Kira has woken up by the ringtone of her phone. She reached for her phone with her eyes closed. She’s still sleepy but she was disturbed by her phone’s sound.

‘Who would call her so early in the morning?’

Kira swiped her phone without opening her eyes and brought it to her ear, ” Hello?” She answered with her groggy voice.

“Hey, Kira” Lea said sweetly, afraid to be scolded by her friend for calling early in the morning.

“Uh,” Kira replied.

” Did I wake you up?” Lea asked again.

“Uh,” Kira replied the same.
“Why did you call?” She asked lazily.

“Ummm…” Lea seems like she’s having a second thoughts.

“Why?” Kira asked again.

” I called to ask you something,” Lea said.

” What is it?” Kira asked with her eyes still closed.

“I just… I just wonder if you know Coby’s address?” Lea asked.

Kira’s eyes automatically opened.

“What?” She blurted out.
“Did you just ask me for Coby’s address?”

Kira asked Lea, she is not sure if she heard it right or if she was just hearing things?
Why would Lea suddenly ask for Coby’s address?

As of what she knows, Lea hated Coby, so what happened?.

“Did you just asked me about Coby’s address?” She asked again.

It took Lea a few seconds before she was able to reply, “Ennn…”

“Why?” Kira asked suspiciously.
“Didn’t you said you hate him? Why did you suddenly ask for his address?”

Lea is almost speechless by her friend’s interrogation.


“Lea is there something between you and Coby?” Kira asked straight forward.

Lea almost choke by her friend’s question!

“H-hey… You’re being straight forward!” Lea complained.
“It is not like what you think!” She added.

“So, what is your reason for asking his address, then?” Kira asked in a teasing tone.

“Hey, Kira, I owe something to that robot man,” Lea replied.

“You owe him?” Kira’s brows raised.

“Yeah, I owe him gratitude.”

“How come?” Kira doesn’t stop asking.

Lea told Kira what happened last night, from the arrival of the robber to how Coby helped and saved everyone inside the store.

“Oh!” Kira blurted out, “So, Coby had become your hero last night?” Kira teased Lea.
” And you’re going to give him those medicines?” she added.

“Yes” Lea replied.

“But the thing is…” Kira paused for a moment.

“I don’t know his address.” She continued.

“Oh” Lea blurted out.

Kira notices her friend’s disappointment.
Coincidentally, Tim wrapped his arm around her waist.

Kira turned her head to Tim who is awake now.

She smiled as an idea flashed into her mind.

“But I can ask someone for his address” Kira said with her gaze on Tim.

“Really?!” Lea’s voice became energetic.

“Yeah, just wait for a moment, ” Kira said, and she put down her phone and turn her head to her husband again.

“Hubby…” Kira called Tim sweetly.

“Hmmm?” Tim looked at his wife.

“May I ask you something?” She asked again.

“What is it?”

“Do you know Coby’s address?”

Tim knitted his brows, “Why would you ask?” Tim asked suspiciously.

Kira became speechless.

“What’s with that look, huh?!” Kira complained.

“Why are you asking for my assistant’s address?”

“Ummm… Lea is asking me.” Kira replied.


” Route two, in the second street, you can see the El Madera Apartment, he lives on the fourth floor, room thirty-eight,” Tim replied.

Kira put her phone on her ears again, ” You heard that?” She asked her friend.

“Ennn…” Lea nodded her head.
“Thanks!” She said before she ended the call and put her phone on her bag again.

The second street is just a walking distance from the drug store. Lea stopped in front of the El Madera Apartment. She looked at the big and tall building in front of her.

“So, he lives in this big apartment!” Lea exclaimed.

‘El Madera Apartment is for the middle-class ranked people.’

Lea entered the building and headed to the elevator. In just a few minutes, she already reached the fourth-floor. She got out of the elevator and looked for room thirty-eight, fortunately, it’s not difficult to look for it.

Lea stopped in front of the door and pressed the doorbell.

Coby had just done wash up and he is wiping his face with a white and clean towel when he heard his doorbell rung. His hand automatically stopped as he looked at the door.

He walked towards the door and checked who’s outside through the front door camera and his brows automatically knitted when he saw Lea.

“What is she doing here?” He mumbled to himself.
Coby opened the door.

Lea notice the door opened, “Good mo—” Lea’s next words were stuck in her mouth when he saw Coby. She doesn’t know why, but she felt like her world has slowed down, and her heart skipped a beat.

Though his hair is a bit messy, he still looked attractive. He is just wearing a plain white shirt, but he looked so manly.
This is her first time to see him wearing white aside from black.

‘Oh, how can he look perfect even with that simple shirt he is wearing?’
‘He doesn’t look like a robot or a grim reaper with that shirt!’

“Lea?” Coby called Lea when he notices her in a daze.

“Huh?!” Lea snapped back to her senses.

“What’s the matter? Why are you in a dazed?”

Lea gulped!

“Uhm, I… I… you looked more attractive with that white shirt!” Lea said.


There is no reaction from Coby.
Lea almost bit her tongue when she realized what she said. There is awkwardness between the two of them.

“Uhm…” Lea tried to find a word to say.

“What are you doing here?” Coby asked Lea with his same cold expression.

‘Oh! Why can’t he smile even just a little?’ Lea secretly said inside.

“Are you just going to stare at me?” Coby asked again.

“Ah, Ummm…” Lea snapped back to her senses.

” I … I came to give you this…” She said as she lifted her hand which is holding the medicines.

Coby knitted his brows while looking at the small paper bag on Lea’s hand.

“What is that?” He asked.

“These are medicines for your wound,” Lea replied.

“I also bought an ointment, so that, it won’t get infected.” She added.

“I did not ask you to buy medicine for me,” Coby said.

Lea put down her hand.

“Yes, you did not ask me to buy your medicine, but I take responsibility for what happened to you. I want to repay you for saving me and the customers the last night,” Lea said.

Lea took Coby’s hand and she put the small paper bag in his palm, “Take this.” She said.

Coby looks at his palm before he spoke in a faint voice, “Thanks, !” he said.

“Do you have anything else to say?” he asked.

“N-No… Nothing at all.” Lea replied while shooking her head.

“I’ll get going now.” She added and then she turned to leave, but then, Coby suddenly spoke.


Lea’s footsteps stopped and she turned her head to Coby.


” Since you’re already here…” Coby paused for a moment as if he is having a second thought.

“Could…” Coby gulped before he spoke again.

“Could you help me put an ointment on my wound?” He asked.

“As you see, my wound is on the upper part of my arm, and it is on the backside, so, I struggle cleaning it last night.” He explained.

“Oh!” Lea looked at Coby’s arm.

“Y-Yeah! Sure!” She replied without hesitation, after all, she still owes him. She’s the reason why he got injured.

Coby widened the crack of the door and let Lea entered his apartment.

Lea looked around the room. It was wide inside, it was so clean and everything was organized!

‘Does he have housekeeping every day?’ Lea asked her self.

She can’t see even small dust here.

“Come.” Coby gesture Lea to sit on the couch.

Coby started to remove the bandage in his wound, he doesn’t seem pained. Lea just looked at him with her mouth slightly opened.

“Isn’t it painful?” She asked.

“No,” Coby replied.

He puts down the used bandage on the floor.
Lea looked at the bandage with bIoodstains.

“Didn’t you go to the hospital after you left the store?”

“There’s no need. I have cleaned it on my own.”

Coby reached his arm to Lea, “You can start cleaning it.” He said.

“A-Alright!” Lea replied as she holds Coby’s arm with her trembling hand.

“Give me those.” Lea pointed out the medicines.

She took the medicines one by one. “You have to take this three times a day.” She said as she showed the medicine to Coby.

Coby just nodded his head.

“I’ll clean up your wound before I put an ointment,” Lea said.

“Do you have cotton and alcohol?” Lea asked.

“Yeah, it’s on the medicine cabinet,” Coby replied.

“Let me get it, just stay here,” Lea got up from her seat and searched for the medicine cabinet.

“It’s near the kitchen,” Coby said.

Lea went to the kitchen but she regretted it when she saw the cabinet in a higher place.

“Oh! It’s a bit high!” She blurted out as she looked up at the medicine cabinet above her head.

Coby got up from his seat and went near the kitchen. He silently walked closer to the medicine cabinet, he stood behind Lea and reached his hand to the cabinet.

Lea noticed something from behind her, she turned to check what it was but as soon as she turned, she realized that it was Coby and she was just inch away from him. She can almost kss his body.

Lea’s body turned stiff. She can smell Coby’s manly scent!

Coby took the alcohol and cotton, he closed the cabinet before he looked down at Lea

A faint smile flashed into his mouth, but it’s only a second and it faded.

“It’s here.” He said before he turned and left.

‘Why am I feeling like this?’
‘This feeling is so weird!’

Lea closed her eyes tightly and tried to calm her self before she followed Coby to the living room.
The two of them sat down on the couch again.

Lea took the cotton and started to clean Coby’s wound, but she was shocked to realize that the wound is deep!

“Ohmo!” Lea blurted out!
“This wound needs to be stitch!”

“No need.” Coby refused.

“Hey! This is a deep wound!” Lea insisted.

“It will heal in a few days,” Coby replied.

“I don’t think so.” Lea continued to oppose Coby.

“We have to go to the hospital before it becomes infected.

“No!” Coby still refused.

“We will go to the hospital and make that stitched,” Lea said with authority.

But she paused when she notices Coby’s pale face.

“Hey, are you alright?” She asked.

“O-Of course!” Coby replied.

“Why did you suddenly turned pale?” Lea asked.

Coby stayed silent which made Lea suspicious.

” Wait…” Lea throws Coby a meaningful look.

“Are you scared of needles?” She can’t help but ask.

“O-Of course not!” He tried to act natural but Lea can still notice his anxiousness.

“Ha!” Lea tried to hold her laugh.

But he can still notice it.

“Why are you smiling?!” Coby asked sternly.

Lea pressed her lips to hide her smile and she shook her head.



“Are you not really going to the hospital?” Lea asked again.

“No.” Coby’s answer is consistent.

“Alright” Lea gave up, but then she looked around as if she was looking for something.

“Do you have needles here, don’t you?” She asked.

Coby knitted his brows as he looked at Lea, ” Why?” he asked.

Lea looked back at Coby with her serious expression.

“I’ll stitch your wound!” She said as if it was an easy task.


Coby was speechless!
‘This woman wants to stitch my wound?’

“Are you sure?” Coby asked doubtfully.

“You don’t want to go to the hospital to make your wound stitched, so, I just thought, I could stitch it for you” Lea replied, still in her serious expression.

She secretly observed Coby’s reaction, and she saw how he gulped when he heard her.

“Wait for me here,” Said Coby before he stood up from his seat.

Lea’s gaze followed Coby, ” You’re going to get a needle?” She asked.

Coby stopped in his track and he turned his head to Lea, ” No.” he answered.

Lea knitted her brows, “Where are you going then?”

“I want to change my dress,” Coby replied.

“So, you agree to go to the hospital?” Lea asked in surprise.

“I think, it is safer to do it rather than to let you stitch my wound,” Coby replied.


It was Lea’s turn to be speechless this time.
‘This man doesn’t trust me.’
She said to herself.

“Why do you have to come with me?” Coby asked with his brows knitted when they got to the emergency room.

“I have to make sure that your wound will get stiched,” Lea replied plainly.

Coby just took a deep breath.

“Good morning” The doctor came to the emergency room.

“Good morning Doctor.” Lea was the first one to greet the doctor.

“What happened to the patient?” The doctor asked.

“He was almost $tabbed the other night, fortunately, he was able to dodge from the attack and all he got is a deep wound on his upper arm,” Lea replied.

“Oh! May I see the wound, sir?” The doctor asked for permission.

Coby folded his sleeves upward and showed to the doctor his wound.

“The wound is indeed deep!” The doctor said.

“It is three inches wide, it is better to get this stitched to avoid infections.” The doctor added.
“But first, we have to clean your wound before stitching it.”

The doctor started to clean the wound before he stitched it. Lea observed Coby, there are beads of sweat started to pop out on his forehead.

Lea secretly twitches her mouth, ‘He was not afraid to put his life in danger or to get $tab, but he is afraid of needles?’

‘Tsk, tsk, tsk’ Lea secretly chuckled inside, she suddenly thinks that Coby is a weirdo.

“Could you wait for a moment, I will give your wife the prescription that you need.” The doctor said after she finished stitching the wound.

Lea and Coby were speechless as they looked at each other and then they pull back their gazes.

“Ehem!” Lea pretended to clear her throat, and avoid her gaze to Coby.

She has not seen the faint smile on Coby’s lips.




Mr. Fuente went straight to the hospital as soon as he arrived. There, he met Gaile’s manager, the two of them are talking outside Gaile’s room.

“Gaile is still asleep, but the doctors said, she is out of danger already,” Amanda said.

Mr. Fuente just nodded his head.

“Mr. Fuente, I think, Gaile needs you more, in times like this,” Amanda spoke again.

Amanda felt guilty too. She was just trying to make her realize what could happen to her if she continues being unprofessional. She is just trying to make her get back to her self again because the Gaile that she talked the other day, is not the Gaile that she used to know.

“I think she’s going through something,” Amanda added.
“Did something happened during her vacation in S Country?”

Mr. Fuente tried to think for a moment, all he could remember was Gaile’s heartbreak. His daughter might have been too affected by Tim’s rejection which made her decide to end her life.

Tim rejected his daughter because of that woman. These all happened because of that woman.
Mr. Fuente couldn’t help but blame Kira.

All he wants is the Tan family’s wealth. If that woman did not come to Tim’s life, perhaps, he would succeed to all his plan.

His daughter might be able to marry Tim, if that happens, Gaile could inherit at least fifty percent of Tim’s wealth.

“Mr. Fuente, I have to go now, I still have an appointment.” Amanda bided her goodbye when she did not get a response from the old man.

“Ennn…” Mr. Fuente nodded his head.

Amanda left and Mr. Fuente got inside Gaile’s room. He walks closer to the bed and looked at his daughter, she is pale, her lips were dry and chopping. She has dark circles around her eyes, indicating that she is stressed and she got even thinner than the last time he saw her.

Mr. Fuente sigh and then he turned and headed to the couch near the bed. He sat on the couch and waited for his daughter to wake up.

Almost three hours have passed before Gaile opens her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes, she blinks slowly as she tried to observe her surroundings. She still felt weak and dizzy, but she can tell where she is right now.

The first thing she saw is the white ceiling, “Oh, I am still alive.” Gaile lazily said to her self.

Gaile tilted her head to her right side and she saw a drip.

“You’re awake.”

Gaile turned her head to the left side when she heard a familiar voice.

“D-Dad…” Gaile called her dad with her faint voice.

Mr. Fuente got up from her seat with his serious expression.

He walked closer to the bed and asked, “Why did you do that?!” He asked sternly.

Gaile looked at her dad, and she could see the disappointment in his eyes.

“You did nothing but to disappoint me!” Mr. Fuente said in a raised voice.

“D-Dad…” Gaile seems like crying.
“Did you come to scold me?” She asked in resentment.

“How could you be so weak, Gaile? Do you think committing suicide will solve everything?” Mr. Fuente ignored his daughter’s crying expression.

“Dad, I don’t know what to do anymore.” Gaile’s voice trembled as she prevented herself from crying.

“I couldn’t sleep, there are voices in my head, telling me how useless I am, I can hear little voices and I feel like I’m going insane!” Gaile started to cry.

“It is just your imagination Gaile, You’re creating it by thinking of all your failures” Mr. Fuente seems like he doesn’t care about what Gaile felt.

“You’re just like your mother”

Gaile looked at her father, there is a pain in her eyes.
“Dad, why do you always compare me to my mother whenever I made a mistake? Why do you always say bad things about my mother? Why do you hate us?”

‘Gaile never felt her father’s love for her.

Yes, He may give her everything she wanted, but not the love and support of a father.

“Why do you hate my mother?” Gaile asked again.

“Don’t change the topic Gaile” Mr. Fuente raised his voice.

“I am not trying to change it, dad” Gaile raised her voice too.

“Ever since I was a child when mom is still alive, I’ve never seen her happy. She always crie because you’re treating her rudely and you’re doing the same to me. Can’t you just say you are proud of me for all my achievements?. I did everything to make you proud but no matter how hard I try, It is still not enough for you. Dad, I tried to get Tim, I thought that making Tim as my husband will make you happy, I even tried to set up his wife, just to get him. But I couldn’t do anything, He love Kira and it is hard to defeat true love. I couldn’t accept it. I couldn’t accept that no matter how successful I am on my career, you as my father never showed me that you are proud of me. And I couldn’t accept that I could never make you proud of me because Tim has already chosen another woman” Gaile bursted into tears.

Mr. Fuente was not able to say a word after hearing Gaile’s word. He just stood there and did not give a reaction.

“I’m tired of everything, dad,” Gaile spoke again.

Mr. Fuente lowered his head and blinked his eyes a few times, he felt guilty. He thought, is he that worst? He has not been a good father.

” I’ll just go outside.” Mr. Fuente said and then he turned and walked out of the room.

He headed to the car park and have a stick of cigar. He lighted the cigar and puffed a cloud of smoke.

Gaile’s word flashed into his mind, ” Do you hate my mother?”


“Richard, I’m pregnant.” Emily, Gaile’s mother said while crying.

“What?!” The young man Richard blurted out with his eyes wide opened.

“Richard, you are the father of the baby in my wȯmb,” Emily said.

“No!” Richard denied.

“You are the only one who touched me, Richard. Don’t try to deny it!” Emily got furious.

“But Emily, you know that I have a fiancee!”

“And what will you do to me? You were the one who took my purity and made me pregnant. Are you just going to turn your back away from me and our unborn baby?” Emily asked in tears.

“It was not intentional Emily, We were both drunk that night”

“But we still did it.” Emily insisted.

Richard thought to abort the child but Emily won’t agree.



The news has reached Richard’s fiancee who is at S Province.

” Ara! Ara, please, Listen to me!” Richard chased his fiancee Ara. He held her hand and prevented her from walking away from him.

“Ara, let us not cancel our wedding!” Richard begged.

“And what will you do to that woman?” Ara’s voice raised as she pulls back her hand from Richard’s grip.

“Ara, I don’t love her” Richard replied.

“It is you, it is you that I love”

“If you love me, you shouldn’t have cheated on me” Ara said bitterly.

“Ara, it was not intentional, We were both drunk that night and we don’t know what we were doing—” Richard was stunned when Ara’s palm landed on his face.

“Stop those lies, Richard” Ara said with her gritted teeth.

“Do you think I am stupid to believe your story? It’s not that you don’t know what you are doing, it is because you let the temptation engulf you” She added.

Her entire body is trembling due to anger.

“A-Ara…” Richard was out of words to say.

“You have a big responsibility to that woman and the baby in her wȯmb!” Ara said.

“No! I am not marrying her” Richard refused.

He held Ara’s hand again.

“It’s you who I want to marry,” he said,

Ara pulled back her violently.

“We don’t feel the same, Richard” She said sternly.

She wiped her tears and looked at Richard with her blank expression.

Richard’s heart shook. It is the scariest expression of Ara.

“W-What do you mean?” He asked in a faint voice as she avoided Ara’s gaze.

” I don’t love you anymore!” Ara said without holding back.

“W-What?” Richard’s world seems to collapse.

“I love someone else,” Ara replied.

“I don’t believe you!” Richard refused to believe.

Ara looked at Richard straight to his eyes, ” It is true.” She said.

Richard felt like he lost his strength as he met Ara’s gaze.

“W-Who?” Richard is eager to know.

“Kino,” Ara replied coldly.

“K-Kino?” Richard repeated.

“Yes!” Ara said.

” Kino is always at my side at times when you are away. And I fell in love with him.” She added.

Richard’s shoulders dropped as he stepped back.

“W-Why…. Why does it have to be my best friend?” Richard’s voice is full of hatred.

He was betrayed by his best friend.
Mr. Fuente took a deep breath as he stopped thinking of the past.

There are two people he blamed for losing the woman he love.

They are Kino and Emily.

Who’s Kino?


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