Kira is sitting on the chair in front of the table. She is currently making her lesson plan when her phone suddenly rings. She put down her pen and checked her phone.
It was Lea!

Kira swiped her phone to answer the call.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Aaahhh!” A scream from the other line could be heard.

Kira closed her eyes tightly as she put away her phone from her ear when she heard Lea’s piercing scream from the other line.


“You broke my eardrum!” Kira complained when she put back her phone to her ear.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Lea apologized.
“I just can’t help it!” She said excitedly.

Kira knitted her brows when she heard Lea’s excited voice.

“Why you sound so excited?” Kira asked suspiciously.

“I’m now official girlfriend”

“Official?” Kira’s knitted brows went even deeper.

She doesn’t understand what Lea means to say!

“I and Coby, are official!”

Kira froze, “W-What?”

“We are officially in a relationship!” Lea said.

Kira’s mouth went slightly opened..

“Yes!” Lea proudly said.

“Ayee, congratulations”

“Thank you!” Lea said.

The two of them talked for a while before they end the call. Kira’s smile did not fade. She is happy for Lea. She hopes that their relationship would end up in the church someday.



Kira’s shooting and martial arts lessons continued until she improved.

One morning, Kira was done taking a shower. She took the clean towel and wiped her self to dry before she wrapped it into her body.

“Hey, you startled me!” Kira complained.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Tim said.

Kira froze.

After a while, she knitted her brows as she looked at Tim.

“Why are you wearing a martial arts uniform?” She asked with her knitted brows.

Tim revealed a smile. He then tossed to Kira the other martial arts uniform that he was holding.

“Oh!” Kira blurted out as she tried to catch the cloth.

“I want to see how much you have learned,” Tim said.



Inside the mini gym in the Villa, the two people wearing a martial arts uniform are standing face to face.

“Ugh, do we really have to do this?” Kira asked.

“Yes,” Tim replied in a serious expression.

“But, I couldn’t dare to hit you, could you?” Kira asked worriedly.

Tim looked at Kira, still in his serious expression.

“You should not show mercy to your opponent,” he said.

Kira sigh!

“Alright!” she agreed.

The two of them bowed to each other, and then, they straightened their bodies and looked at each other.

“Attack me,” Tim said to Kira.

“What?!” Kira seems like she is having second thoughts.

“Can’t we find another person to be my opponent?” She asked.

Tim crossed his arms in his ċhėst.

“We only have two people that are available,” he said.

“It’s Tasha and Sevi, would like to fight them?” Tim asked.


Kira went speechless!

But, they were an expert in martial arts.
I won’t surely win against one of them!
I might get beaten up!
Kira gulped!

“I was just kidding!” She said as she revealed a forced smile.

‘Oh, Kira!’

‘You’re shameless!’ Kira secretly scolded her self.
Tim revealed a faint smile. He then stretched his right arm and gestured Kira to attack him.

Kira took a deep breath, and then…

“Haaaa!!!” Kira runs towards Tim to attack him.

But Tim was able to dodge from her attack.

“Come on, Stay focus!” Tim shouted.

Kira tightened her grip. She then ran towards Tim and attacked him again.
This time she did the pun¢h and kick combination.


Kira continued to attack Tim.
Tim at the same time used his arms and legs to prevent Kira’s every attack. He can see the big improvement of Kira’s martial art.

She is not an expert yet, but she can use what she learned, to defend her self from the bad people who would attempt to hurt her.

“Ha!” Kira turned as she throws a kick to Tim!

“Ugh!” Tim cried when Kira’s kick landed in his upper arm.

Kira was panting as she landed on the mat. Her sweat trickled down to her face. She looked at Tim with her fierce look. She was challenged.
Tim is good at preventing from every attack that she throws to him.

Tim just revealed a sarcastic smile as he saw the fierce look at Kira’s eyes.
He stretches his arm and gesture Kira to attack him again.

Kira did what Tim wants. The two of them fi ght with each other but Tim is still being careful not to hurt Kira.

The two of them fi ghts. They looked like in an action film’s fi ght scenes, until…

“Ugh!” Kira grunted as she staggered back when Tim h it her ċhėst with his palm.

Tim froze when he realized what he just did. He hurriedly walked towards Kira to check if she is okay, “Sweetheart, are you alright—” Tim’s next word was stuck in his mouth when Kira suddenly made a move.

She swept Tim’s Iegs with her legs! As a result, Tim lost his balance which made him fell to the ground.

“Ugh!” Tim grunted as his back slumped in the mat on the floor.

“Ah, ” He continued to complain as if he was in so much pain.

Kira smirked, “Don’t get distracted, Pay attention to your opponent!” She said.

“Ugh, It hurts so much!” Tim ignored Kira’s word.

Kira froze. Tim doesn’t seem like joking!

“Tim?” Kira called Tim, but Tim continued to grunt.

Kira started to feel anxious, “Hey. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to harm you!” She said in a rattled voice.

She then kneels and held Tim.
But then, Tim suddenly held her hand. He suddenly stopped grunting and revealed his flrtatious smile!

“I got you, sweetheart!” He said and then he pulled Kira closer to him.

“Ohmo!” Kira blurted out when Tim suddenly grabbed her, and without saying a word, he suddenly kssed her as he moved to switched their positions.

Kira is now below him. She responded to Tim’s ksses but, after a while, she slowly pushed Tim and throws him a meaningful look.

“I thought you want to know how much I’ve learned?” Kira asked as she gave him a side glance.

“Yes!” Tim replied with a smile on his face.

“When you said you want to see how much I’ve learned, was it my martial art or, you mean something else?” Kira asked him doubtfully.

Tim’s flirtatious smile widened.

“Both?” He replied.


Kira suddenly moved and switched their positions, she is now on top of him.

“What do you think, then?”

“Did I pass?” Kira asked as she looked at Tim beneath her.


Tim pretended to think.

“About the martial art, well, you have improved a lot.” He said.


Her husband is flirting on her again!

“Ugh, hubby, how can you not tell when we usually did it?” Kira replied with her sweet yet seductive voice.

“Do we?” Tim asked with his knitted brows as if he doesn’t remember anything.

“I don’t remember it,” He then looked at Kira with his horny look, “Why won’t you help me to remember it, sweetheart?”.

Kira looked around before she looks down at Tim.

“We can’t do it here, hubby, someone might suddenly come!” Kira said.

Kira was not wrong for Sevi suddenly came into the gym!

Sevi entered the gym to call for Tim but froze when he saw Tim and Kira. He instantly lowered his gaze to avoid seeing Tim and Kira in their awkward positions.

“Good morning, Mr. Tan,” Sevi spoke to catch their attention.

Tim and Kira instantly turned their heads when they heard a voice on the door.

Kira’s eyes went wide opened and she instantly rolled away from the top of Tim.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, Mr. Tan but, the private detective Leonard is here to talk to you,” Sevi said politely.

Tim and Kira looked at each other before he looked back at Sevi.

“Tell him we’re coming,” He said.

“Yes, Mr. Tan” Sevi said and then he turned and headed to the living room.

Tim and Kira did not bother to change their dresses.

Leonard was about to get up to greet them, but Tim gestured him to stay in his seat and they walk closer to Leonard.

“I suppose you already have some information about the attacker?” Tim asked straight forward.

Leonard looked at Tim, “Of course, Mr. Tan, I already said that I am an expert in digging people’s tiniest information.” He said.

Tim and Kira sat on the couch opposite to Leonard.
“So, tell me what you’ve got,” Tim asked in a serious expression.

“I tried to compare his physical appearance to the people who has a criminal record. And I did not fail,” Leonard said.

“I recognize the attacker, and I found out his identity,” Leonard added.

“He is Dreu also known by his codename Fire.”

Kira and Tim’s brows knitted.

“Fire?” Kira mumbled.

“Dreu is a gangster, he is working for the gang leader named Chase,” Leonard said.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Kira said as if she was confused.

“A gangster and a gang leader?”

“Yes, Missus,” Leonard replied.

“The attacker is a gangster?”

” Oooooh! Did I offended anyone of them without knowing it? Is this the reason why they are targetting me?” Kira asked with her eyes wide opened.

“That’s the best question Missus,” Leonard said.

“Chase is not only a gang leader. He is also a loan shark, and they target those people in a casino,” Leonard added.

“Not just that, Chase also do dirty jobs in exchange for money.”

“You mean, someone might pay him to attack Kira?” Tim asked.

“It is possible, Mr. Tan,” Leonard replied.

“Is there anyone you can think of?” He asked.

Tim turned his head to Kira, he was about to ask who but, Kira spoke again.

“It’s Gaile and Madame Gezel,” she said.

“No,” Tim said.

Kira looked at Tim when she heard Tim said no.

“Why not? They were the only people who hate me for marrying you,” Kira said.

“Kira that’s impossible,” Tim said.

“How could it be impossible? Gaile was desperate to get rid of me. She already set me up before. What’s impossible if she set me up again?. And for Madame Gezel? It’s not also impossible that she bribe someone to do that, because she hated me,” Kira argued.

Tim sighed!

He then turned his head to Leonard, ” Could you leave us for a moment, please?” He said.

“Sure, Mr. Tan” Leonard replied.

He then turned and walks out of the house. Tim turned to Kira when Leonard was gone.

“What?!” Kira asked as she saw Tim’s expression.

“There is something that you should know,” Tim said.

Kira knitted her brows, “What is it?” She asked.

“It’s about Gaile,”

“What about Gaile?”

Tim took a deep breath, “Your accusation towards her is impossible,”

“How do you say so?” Kira asked as she raised her brows.

‘Why Tim is defending Gaile?’

“Kira, Gaile won’t be able to do that. She won’t be able to set you up again, not ever!” Tim said.

“Why not?”

“Because she is already dead.”

Kira was stunned and speechless as she heard Tim!

She couldn’t believe her ears!
‘Gaile is already dead?!’

“Gaile died a month after she went back to L Country,” Tim added.

“W-What?” Kira blurted out, still in her stunned expression!

She couldn’t believe it!

“W-Why I didn’t know it? H-How did she died?” Kira asked one after the other.

“She committed sui¢ide,” Tim replied.

“What?!” Kira looked at Tim with her unbelievable expression.

“I guess she suffered in depression,” Tim said.

“D-Depression?” Kira repeated.

She slowly looked down as she fell in deep thoughts.

‘Did she got depressed because of us?’
‘Is it because of my marriage to Tim?’

Kira asked her self.


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