Do you want to make money with ease from the comfort of your home? Then you need to check out this guide on how you can make money on Swagbucks.


Swagbucks is a site that rewards you for completing simple tasks such as watching videos, browsing the internet, and playing games. You can redeem these rewards for cash or gift cards, such as Amazon.

I understand how Swagbucks works and I know people that have been earning from the platform for years. This platform can make you enough money that you can use to pay for lots of gadgets, presents, and lots more.

Follow the methods discussed in this article to make money on Swagbucks.


Swagbucks is a system that lets you earn points which you can then spend on gift cards from Amazon etc, or cash back from PayPal. It’s as simple as that.

Here are some easy ways you can earn points, and make some extra cash.


1) Trial Amazon Prime for 30 days.

This one really is a no-brainer. You can earn a load of SB points simply by watching great films and TV shows for a month. Catch Amazon’s new smash-hit Superhero satire, The Boys, or watch any of their original content like Beautiful Boy or The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. Seriously, you get all of this free for 30 days and a load of points. Win, win, and win.

2) Take a 3 minute survey.

Got some spare time while you’re waiting at the tills at the supermarket or queuing at your usual lunchtime bistro, well why not use that time productively and fill out a survey? It takes just 3 minutes!

3) Get paid to book a holiday.

Swagbucks partnered with which means for every £1 you spend through their website you get 3 SB points, that can mean a big reward if you are booking a big summer holiday or winter break.

4) Watch videos.

That’s right you can earn SB points simply by sitting down, getting comfortable and watching a load of great content. Ever made an easier buck?

5) Buy a new phone.

Carphone Warehouse are also involved with Swagbucks, so you can get a great new phone and when you buy it you’ll get credited SB points, so it’s basically like saving money from your purchase.

6) Answer a 15 minute survey.

This one is perfect for your morning commute. Fancy turning that wasted time as you hoist yourself to work into something a lot more productive. You could take a 15 minute survey, the perfect length to fill out on the go.

7) Play a mobile game.

There are a load of games on your phone that you can get SB points for through Swagbucks. For example, you could play World War Rising on your iPhone.

After you hit a certain level you’ll get your points credited to your account. Perfect if you need that extra bit of motivation to hit a new high score.

8) Play Final Fantasy.

Love Final Fantasy? Imagine getting essentially paid to play it? That’s right, there are a load of Final Fantasy related offers on Swagbucks which you can complete to earn SB points.

9) Get a free Simply Cook box.

There are loads of great offers like this. Take part in a free trial of Simply Cook, where you get a free box delivered to your home to cook a delicious meal. Oh and that means more SB points for you…

10) Play SwagJump.

Swagbucks has some special games on their website that you can participate in to get extra SB points. One of them is SwagJump. What is it? Well, there’s only one way to find out…


11) Referrals

Swagbucks offers a generous referral program that you can use to earn points both in the short-term and long term. You will be rewarded with 300 Swagbucks points when your referral signs up and earn 300 Swagbucks points within their first 30 days on the platform.

Apart from the referral bonus, you will also earn 10% of your referrals’ earnings for as long as they remain a member of Swagbucks.

Also, ensure your referrals download the browser extension of Swagbucks so that you can earn an additional 100 Swagbucks points, thereby bringing your total earnings to 400 Swagbucks points for referral that signs up.

12) Follow the Site on Social Media

Although the Swagbucks blog can be a great platform, this greatness is no match for the platform’s official social media sites in terms of the real-time information that you can leverage to make lots of money.

Ensure you follow Swagbucks on Twitter and Facebook to have access to the most current news about the lucrative offers the site has. You will be regularly alerted on things that relate to great and time-sensitive Swag Codes.

How to Maximize Earnings on Swagbucks

The best way to maximize your earnings on Swagbucks is to complete surveys the smart way. Although you may feel that surveys are not worth your time, you can still earn some decent income if you approach them from an intelligent angle.

Ensure you complete your profile with as many details as you can so that you will qualify for surveys that pay handsomely.

How Much Can You Earn on Swagbucks?

You can earn between 200 Swagbucks points and 500 Swagbucks points for an hour and a few hours of work. On Swagbucks, 1 Swagbucks point means 1 cent. That implies that 200 Swagbucks points equal $2. In total,you can earn between $50 and $100 per month if you use Swagbucks every day for a few hours per day.

Why You Should Join Swagbucks

Swagbucks makes it easy to make money online. Unlike most of the other methods of earning online, you can start working on Swagbucks without any experience. The earning methods are also easy to use without any technical skills.

How can I turn my Swagbucks points into cash?

You can redeem your Swagbucks earnings to cash via PayPal or gift cards. All participants will receive Swagbucks points (SB). You can redeem your earnings once you earn at least 300 SBs (or $3).

Is Swagbucks fake?

No, Swagbucks is not fake but legitimate. The platform pays members for their activities. Members can also withdraw their earnings.


The goal of this post is to show you legit methods you can use to make money on Swagbucks.

By making use of the right methods, you can easily earn a good amount of income on Swagbucks. Simply focus on sign-up offers, cashback deals, money makers, in-store deals, and high-paying surveys amongst other methods.

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These methods of making money on Swagbucks may take some time than just registering and playing games. However, if you want to make a good amount of income, they are the methods to use.

I recommend focusing on high-paying surveys if you have a complete profile. You need to fill out your profile with as much information as possible so that you can qualify for more offers.

For more useful tips to make money from the comfort of your home, office, on the bus, or even on the go, check out these best apps to make money with your smartphone.

I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for reading.