Tim and Kira stayed in that position for a while, their lovey-dovey was interrupted by the knock on the door. They looked at the door.

“Young Master, your guest has arrived,” Jane spoke from the outside of the door.

“Tell him to wait for me in the living room!” Tim replied.

“Yes, Young Master” Jane replied.

“Get dressed, we have to meet someone downstairs,” Tim said as he gave Kira her dress.

After getting dressed, the two of them headed downstairs. Kira saw a man in black in the living room, he looks like he is in his early thirties.

The guest get up from his seat as he saw Tim, “Good morning, Mr. Tan.”

“Good morning detective Leonard,” Tim respond to the guest, the two of them shook hands before Tim turn his head to Kira, “This is my wife, Kira.” Tim introduces Kira to Leonard.

“It is my pleasure meeting you, Mrs. Tan ” Leonard said as he stretched his hand to Kira and Kira reached it and they shook hands.

“Let’s take a seat first,” Tim said.

“Sweetheart, this is Detective Leonard, he is a private detective, I called him to find the man who attacked you,” Tim said.

“Oh,” Kira blurted out,

Leonard took a sketch pad and a pencil, “Could you remember the image of the man who attacked you, Mrs. Tan?” he asked.

“I need to get his sketch, so it would be easy for me to find him, he might have a criminal record in the police,” he explained.

Kira looked at Leonard, “Uh, I-I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen his face clearly, he was wearing a face mask when he attacked me.” she said.

“Oh,” Leonard blurted out.

“Is there anyone else who is at the crime scene at that time?” He asked again.

“Yes, ” Kira replied.

“Alex was there, but I am not sure if he saw the man’s face,” she added.

“I can call him!” Kira said.

“No!” Tim suddenly object.

Kira turned her head to Tim, “Why not?” she asked.

“Let me call him,” Tim said.


Kira was speechless, ‘Is he not over of being jealous of Alex?’



Alex arrived at the Villa, and Tim was already waiting for him outside the house.

The securities were notified for Alex’s arrival, so, they let him in as soon as he arrived.

Alex stopped his motorbike in the garage. He gets down of his motorbike and walks towards Tim.

“Welcome, thank you for coming and giving your cooperation, Alex,” Tim said as soon as Alex approached him.

Alex stopped in front of Tim and spoke, “I told you, I will do everything for Kira.” He said.

Tim sighs, “Alright! If you say so,” he said, “Let’s get inside,” Tim leads the way.

The two of them get inside the house, Leonard and Kira get up from their seats as she saw Tim and Alex entered the house.

“Alex, thank you for making a time of coming here,” Kira said.

Alex revealed a smile as he looked at Kira, “I always have time if it’s for you,” He said.

Tim saw how Alex smiled at Kira, “Ehem!” He pretended to clear his throat to distract him.

He walks in front of Alex and purposely blocked Kira with his body (so that Alex won’t see Kira), “Alex I’d like to introduce to you, Leonard, he is a private Detective,” Tim introduces Leonard to Alex.

Tim tilted his head to Leonard, “Leonard, this is Alex, he was the one who was at the crime scene at that time.” He said.

Alex and Leonard shook their hands.

“It’s good to see you,” Leonard said.

“Thank you,” Alex said.

“Shall we begin?” Leonard asked Alex when they let go of each other’s hand.

“Sure!” Alex replied.

“Let’s have a seat then, ” Tim said.

The four of them seated on the couch, Tim pulled Kira closer to him as he throws a meaningful look to Alex as if saying, ‘This woman is mine!’

Leonard picked up his pencil and sketch pad and he looked at Alex, “You were at the crime scene at that time, right?” he asked..

“Yes,” Alex replied instantly.

“Have you seen the culprit’s face?” Leonard asked again.

“Yes,” Alex replied again.

“Could you remember how he looked like?”

Alex went silent for a moment and tried to think of the man’s face.
When he grabbed him away from Kira, that’s when his face mask was removed and he saw his face when he beat him.

Alex looked back to Leonard and said, “Yes!”

“That’s good then, now, I want you to describe him base on what you remember,” Leonard said.

“Enn…” Alex nodded his head.

“The man looked like he is in his early thirties, he has short but wavy hair, a foxy eye, and a garlic shaped nose…”

Alex continued to describe the man while Leonard continues doing the sketch.

Leonard looked at the sketch on his hand, and then he turned it to Alex’s direction, “Does this look exactly like him?” He asked as he showed the sketch to Alex.

Alex stared at the sketch and then he nodded his head lightly, “Yes, that’s him.” he said.

“I will try to take a look at the criminal records if this man got involved in any crime,” Leonard said.

“This is all for today, Mr. Tan, I will just call you if I already gathered the information about this man,” Leonard said as he stood up.

Tim nodded his head and he gets up from his seat, “Thank you, Leonard, I hope that you can gather information as soon as possible.” He said.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Tan, I am good at digging on people’s tiniest information,” Leonard said confidently.

“I’ll head first, ” He added and then he walked out of the house.

“I have to go too, ” he said.

“No problem,” Tim was the first one to reply.

Kira throws Tim a meaningful look.

Tim just sighs, “Why won’t you stay for lunch, instead?” he asked.

“As a thank you for helping us.” He added.

“There’s no need to thank me, Mr. Tan, I just did it for Kira’s sake, this is my way of protecting her.”

Tim took a deep breath, he is getting annoyed by this man, does he need to repeat it all the time?

“I can’t stay for lunch, I need to do some important things,” Alex said.

“That’s good then—” Tim froze when he felt Kira’s pin¢h in his back.

He turned his head to her with his puzzled look as if asking, ‘Why?’

Kira revealed a forced smile to Tim, she was just trying to stop him from being mean to Alex.

Tim seemed like he understand what Kira wants to say.

“Ehem!” he pretended to clear his throat, “I mean, we will see you off,” He said.



*Tan Corporation.*

“May I speak to Mr. Tan?” Mr. Fuente asked Coby.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Fuente, but Mr. Tan is not in his office right now,” Coby replied.

“Why?” Mr. Fuente is interested, he doesn’t really have an important thing to say to Tim, he just wants to get some information if how he’s doing.

He thought that Tim would go furious because of those photos.

“Mr. Tan said he couldn’t come today because he wants to spend time with the Missus,” Coby replied.

” What?!” Mr. Fuente blurted out!

‘He said he want to spend time with that woman?!’
‘Did they not got into a fi ght?!’
‘Wait, but Tim doesn’t look good yesterday, I’m sure he already saw the photos, but what is going on?’
‘Did his plan didn’t work?’

“Mr. Fuente?” Coby called when he noticed Mr. Fuente being in a daze.

“Huh?!” Mr. Fuente snapped back to his senses.

“Do you have something to say to Mr. Tan. I could relay it for you.” Coby offered.

“Oh,” Mr. Fuente blurted out as he looked at Alex, “Uhm, n-no, it’s not that urgent, I can wait for tomorrow.” Mr. Fuente refused.

“Okay then, if you don’t need anything else, I’ll go then, Mr. Fuente,” Coby said.

“Ennn…” Mr. Fuente nodded his head as a response.

Coby bowed his head before he turned away from Mr. Fuente.

Mr. Fuente goes back to his office too.

Mr. Fuente slammed the door due to anger!
He is so furious!
‘That woman!’
‘It’s hard to get rid of her than he thought!’

Mr. Fuente tightened his grip as he gritted his teeth..

Mr. Fuente’s phone suddenly rings.

He took a deep breath before he took it and checked the caller’s ID.
It is Chase.

He swiped his phone before he put it in his ear.

“Hello,” He answered.

“Boss,” Chase’s voice from the other line spoke.

“Why did you call?” Mr. Fuente asked coldly.

“I called to remind you about your payment, boss,” Chase replied.
“My man has already done his mission,” he added.

Mr. Fuente annoyingly rubbed his head, “You can’t get the payment, yet,” he said.

“Why not?” Chase’s voice becomes deep.

“Because the plan is a failure!” Mr. Fuente said in a raised voice.

“Aren’t you the one who planned that?!” Chase commented.

“I still need you and your men to work for me,” Mr, Fuente said.

“May I remind you, Richard,” Chase is losing his patience.

“My men’s service is not free,” he added coldly.

Mr. Fuente froze.
If Chase calls him by his first name, it means that he is getting mad.

Mr. Fuente tried to calm himself. He shouldn’t make Chase angry. He needs him and his men to succeed in his plan.

“Alright, I will deposit the money in your account.” Mr. Fuente said.

“It’s good that we are clear now, boss,” Chase said, he is now back to his pleasing personality.

“What do you want us to do now?” Chase asked after a while.

“Nothing,” Mr. Fuente replied.
“Let’s lay low for now.”

“Why?” Chase asked again.

“I heard that they are still in good terms right now, that woman might tell Tim about what happened. Tim might have already hired someone to investigate about the attacker’s identity.”

“Hmmm… It seems like he is madly in love with that woman!” Chase commented.

“Those photos are more realistic, but he still chose to believe her.”

Mr. Fuente thinks for a moment, ‘Yes, the photos show that Kira is doing something malicious with another man, he knows Tim, he is the kind of man who would believe to the evidence.’
‘Is that how deep is his love for that woman?’
‘Or somebody might have told him about what really happened?’

Mr. Fuente can only think of someone, that Alex!
He might have told Tim about the incident!

‘I already helped him to get the woman he love, but he wasted it!’
‘Seems like I can’t rely on that man!’



Tim and Kira watched as Alex has gone farther and farther until he is out of sight.

Just then, Kira faced Tim, “Hey, why are you treating him like that?” she complained.

Tim looked at Kira with his innocent expression, “Treat him, like what?” He asked innocently.

Kira just sighs, “Okay, I know why you’re acting like that. Like you couldn’t wait until he left, it is because you are jealous of him, but Tim…” Kira paused for a moment.
“I already told you that you don’t have to be jealous of him.” She added.

“I can’t help it,” Tim replied.

“Why?” Kira asked.

“I got jealous because I know he was your first love,” Tim reasoned.

Kira took a deep breath and then she touched Tim’s face, “He was.” She said.
“Was!” She repeated.
“It means, past… My feelings for him were just in the past,” Kira continued.
“He was my first love, but you are my present and future love,” Kira added.

“Really?” Tim asked.
He was touched by Kira’s word.

“Uhuh!” Kira nodded.

Tim embraces Kira, ‘Would you still do the same if you find out about something?’ he asked secretly.


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