuente, please?” A female’s voice from the other line asked.

“Yes, speaking.” Mr. Fuente replied.
“Who is this?” He asked.

” This is Amanda, Gaile’s manager.” The woman from the other line said.

Mr. Fuente knitted his brows, ‘Why did his daughter’s manager call him?’

“How may I help you?” Mr. Fuente asked again.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I think you should know what happened to your daughter, sir,” Amanda said.

Mr. Fuente’s knitted brows got even deeper.

“Why, what happened to her?” He asked with concern.

“Gaile is in the hospital right now, she had a drug overdose,” Amanda replied.

Mr. Fuente’s eyes went wide opened.

“W-What?!” He blurted out.

“She’s still unconscious, but the doctors said, that she is out of danger, but I think she needs a family right now.”

Yes, fortunately, Amanda forgets something in Gaile’s apartment, she went back to get the thing that she forgot, but she was rattled when she saw Gaile having a hard time to breathe!

“Mr. Fuente, I notice Gaile’s big change since she came back from her vacation. I think she was suffering anxiety, she couldn’t even work and she just locked herself in her apartment. She was unresponsive the last time I talked to her and she seems like she’s always in deep thoughts,” Amanda said.

Mr. Fuente tightened his grip on his phone.


*The next day…*

Lea was inside the drug store. She purposely woke up early to buy some medicines.

“Thank you!” She said to the pharmacist after paying her bills.

Lea took the small paper bag and got out of the drug store, she will bring the medicine to Coby’s place. She hasn’t had sleep last night, she felt guilty whenever she think of Coby’s wound on his arm.

He is not as cold as she think, anyway. He even helped her and saved her.

‘Is he really not cold?’
‘Didn’t he said that he just did the right thing?’
‘He just helped you because he doesn’t have a choice, so don’t change your mind just because he helped you once!’ The other side of Lea’s mind said.
Lea sighs!

‘Well, at least, I know that there is a good side of him!’ the other side of her mind said.

Lea looked at the medicines again, but her footsteps came to a stop when she realized that she doesn’t know Coby’s exact address. She knows he lives nearby but she doesn’t know the exact address.

“Oh! How could I give these medicines to him?” Lea mumbled.


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