“Let’s eat dinner before I send you home.” Coby suddenly said.

Lea froze, she turned her head to the kitchen where Coby is currently cooking, “What?” she asked as if she did not hear him clearly.

“I’ll send you home,” Coby repeated.

Lea threw Coby a meaningful look, ” Why would you send me home?” She asked with a suppressed smile.

” To make sure that you have gone home safely,” Coby replied in a serious expression.

“Aayyee!!” Lea couldn’t hold her excitement!
” Really?!” She took big strides towards Coby and looked at him with her twinkling eyes.

“Didn’t you hear me?” Coby asked sternly, but Lea doesn’t seem to be affected by his stern behavior.

“You’re worried about me” Lea Exclaimed.

“Don’t think too much,” Coby said.

” I just don’t want to be blamed by your parents if something bad happens to you.” He reasoned.

Lea’s smile instantly faded, “Oh,” she blurted out.

“Come and eat,” He said as he puts down the foods on the table.

Lea opened her mouth to refuse him, but she changed her mind as soon as she smells the foods.

Lea excitedly walked to the dining table, “Ooohhh!! It smells good!” She exclaimed as she sniffed the food.

“Help your self,” Coby said as he pulled a chair for him.

Lea secretly twitched her mouth, ‘Tsss… He should at least act like a gentleman and pull a chair for me!’ She secretly complained.

He looked up to her when she did not sit, “Are you not going to eat?” He asked.

Lea just pulled a chair and ignored Coby.

The two of them started to eat silently, no one spoke until they finished eating..

“Burb!” Lea covered her mouth as she burps.

“Ugh! That’s disgusting!” Coby complained.

Lea removes her hand from her mouth and she raised her brow, ” Shouldn’t you be thankful that I am feeling full of the food you cooked?” Lea replied.

“Ah, you’re a good cook, I seriously want to move in here!” She added.

(Cough! Cough! Cough!)

Coby choked when he heard Lea!

“Ugh!” Lea patted Coby’s back, ” Hey, don’t take it seriously, I was just kidding!” she said.



“Oh! The night breeze is cold!” Lea said and then she turned her head to Coby, ” Hey, don’t you find it ro..mantic?” Lea said with a smile on her face.

” What’s romantic with walking at night?” Coby asked sarcastically.

“Aish! What would I expect from a robot/grim reaper like you?” Lea mumbled but Coby was still able to hear it.

” W-What did you say?” He asked.

“Hmm?!” Lea looked at Coby innocently, ” Oh! Nothing!”

Lea saw two people walking while holding hands, she couldn’t help but envy them, she gave Coby a side glance, ‘Aish, I am with a dumb person, who doesn’t even know how to be ro..mantic!’

Lea wasn’t looking ahead of her, so, she didn’t see the group of people heading into their way.

Coby was just silent as he looked at the group of people heading to their direction, they were talking and they seem like they are having fun, they are teasing one of their friends and they started pushing, one of them almost bumped Lea.

“Hey!” Fortunately, Coby was fast to wrap his shoulder around Lea and pulled her away from them.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir!” The girl apologized when she realized that she almost bump someone.

Coby just ignores the girl, his attention is on Lea.

Lea looked down on Coby’s hand on her shoulder, and then she looked up to him, but she froze when she realized he was staring at her.

Lea slowly revealed a smile, “Hey, what are you looking at? Ah, have you fallen for me?” Lea joked.

Coby snapped back to his senses and suddenly remove his hand from Lea’s shoulder, “Let’s go.” He said plainly as he walked ahead.

” Tsss…” Lea scoffed ” He is a total opposite from his boss” she mumbled and then she followed Coby.

The two of them reached Lea’s house. Lea presses the doorbell and her mom Lina was the one to open it.

“Good evening, Mom,” Lea greeted her mother.

“You’re home” Her mother said, but then her mother noticed Coby.

“And who is this good looking man with you?”l Is he your boyfriend?” Lina asked.

Coby looked at the woman in front of him, she looked like an easy go lucky person just like Lea.


“Mom, He is not…” Lea’s next words were stuck in her mouth when Coby suddenly spoke.

“Good evening, ma’am, I am Coby,” Coby introduces himself.

“Oh! Hehehehe” Lina giggled.

” Just call me Mom, you’re my daughter’s boyfriend anyway!” She added.


She love her mother but right at this moment, she suddenly wants to deny her.



A few days since Gaile’s de…ath, Mr. Fuente got back to the S Country. He went straight to the cemetery to place Gaile’s urn.

He slowly put down the urn in one of the vacant stands.

“Why you’re too weak? You chose to end your life without even fighting!” He said while looking to the urn as if he is talking to someone.

“It’s their fault. If that woman did not come, you will not end up like this. That woman and her father are just the same!” Mr. Fuente balled his hand and gritted his teeth.

He looked enraged and his eyes turned bloodshot.

At night…

“Help me!”

A woman shouted. The surroundings are dark and he couldn’t see the woman’s face but he could recognize her voice.

“Why did you do that?!”
“You are paying your sins!”
“Dad’ I’m tired of this!”

Gaile’s voice suddenly echoed.

He heard the scream of the falling woman!
He saw Gaile’s face, but it was not Gaile’s voice!

“Ha!” Mr. Fuente instantly raised his body!

He is panting and beads of sweat popped out on his forehead.
Mr. Fuente looked around and he realized that he is in his bedroom!

‘A nightmare!’
‘It was just a nightmare!’
Mr. Fuente said to himself

Mr. Fuente got up from his bed and went to his mini-bar. He took a glass and pour a whiskey on it.

Mr. Fuente looked out of the glass wall, ‘A nightmare again!’
‘I shouldn’t be scared, this is just in my head! She doesn’t exist!’

Mr. Fuente took a deep breath and take a sip of his whiskey.



The next day…

Coby went to the Villa to fetch Tim, coincidentally, Kira got downstairs and saw Coby.

“Good morning, Missus,” Coby bowed his head as he greeted Kira.

Kira smiled and replied,” Good morning.”

She was about to pass Coby, but her footsteps came to a stop when she remembered Tim’s strange behavior for the past few days.

“Coby…” Kira called Coby.

“Yes, Missus?” Coby replied as he turned his head to Kira.

“Uhm…” Kira walked closer to Coby, “I just notice Tim’s behavior, is there any problem in the company?” she asked.

“Uh,” Coby thinks for a moment before he respond, ” Yes, Missus.”

” There is a big amount of money that has gone missing from the company’s account, Mr. Tan might be thinking of how to cope with the big loss,” Coby explained.

“Oh!” Kira blurted out, ‘No wonder, he looked so bothered these past few days!’ She thought, but she doesn’t know the real reason that made Tim bothered.

In the car.

“Did the Missus talked to you?” Tim asked Coby.

Coby glance at the rearview mirror, “Yes, sir!” He replied.

“The Missus notice your strange behavior these past few days, sir.” He added.

“Oh!” Tim blurted out.

“Did you tell her about Gaile’s death?”

“No, sir,” Coby replied.

“Good,” Tim said, and then he looks outside the window.

He doesn’t want Kira to feel bothered about Gaile’s sui¢ide..



*Tan Corporation…*

“Mr. Fuente!” Tim called Richard when he saw him in the lobby.

Mr. Fuente stopped in his track and turned to Tim’s direction,” Mr. Tan,”

Tim walks closer to Mr. Fuente, “I…” Tim doesn’t know how to start the conversation.
He took a deep breath before he spoke again, ” I heard what happened to Gaile.”

“Oh!” Mr. Fuente blurted out as he revealed a sorrowful expression.

“My condolences to you,” Tim said sincerely.

“Thank you, Tim, ” Mr. Fuente replied.

Tim patted Mr. Fuente’s shoulder before he turned around and headed to his office, he did not see when Mr. Fuente’s gaze sharpened.



Kira got out of work and headed to the second gate, but she wonders why there’s no one in the second gate, her question was answered when she realized that the second gate is closed.

‘Why did they close the second gate so early?’ Kira asked her self.

The second gate usually closed at six in the evening, but it is just five-thirty!

Now, she has to find another exit, it’s either, the first gate or the third gate.

The first gate is further than the third gate from the second gate.

The third gate is uncrowded during these hours, so, she decided to just choose the third gate. She saw the security guard on the third gate and there is also a man with the maintenance’s uniform cleaning near the gate.

“Goodbye teacher!” The guard said when he saw Kira.

“Goodbye, Mr. Security!” Kira replied with a smile on her face.

Kira got out of the gate, she did not see when the man wearing the Maintenance’s uniform approached the security and said something to him. The security nodded his head and then he closed the third gate before he left.

Kira walked to the second gate’s parking lot where her scooter was parked. She walked silently, but a white car slowly stopped ahead of her.

Kira thought. it was just one of the passers-by and wants to ask something.

But she froze when a man wearing the same teacher uniform as Alex, got out of the car. Kira looked at the man, who is wearing a face mask.

The man approached Kira. She doesn’t feel good about this. Her instinct told her that this man has a bad intention to her.

With that thought, Kira turned and walked back to the third gate, but the man still followed her. She started to get alarmed and all she could think is to run which she did.

“Hey!” The man yelled and chase Kira.

The man was so fast.
He was able to capture Kira before she could runaway.

“Aaahhh!!! Let go of me!” Kira shouted but the man did not listen to her, he covered her mouth with his hand instead and pulled her to the car.

Kira’s thing was thrown including her phone which broke when it fell to the ground.


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