Mr. Fuente drove his car to one of his house outside the Capital City. He saw a black van parked on the other lane of the road. He blew his horn to catch the attention of the van’s driver.

The people inside seem to heard the horn as they opened their door and get off the van.



Leonard continued to follow Mr. Fuente. He thought that Mr. Fuente would just go to the casino as usual, but today he will discover something more interesting.

Leonard stopped his car a few meters away from Mr. Fuente’s house. He noticed a black van parked on the other side of the road, but Leonard just ignored it, thinking it was just a car parked by just anyone who lives nearby, but Leonard’s interest was caught when he saw a man got off the van.

The man is wearing a black shirt paired with black pants and black sunglasses, with him were other men wearing the same dress color.

Mr. Fuente got off from his car too. Leonard saw the man in black approached Mr. Fuente. The two of them shook hands and talked, but Leonard doesn’t have any idea of what they were talking about.
The man seems familiar to him!

Leonard instantly took his camera and secretly took a photo of the man. Just as soon as he finished taking pictures, Mr. Fuente and the other man and his minions rode on their cars. The gate of the house opened and Mr. Fuente’s car and the black van drove inside.



Tim closed his eyes as he leaned into his swivel chair as if he was so tired.

‘How can I tell her about it?’
‘I hate to see the loneliness in her eyes.’
‘I am afraid to see her reaction if I tell her the truth.’
Tim sighs!

‘I hope that one day, I will have the courage to tell her the truth,’ Tim said to himself.

(Knock, knock, knock!)

Tim opened his eyes when he heard a knock on the door. The door opened and Kira peeked inside.

“Hubby,” She called.

“Hey,” Tim straightened his body when he saw his wife.

“Leonard is here, he wants to talk to you,” Kira said.

“Oh, let him in,” Tim said.

Kira widened the crack on the door and let Leonard enter.

“Good evening Mr. Tan. It was a bit late, but I have an important thing to tell you.” Leonard said.

“Oh, no problem” Tim replied.

“Come and have a seat.” He added.

Leonard walks closer to Tim’s desk.

“I’ll just make you a coffee,” Kira said before she closed the door.

“So, what have you got?” Tim asked as soon as Leonard sat on the chair.

Leonard put an envelope at the top of Tim’s table.

“You should see this,” he said.

Tim picked up the envelope and he opened it. He pulled out the content of the envelope. He took a look at it and realized it was a photo of Mr. Fuente, with another man.

“What do you mean by this?” Tim asked with his brows knitted.

“I continued to follow Mr. Fuente just like what you instructed to me,” Leonard said.

“I thought he will just go to the casino as usual, but today, he met someone.” Leonard continues.

Tim look at the photo again, “You mean, him?” He asked as he pointed the man in black on the photo.

“Yes, Mr. Tan!” Leonard replied.

“What’s with this man?” Tim asked again.

He doesn’t have any idea of what Leonard wants to say to him.

“Mr. Tan, that other man on the photo is Drake Alvinda,”

‘Drake Alvinda?’ Tim repeated inside.

The name sounds so familiar to him!
Tim looks up to Leonard again.

“Who is this Drake Alvinda?” He asked.

“Drake Alvinda, a loan shark also known by the code name Chase,” Leonard replied.

Tim froze as he heard Leonard.

“Chase…” He repeated.

Tim’s eyes went wide opened as he remembered the name Chase. He looked up to Leonard with his stunned expression!

‘This Chase is the Drake Alvinda, which Mr. Fuente deposited a big amount of money to his bank account. Chase is a loan shark who also do dirty works in exchange for money!’
Tim couldn’t help but suspect.

‘This is not just a coincidence!’
‘It is possible that Mr. Fuente has something to do with the attack on Kira a few months ago.’
‘He might be the one who bribed Chase’s men to attack her!’

He may don’t have any proof but Mr. Fuente has the reason to do that to Kira!
Gaile hated Kira, Mr. Fuente may hold a grudge to Kira too.

With that thought, Tim’s gaze turned sharp.

‘That old man dare to harm my wife!’ Tim secretly gritted his teeth.

Just thinking of Mr Fuente trying to destroy his marriage with Kira made him felt furious.

Tim’s deep thoughts were interrupted when Kira arrived with two cups of coffee..

“Hey,” Kira greeted them as she walks towards Tim’s table.

She knitted her brows when she noticed the silence between Tim and Leonard.

“What’s the matter?” She asked while putting down the coffee at the top of the table.

“Leonard, I want you to gather information about Mr. Fuente and this Chase. I want to know how long they have known each other,” Tim said.

“Alright, Mr. Tan,” Leonard said before he got up from his seat.
“I shall take my leave now,” Leonard added and then he turned and walked out of the room.

Kira’s gaze followed Leonard’s retreating silhouette until he is out of the study room before she turned her gaze back to Tim, “What did he report to you?” she asked.

“Sweetheart, I think…we found the culprit behind the attack on you,” Tim said.

“R-Really?” Kira blurted out.
“W-Who?” She asked.

“Mr. Fuente,” Tim replied.

Kira knitted her brows again, “Mr. Fuente?” she repeated.

“Gaile’s father,” Tim said.

Kira’s mouth went slightly opened as she heard Tim.

“What?” She blurted out.

“Why would he bribed someone to….” Kira stopped talking as realization flashed into her mind. She slowly sat down on the chair in front of Tim’s table as if she felt too weak.

“Did… Did he blame me for Gaile’s death?” Kira can’t help but ask. She doesn’t see any reason why would Gaile’s father do this to her.

Kira looked at Tim with fears in her eyes, “Tim, am I the reason why Gaile chooses to end her life?”

Tim hurriedly got up from his seat and approached Kira. He kneeled in front of her and tried to coax her.

“Sweetheart, don’t blame yourself for Gaile’s death. It was her choice to end her life.” Tim said as he touched Kira’s face.

“Don’t be scared, I am here to protect you, I won’t let anyone hurt you. You will be safe as long as I live.” Tim assured.

Kira looked at Tim, ” That is what I have been scared of Tim.”

“What if he will also attack you?”

“No, I won’t let that happen, I will make sure that he will go to jail,” He said.



The next day, Tim suddenly push to open the door to Mr. Fuente’s office. Jan was startled when the door suddenly opened.

“M-Mr. Tan!” He blurted out as he got up from his seat!

“Where is Mr. Fuente!” Tim asked coldly.

“M-Mr. Fuente is not here, Mr. Tan!” he said in a trembling voice.
“He hasn’t come for a few days now,” he added.

Tim narrowed his eyes, “What? Where is he right now?!” he asked again.

“I don’t know, sir, I couldn’t reach him since the other day,” Jan replied.

Tim tightened his grip and gritted his teeth. He entered the office and closed the door.

“I know whenever people lie to me,” he said coldly as he walks closer to Jan.

Jan’s knees trembled when he saw Tim’s sharp gaze towards him.

“M-Mr. Tan, I don’t know where Mr. Fuente is!” Jan insisted.

“He did not come here since he knows about the investigations for the missing money from the company’s account!” Jan was so scared that he did not think of what he is saying!

Tim stopped in his track.
“He knows about it?” he asked.

“Y-Yes, Mr. Tan,” Jan replied.

“From whom?” Tim is still in his cold expression.

Jan was not able to reply instantly, he suddenly regretted telling Tim about it!

“From whom?!” Tim roared.

“F-From me,” Jan doesn’t have a choice but, to tell the truth.

Tim gritted his teeth, ” How did you know about it?”

“I just overheard the employees from the auditing department, sir!”

‘This matter should be confidential!’ Tim thought.

“Who are they?” Tim asked.

“They were Alou and Grace,” Jan replied.

Tim instantly turned and stormed out of the office as soon as he heard Jan’s reply.



Back to Tim’s office,

The two ladies are standing in front of Tim, with their heads lowered.
The two ladies were Alou and Grace.

“You know that the investigation is confidential,” Tim said to Alou and Grace.

“I’m sorry for being so careless, Mr. Tan,” Alou was the first one to answer.

“How could I trust people like you?” Tim ignored Alou’s apology.

“Mr. Tan, we will not do the same mistake again, “Grace spoke.

“You know that I only trust people, once,”

Grace and Alou did not say any word.

“I don’t need unreliable employees like the two of you!”

This time, Grace and Alou looked up to Tim with their stunned expressions!

“M-Mr. Tan!” They blurted out!

“From this day onward, the two of you are no longer an employee of this company!” Tim said.



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