It is already dark, Tim entered the studio.
There, he saw coach Rizel and Kira.

They looked like they are fighting, but they’re just doing the basics.

“Good evening Mr. Tan.” Sevi and Tasha greeted Tim when they saw him.

He looked back to Rizel and Kira, doing their lesson.

Kira got distracted and she turned her head to Tim’s direction when she heard the two bodyguards.
It was a wrong move because coach Rizel took advantage of it.

“Tim—” Kira was not able to finish her word when Rizel suddenly sweeps her Iegs to her feet, which made Kira lost her balance.

“Ah!” Kira cried as she realized that she is falling.

“Ugh! Kira grunted as soon as she feels the pain when her body slumped on the floor.

Tim just pursed his lips as he saw Kira’s fall.
Rizel gets up and straightened her body, “Don’t get distracted, pay attention to your opponent,” she said, still in her poker face.

Kira looked up at Rizel with her pained expression.

“I-I’m sorry, coach.” She said in a struggling voice.

Rizel stretch her hand and helped Kira to get up.

“That’s all for today,” Rizel said as soon as Kira is back to her feet.



“Aw!” Kira complained as she touched her back. She is now feeling her body pains.

Tim looked at Kira who is lying on the bed. He can see her struggling expression, and he can’t just watch her suffering from body pain. He took the pain reliever patch in the medicine cabinet.
He then walks to the bed and approached Kira, “Get up,” he said.

“Why?” Kira asked.

“I will put a patch on your back.” He said.

Kira slowly raised her body and sat at the bedside.

Tim sat down behind Kira, and he flipped her dress.

“Ugh, that coach is scary, she doesn’t even spare me,” she complained.

Tim sighs, “I’m sorry,” He said as he sticks the patch at Kira’s back.

“Why?” Kira asked.

“I’m sorry if you have to endure these,” Tim said.

Kira turned to Tim, “Tim, you don’t have to be sorry,” she said.

Tim stared at Kira, he lifted his hand and touched her face.

“I want you to learn how to defend your self, I want you to be safe even if I am not with you anymore,”

Kira froze, “Why? Are you leaving me?” Kira asked as she throws Tim a suspicious look.

Tim froze as he realized what he said.
He then revealed a faint smile, “Silly!” he said.
“Why would I leave you?” He asked back.

“Why are you saying those words then?”

Tim’s faint smile widened.
He embraced Kira, “I won’t leave you, sweetheart.” He said.

‘But I don’t know if you would choose to stay with me if you find out about my dad’s secret.’ Tim said inside.



Tim went to his study room when Kira fell asleep. He sat on his swivel chair and lightly opened his drawer. He stared at the red journal inside his drawer. He learned something about what happened these past few days.

There should be honesty in every relationship, and it made him change his mind about something. That is, he should be honest with Kira.
Yes, he is honest about what he felt for her.
His love for her is honest and sincere.
But there is something that he couldn’t tell her.

Tim took a deep breath, “Should I tell her about it, dad?” He asked as he looked at the journal as if it was his father.

“I need time to gather my prowess of telling her the truth. I will tell her when the right time comes, not now, I will wait until I am ready to confess to her everything. It would be her choice if she chose to stay with him or not.”

Tim took another deep breath, he should be ready for the consequences of telling her the truth

Just by thinking of Kira leaving him, already breaks his heart.


“Kira!” Lea was panting as she ran inside the villa.

She rushed to the Villa as soon as she heard what happened to Kira the other day.

“Kira?!” Lea called for her best friend’s name again.

Kira was currently talking to the servants in the dining area when she heard a noise. She stopped talking and tried to listen to the noise.

“Lea?” Kira mumbled when she recognized Lea’s voice.

She got out of the dining area and went to the living room.

Sevi and Tasha turned their heads to the front door when they heard a woman’s voice. They saw a woman who looked like the same age as the Missus. They threw a meaningful look at each other. They don’t know this woman!

“How did she get in here?” Tasha asked Sevi in a low voice.

“I don’t know, we should not let her get close to the Missus,” Sevi replied.

The two of them instantly move and blocked the woman from entering the house.

Lea stopped in her track when two people wearing a bodyguard’s outfit blocked her way.

“Who are you?”

“How did you get in here?” Sevi and Tasha questioned Lea.

Lea looked up to the two bodyguards, “Let me in, I want to talk to Kira,” Lea said in a panic.

“Let her in Sevi, she’s my friend!” Kira suddenly spoke from behind them.

Sevi and Tasha look behind them.

“Oh, I’m sorry Missus, we don’t know her,” Sevi apologized and then they turned to Lea, “We were sorry, Miss,”.

“It’s alright!” Lea replied, she then hurriedly approached Kira and checked her.

“Kira, were you hurt?” Lea asked worriedly.
“I heard what happened to you the last day!”Lea said while inspecting Kira.

“Lea, I’m alright, thank God nothing worst happened to me,” Kira replied.

“Let’s take a seat first,” Kira said after a while.

The two of them sit on the couch.

“Agh! If I were there, I would beat them until their parents couldn’t recognize them!” Lea said furiously.

Kira just smiled, Lea has always been a fighter since they were young, she was the one to defend her whenever she got bullied.

“No need, Alex has already beat up that guy who tried to molest me,” Kira said.

“W-What?” Lea blurted out.
“Alex beat the attacker?!”

“Ennn…” Kira nodded.
“He was the one who saved me,” she added.

“Ohmo!” Lea was stunned.

“What’s your husband’s reaction? Oh my God! I can’t forget the last time they met!” Lea said nervously.

“We almost have a misunderstanding because of what happened,” Kira said.

“A misunderstanding?” Lea repeated. “Is it because Alex was the one to save you?” she asked.

“No,” Kira shook her head.
“It’s not because of who saves who,”

Lea knitted her brows, “Then, why?”

“Somebody sent him a photo of me and Alex together. The culprit also sent a photo when the attacker tried to moIest me, The photo shows like I am doing something with another man and Tim thought that the man was Alex.”

Lea’s mouth went slightly open.

“Wait,” She said with her knitted brows.

“You mean…”

“I think the culprit behind this is trying to use Alex to ruin my marriage to Tim,” Kira said.

“Oh,” Lea blurted out. “That makes sense,” she said as she fell in deep thought.

“Then, do you have any idea who would do this to you?” Lea asked curiously.

Kira thinks for a moment, “There are only two people in my mind who would possibly do this,” Kira said.

“Who?” Lea asked.

“Gaile and Madame Gezel” Kira replied.

“I know it’s not good to accuse someone without any evidence, but they are the only people that I could think of,” she added.

Lea nodded her head.

“Yeah, right! ” Lea agreed.

“Gaile the love rival, it is possible that she would do the dirtiest way just to ruin you and Mr. Tan,” she said.

“And the auntie? It’s also possible that she bribed someone to do that.

“She wants Tim to get mad at you because she hates you,” Lea added.

Kira sigh, “Yeah, I thought about that too,” she said.

Kira has fallen in deep thought, and then something suddenly came into her mind.
Kira turned her head to Lea, “Who told you about this anyway?” She asked.

“Huh?!” Lea froze for a moment.

“Uhm… It’s… It’s Coby…” She said.

Kira throws a meaningful look to Lea, ” He told you about it?”


“Uh, I didn’t know that the two of you are close to each other, or did I missed something between the two of you?” Kira teased Lea.

“H-Hey… Don’t think too much, nothing is interesting between us,” Lea draws her face closer to Kira, “That man doesn’t have a human heart…” She whispered.

“Doesn’t have the human heart?” Kira repeated.

“Yeah, because he is not human…” Lea replied.

Kira knitted her brows, “What is he then?”

“He is a robot or a grim reaper!”

“Hahaha!!” Kira burst into laughter!
“You’re crazy!” she said in between her laughs.
“How could you say that?!”

Lea pouted her lips,” He always wears a black suit, and his expression never changed. He doesn’t even know how to smile. He is dumb and doesn’t know how to be romantic, how much more to love someone?!” she complained.

Kira stopped laughing,

“Haaa…” She slowly sighs, “Babe, you don’t know how love moves, Love moves mysteriously, and before you knew it, you have already fallen to that person,” she said.

“Well, I don’t know if it would work on him” Lea replied.



It was already dark when Lea decided to leave. She almost bumps into Coby on her way out.

Lea felt like her body turned stiff and her heart skipped a beat when she saw Coby.

“You’re here, ” Coby commented, without a smile on his face.

‘Ugh, Lea, I think you’re the only one who gets affected whenever the two of you get close to each other!’ Lea secretly said inside.

“Uhm…Ehem!” Lea cleared her throat, “Y-Yeah, I came to visit Kira.” She said.

“Are you going home?” Coby asked.

“Ennn…”Lea nodded her head.

“Let’s go home together then,” Coby said, still in his cold expression.

Lea stared at Coby as she unconsciously nodded her head.

“Wait for me for a while, I just have to send these files at Mr. Tan’s study room,” Coby said and then he hurriedly went upstairs.

Just then, Lea snapped back to her senses, ‘Wait, did she just agree?’

Lea and Coby left the Villa together.

Kira revealed a smile as she secretly watched Lea and Coby’s retreating silhouettes from the bedroom window.

These two look good together, I hope they fall to each other like me and Tim.

Kira’s deep thought was interrupted when she felt someone suddenly embraced her from behind.

“What are you doing there?” She heard Tim’s voice.

Kira smiled, “I’m watching them,” she replied.

“Watching, who?” Tim asked.

“Them” Lea pointed Coby and Lea who is walking towards the gate.

“Look, what do you think?” She asked.

Tim’s gaze followed Kira’s finger, ” What should I think, then?” He asked back.

“Ugh!” Kira rolled her eyes, ” You are as dumb as your assistant.” She mumbled.

“What do you want to hear, then?” Tim asked again.

“Anything. I mean is, do they look good together?”

“Hmmm…” Tim thinks for a moment, ” I think so,” He said.

“Why you seemed so interested in them?” Tim asked.

“Well,” Kira turned to Tim, “This is my first time to see Lea being so fond to a man,” She said.

“But I think your assistant is too dumb to realize that my best friend is falling for him,” Kira added.

“Ha!” Tim laughed lightly, “You don’t know Coby,” He defended Coby.

“He may seem cold from the outside, but he is soft inside,” he said.

“Do you think he will like Lea too?” Kira asked..

“Let’s just wait and see,” Tim replied.


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