Mr. Fuente’s disappearance only confirmed that he is guilty of everything. Tim has been searching for him for a week now, but he hasn’t seen even his shadows.

Tim is running out of patience. He can’t be confident as long as Mr. Fuente is free. Kira’s life is in danger as long as Mr. Fuented is free. He can harm Kira in every possible way.

“Tell the securities to find Mr. Fuente, no matter what happens. If they have to search all of his properties, then let them do it” Tim ordered to Coby.

He don’t care if they will search Mr. Fuente’s properties illegally. All he want is to find him and locked him to jail.

“Yes, sir!” Coby replied.

He was about to turn to leave, but he seems to remember something.

He face Tim again, “How about Jan, sir?” He asked.

“Just let him stay, we can’t fire him yet. We can use him to find Mr. Fuente’s whereabouts.” Tim replied.

“Alright, sir!” Coby said and then he left Tim’s office.



Fuente’s secret property, outside the Capital City.

Mr. Fuente is standing at the balcony with a ¢igarette in between his fingers. He takes a drag on the ¢igarette.
Just then, his phone suddenly rang. He put down his ¢igarette on the ashtray before he picked up his phone. It was Jan, his assistant.

“Hello,” Mr. Fuente answered.

“Mr. Fuente, Mr. Tan has been searching for you for a week now. He already hired a lot of securities to find you and to search for your properties,” Jan reported.

“Ha!” Mr. Fuente let out a short yet sarcastic laugh.

“Let them do that,” he said as if he wasn’t bothered.

“But sir, what if they find you?” Jan asked in concern.
“Isn’t it better for you to escape out of the country?”Jan suggested.

” No, not yet,” Mr Fuente refused.
“I can’t escape out of the country, unless, I am done with all my plans,” he added.

“But sir, ” Jan wanted to insist, but Mr. Fuente interrupted him.

“Don’t worry too much about me,” He said.
” But…” Mr. Fuente seems to think of an idea.
” I need your help,” He said.

“What is it, Mr. Fuente?” Jan asked.

“I want you to report to me what is going on in the company. You have to report to me every Tim’s next moves,”

“Sir, do you want me to spy on them?” Jan asked.

“Yes ” Mr Fuente added.
“Do everything you can just to get any information about their plans,” Mr. Fuente added.

Jan suddenly becomes silent.

“Why are you silent?” Mr. Fuente asked doubtfully when he heard nothing from Jan.



Meanwhile, in the Tan Corporation…

Jan felt like someone splashed him icy cold water when Tim suddenly popped out of nowhere. He was not able to speak a word as he looked at Tim standing in front of him.

“Why are you silent?” Jan heard Mr. Fuente asked.

He couldn’t do anything but to gulp!
Tim gestured Jan to continue talking, but he keeps silent.

“I… I think I have to go now,” Jan said to the person on the other line.

He thought that Tim did not hear anything, but he was wrong.

Jan put down his phone and was about to end the call, but Tim suddenly grabbed the phone from him. “Not so fast!” Tim said before he put the phone on his ear.

Mr. Fuente heard Tim’s voice from the other line.

“Oh, so Tim is there?” He asked thinking it was still Jan holding his phone.

“Yes, I am here, Mr. Fuente,” Tim said coldly.
“I’m glad that you still recognize me,” He added.

Mr, Fuente was not able to spoke instantly.

He was silent for a moment, and he tried to collect himself, “Of course!” He said.

“How could I not recognize a family friend?” He added as if he didn’t do anything wrong with the company.

“A family friend?!” Tim asked sarcastically.
“A family friend that you betray!” He said coldly.

“Oh, It is all your fault, Tim!” Mr. Fuente blamed Tim.

“I have been loyal to your company, thinking that one day our families will become one through marriage. I was thinking of marrying Gaile to you, but what did you do? You rejected my daughter and marry a low life teacher?. My daughter suffered from depression. She ended her life because you married another woman!”

“Is this the reason why you tried to ruin my marriage with Kira?!” Tim asked.

Mr. Fuente’s word confirmed all his suspicions!

“Ha!” Mr. Fuente let out a sarcastic laugh.

“It seems like you already know everything!” he said.

“You know me, Mr. Fuente. I have my way of knowing even just a little information!” Tim replied.

“Alright. Since you already know everything, I will tell you then,” Mr. Fuente is ready to reveal everything to Tim.

“Yes, I am the culprit behind the attack on your wife and I am not done yet!”

Tim balled his fist as he heard Mr. Fuente, ” I won’t let you hurt her”

“Oh, really? How will you stop me? By hiring bodyguards?” Mr. Fuente asked sarcastically.

“I will find you no matter where you hide. I will find you even in h’ll!” Tim said in gritted teeth!

“Oh, really?” Mr. Fuente smirked.

“Come and find me then, but one thing I am sure of, I won’t let you catch me, alive!” Mr. Fuente said before he ended the call.

Tim felt furious.

“Argh!” He roared as he hit the wall with his fist to vent his anger!

Jan started to tremble again.

Tim turned his head to Jan, with his sharp gaze.

Jan turned pale, “M-Mr. Tan… I…” Jan doesn’t know what to say!

Tim grabbed Jan’s collar. His eyes turned bloodshot due to anger.

Tim lifted his fist and was about to hit Jan.

“Mr. Tan, No!” Jan begged with his trembling voice.

“Please spare me. I can work for you. I can spy on Mr. Fuente for you!” Jan added.

Tim’s hand stopped mid-air. He is still furious that his ċhėst darted up and down due to his fast breathing.

“I don’t need unreliable people like you!” Tim said and pushed Jan which made his body slumped on the wall!

“Ugh!” Jan ġrȯȧnėd when his back hit the wall.

“Fix your things and leave this company this instance!” Tim said with authority.



“What?” Lea blurted out when she heard Kira’s story.

She went to the Villa to visit Kira. The two of them talked about the development of the investigation about the attack on Kira a few months ago.

“Whoa, Those father and daughter were scary. The two of them tried to set you up!” Lea said with her eyes wide opened.

“Why are they so desperate to get rid of you?!” Lea couldn’t help but wonder.

Kira sigh!
“Gaile hated me when she was still alive. As a father, it is normal for Mr. Fuente to take the side of his daughter, maybe he also hated me because Gaile hates me,” Kira said.

“Oh come on, do they really need to ruin you? Hating someone is not a reason to harm them” Lea commented.

“Lea, not all people have the same thoughts as you. Mr. Fuente might have also blamed me for Gaile’s sui¢ide,” Kira said, she couldn’t find any reason why on earth would he hate her.

“Why would he blame someone for his daughter’s sui¢ide? It is her choice to end her life. It wasn’t your fault!” Lea insisted.

“I know,” Kira replied.

“Oh!” Lea touched her head, “I hate those people who would blame anyone for their mistakes”



“Mr Tan, I’ve got all the information that you asked for,” Leonard said.

“Good,” Tim replied.

Leonard took a seat in front of Tim’s table.

“Mr. Fuente has been gambling for a year now,” Leonard spoke.
“He has an addiction to gambling to the point that he sold some of his properties just to sustain his gambling.”

Tim leaned to his swivel chair, he put his elbow on the armrest and swung his swivel from left to right.

“And this is where he and Chase met?” Tim asked.

“Yes, Mr. Tan,” Leonard replied.

“Mr. Fuente lent a big amount of money from Chase, ” He added.

Tim stopped swinging his swivel chair, “He lent a big amount of money from Chase,” he repeated.
” This explains the reason why he deposited a big amount of money to Chase’s bank account.” He mumbled.

“Are there any other pieces of information you’ve gathered?” Tim asked Leonard again.
“Have you seen Mr. Fuente recently?” he added.

“No, Mr. Tan, I haven’t seen him in the casino for a week now,” Leonard replied.

“Oh,” Tim blurted out.

‘He is already hiding,” Tim thought.
‘Hide wherever you can hide Mr. Fuente!’
‘I can still find you!’



It was already late when Tim got home. Kira was still waiting for him in the living room.

Kira got up from the couch when she heard a car’s engine. She opened the front door and headed to the garage where Tim parked his car.

“Hey!” Kira greeted Tim as soon as he gets off the car.

Tim revealed a wide smile when he saw his wife, “Hey, sweetheart!” He approached her and kssed her lips. ” Have you eaten your dinner?” he asked sweetly.

“Ennn…” Kira nodded, “How about you?” She asked back.

“Oh, I am done, I’m sorry if I come home late, ” He apologized.

“It’s alright, I know that you’re busy managing the company, ” Kira replied.

Tim stared at his wife with a faint smile on his face. Seeing his wife make him feel enlightened. He felt like his tiredness has gone away.

But Tim’s faint smile faded when Mr. Fuente’s word suddenly echoed into his mind.

‘I am the culprit behind the attack on your wife and I am not done yet!’

Kira noticed Tim’s sudden change of expression, ” Why?” she asked.

Tim did not say a word, he just pulled Kira into his embrace.

‘I’m sorry if I put your life in danger,’ Tim secretly said.

He thought that Mr. Fuente’s anger towards Kira was all because he married her. He doesn’t know that there is another reason why Mr. Fuente hates Kira.

Tim and Kira went upstairs.

Kira went to bed. She pick up a book at the bedside table. She leaned on the headboard and started reading the book.

Tim sat beside Kira, ” Sweetheart, can we talk?” Tim asked.

“About what?” Kira asked with her gaze still on the book.

“The…” Tim seems like he is having second thoughts.

“Still about the accident,” he said after a while.

He wants to talk about it because he wants to slowly tell Kira about his father’s dark secret.

Kira shifted her gaze to Tim, “Why you seemed so interested in that accident?” she asked.

“Uhm,” Tim gulped!

‘Because I want to tell you something!’
‘I already had a lot to think, I feel so bothered and I don’t know what to think first!’ Tim thought but he never dares to speak it out.

“Uhm, I just want to ask, what if…” Tim paused as he turned his gaze to Kira.

“What if?” Kira waited for Tim to continue.

“W-What if there is someone else who is involved during that accident?”

Kira blink her eyes a few times, “Why did you suddenly ask that?”

“Uhm…” Tim pulled back his gaze, ” I just want to know your reaction,” he said.

“Well, if someone is involved with that accident, I just hope that they did not lose their loved ones during the accident, as I do,” Kira said.

“But what if… What if the one who is involved was the reason for the accident?” Tim asked again.

Kira froze, and then she looked at Tim with her puzzled look, ” Where did you get that idea?” she asked.

“Ah,” Tim revealed a forced smile, ” I was just thinking, what if it wasn’t a driver’s error? What if it was not your father’s fault why you guys got into an accident.”
“What if there’s another car hit your family’s car, but the driver choose to run away because he was afraid to go to jail? What will you do then?” Tim continued to ask.


Kira closed the book that she was reading.
She faced Tim and speaks, “I will find that person and I will make him pay for running away from his sin.” Kira said straight forward.




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