“Alex, just drop me here,” Kira said.

Alex stopped his motorbike, “Where do you live?” he asked.

Kira lifted her hand and pointed the house in a distance, ” There…” she said.

“But it is still far from here,” Alex said.

“It’s alright! I’ll just take a walk to the house.” Kira replied.

“Tim might be home by now and I don’t want him to see us,” she added.

” Kira, we’re not doing anything wrong…”

” I know, but I don’t want to give him a reason to doubt me,” Kira said.
“You can leave now,”

“No! I’ll wait until you get inside the gate.” Alex refused to leave.
“Go on I’ll watch you from here,” He added.

Kira did not argue with Alex anymore and just walks to the villa.



Tim parked his car in the garage, he saw Helena outside the house.

Tim got down form his car, “Good evening auntie.” He greeted Helena.

“Good evening, Tim,” Helena replied, she stretched her neck as if she is looking for someone.

“Where is Kira?” Helena asked.

Tim knitted his brows, “She’s not home, yet?” He asked.

“No, ” Helena replied.

‘She should be here by now,’ He thought.

Tim suddenly felt anxious, he took his phone from his pocket and tried to call Kira, but he couldn’t reach her!.

“Where could she be?” He asked himself.
“She should be here now!”

Tim started to become restless, he doesn’t know why, but he has this odd feeling inside, since Gaile’s de.ath. He felt like, there’s something that is going to happen.

Tim tried to call Kira again, but Helena suddenly talk, “Oh, there she is” she said as she pointed on the pathway.

Tim automatically turned his head to the pathway. He felt relieved and he instantly took big strides towards Kira, and without saying a word he embraced her tightly.

“Oh, you’re home” Tim said.

He embraced Kira for a while before he lets go of her, he held her little face and started to ask questions, ” Where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you but I couldn’t reach you,” he said worriedly.

Kira looks at Tim, ” I-I’m sorry…” It’s the only word that came out from her mouth.

Tim looked around, ” Where’s your scooter?” he asked when he didn’t notice her scooter.

“Oh, I… the..My…” Kira doesn’t know what to say.

Tim noticed her strange behavior, ” Sweetheart, are you alright?” he asked worriedly.

” Huh?!” Kira looked up to him, she can see the worries in his eyes, and it made her snapped back to her senses.

‘Does she looked obvious?’
‘No! I should not show to Tim that there is something wrong!’

With that thought, Kira secretly took a deep breath to calm her self, and then she revealed a smile.

“Y-Yes! I am alright!” She said in an energetic tone.

“Thank God!” Tim has a sigh of relief.

“Where is your scooter, sweetheart?” He asked again.

“I…” Kira tried to think for an alibi, ” I left it in school.” she said.

“Why?” Tim asked with knitted brows.

” Uhm… because… because the tire is flat…” Kira reasoned.

“Oh! You should have called me then!” Tim said.

“My… my phone has no battery.” Kira lied again.

This time, Helena approach them, just like Tim, Helena has a lot of question but Kira did not dare to tell them what really happened.
She will solve this matter, and she won’t bother Tim.
She will find those men.

Alex did not leave until Kira got inside the Villa’s gate.

He just decided to leave when he couldn’t see Kira.



In the living room in a big house, the two people are sitting face to face while holding a glass of whiskey.

“Do you think this will work?” The gang leader Chase asked the man in front of him.

“Of course!” The old man confidently replied.

“What if that woman reports it to the police?” Chase doubted.

The man just smirked.

“Then, let her report it. After all, our target is Tim, I know his attitude, he believes in evidence rather than the statements. Evidence is more appropriate and convincing than a statement.” He said.

Just then, the old man’s phone rang. He took his phone at the top of the table and answered the call.


“Boss, they already left.” The man from the other line said.

“Did you do what I told you?” The old man asked.

“Yes, boss, I have captured everything.”

“Good” The old man smiled.

“Just leave the place now.” He instructed the man on the other line.

“But what about the car, boss?” The man from the other line asked.

“Oh!” The old man is still calm.
“I will send someone to take the car.” He said.

“Alright boss!” the man from the other line said before he ended the call.

The old man’s ev’l smile widened.

“Hey, old man. Why do you have to do that? We can just get rid of her easily!” Chase said.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” The old man chuckled as he shook his head.

“We couldn’t harm her, as long as Tim is on her side.” The old man said.

“Let’s wait for the right time, we will ruin Tim’s trust to that woman until he decides to dump her.” The old man added.

He knows Tim, he trusts people only once. It would be easy for him to get rid of that woman, without Tim’s protection. If he finds out that his wife is doing something behind his back, he knows that he will not forgive her easily.



Kira couldn’t sleep that night. Every time she closed her eyes, all she could see was the silhouette of the man who is trying to molest her.

She hasn’t seen his face clearly because he was wearing a face mask, and she has not seen him when Alex has beaten him.
But, she will find a way to find out who they are.


Kira snapped back to her senses when she heard Tim’s voice.

“H-Huh?!” She blurted out.

“Are you alright?” Tim asked when he noticed her wife being restless.

“Huh?!” Kira froze.

“I can see you’re being restless,” Tim said.
“You keep on tossing on the bed.”

Kira turned to Tim.

“I-I’m sorry Tim, I… I just couldn’t sleep.” Kira replied.

“Why? Are you afraid, you might have a nightmare again?” Tim asked.

Kira looked at Tim and she nodded her head.

‘She’s still awake but she already having a nightmare!’

Tim embraces Kira, “Don’t worry, I am right here beside you.” Tim ȧssured.

Kira felt the warmth of Tim’s embrace and it made her feel secured.



*The next morning….*

Tim knitted his brows when he saw Kira’s broken phone at the top of the table.

“Sweetheart, why is your phone broken?” He asked.

“Huh?!” Kira tilted her head to Tim.

Tim lifted the phone and show it to Kira.


Kira stepped forward and took the phone from Tim.

“I… I accidentally dropped it.” She said without looking at him.

Tim stared at Kira, and he felt odd, there is something wrong with her. She can’t even look at him straight to his eyes.

“Oh! Is that the reason why I couldn’t reach you yesterday?” Tim asked.

“Huh?!” Kira looked up at Tim, but she instantly takes back her gaze.”Y-Yes!” She said without thinking.

“But you said your phone is out of battery,” Tim commented.

My God!
How could she forget about it?
Kira, you’re not thinking before talking!
Kira scolded her self.

“D-Did I?” Kira just pretended to forget.

“Kira, are you hiding something from me?” Tim asked suspiciously.

“N-No! Of course not!” Kira turned to avoid Tim’s gaze.

“Why can’t you even look at me straight to the eyes?” Tim asked again.

Kira stopped in her track, she closed her eyes as she took a deep breath before she turned to Tim and spoke, “Tim, I am not hiding anything from you, alright?” She said before she turned back and instantly walks out of the master’s bedroom.

Tim was left stunned inside the bedroom, ‘Why she’s being sėnsɨtɨvė?’
Tim sighs!

He can feel that Kira is hiding something from him!



Alex left from his house early in the morning, but he did not go straight to J International school, he went to the Department of Motor Vehicles instead, and looked for his friend, Rick.

“Dude! Long-time no see” Rick exclaimed when he saw Alex.

“Yeah, long time no see,” He replied with a smile on his face.

The two of them shook hands before Alex sat down on the chair in front of Rick’s desk.

“So, what brought you here?” Rick asked.

“Oh, I’m here to ask you a favor,” Alex said straight forward.

“Favor?” Rick repeated.

Alex took his phone from his pocket, he swiped it a few times, before he showed a photo to Rick.

“Could you help me with this?” He asked as he shows the photo to Rick.

“A plate number?” Rick asked as he saw the photo.

“Yes!” Alex replied.
“Could you trace the owner of this car?” He asked.

“Sure” Rick replied.
“It’s an easy task for me. Just give me a moment.” He added and then he started to tap his desktop.

Alex silently waited, after a while, Rick stopped tapping his desktop and faced Alex again.

“Have you find it?” Alex asked.

“I couldn’t find any record of this plate number,” Rick said with his puzzled look.

“It wasn’t in the registrars.”

Alex looks at Rick, “What do you mean?” He asked with his brow knitted.

” There are two possible things, this plate number may not be registered yet or this may be fake,” Rick said.

“What?” Alex blurted out and then he fell into deep thought.

The car doesn’t look like it was new, so, it’s impossible if it wasn’t registered yet!
If that’s the case, everything may be… Alex paused as the idea flashed into his mind.

‘It is possible that everything was planned!’
‘They manipulated the plate number.’
‘They used a fake plate number to avoid us from tracing the real owner’
They planned it very well.

They must know that the third gate becomes uncrowded late in the afternoon and the culprit might know that there are no CCTV cameras in the place.

But why?
Why would they attack Kira?

Kira is a good person, he never heard she fought with someone before.

Alex couldn’t think of a reason why would somebody attack Kira.

There are a lot of questions on Alex’s mind, like…

Who was the person who sent him that message?
Why does he or she send me that message instead of calling for the police?
How he or she did know my number and my feelings for Kira?
Could it be that person was also the culprit behind this?

‘If their target is Kira, why does the culprit have to involve me then?’

Why did he os she sent me a message and tell me where Kira is at that moment?

Who would do this?

Alex doesn’t know what to think anymore.
But one thing he is sure about, Kira’s life is in danger.

Alex couldn’t imagine what could have possibly happened to her if he did not arrive on time.

Kira needs protection and he knows someone who can provide her the protection that she needs.

He doesn’t want to be selfish this time.

Kira’s safety is more important to him.


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