SPOILT AT CHURCH : Chapter 1 – 10


If hell is on earth, Kike saw hell and entered. It was hot, it was fiery. She regretted the day she was born and the moment she took the decision to chase after Jide Williams.

She had ransacked her brain to look for a plausible reason to give for leaving the church. Her mum’s in-depth scrutiny, and harsh tones couldn’t allow her to reason fast. So, she said whatever came to her mouth when questioned.

“Why did you leave the bible study? Mrs. Johnson asked again.

“At a time when the prayer meeting was about to start,” Mr. Johnson added gently. “I saw you, I did.”

“I…”Kike stammered.

“You what?”

“I met Martha, and Martha met me.”

“What is she saying?” Her Mum asked irritably.

“I went to ease myself.”

“Oh! You should have said that,” Mrs. Johnson said and turned to her husband. “Deacon Johnson, your daughter took an hour to ease herself. She never came back till the service ended.”

“It was because the toilet was dirty. I couldn’t use it but moved to the bush behind the church to ease myself.”

“I see,” Mrs. Johnson said and faced her husband again. “Daddy, you see what I always say ? The church toilet is not well maintained and monitored.”

“Yes ma!” Kike cut in fearfully.

“The last time I used it, I got toilet infection. That was why I decided to…”

“Shut up,” Mrs. Johnson shouted, and landed Kike a slap that sent her rolling on the floor. “You mean it took you over an hour to ease yourself? Please tell me another story.”

“I was coming to that,” Kike said with hot tears cascading down her face. “After urinating, I was coming to the church fast-fast, then I saw one of our choir members.”

“And you stayed at the roadside to do choir rehearsal?” Mr. Johnson asked.

“No sir! I stayed to preach to him.”

The parents were amazed at her fallacious claim.

“You should have left the preaching to the pastor,” Her mother mocked. “ When did you turn to a preacher?”

“Actually, he wanted me to be his girlfriend.”


“So I told him that ha! It is not good oh.”


“That God will not be happy with us. That my parents forbid such kind of relationship.”


“That was all. Then I was coming fast-fast, not knowing that I stayed long.”

“You are a liar, a blatant liar.” Her mum said, and pounced on her, kicking her from all sides, using all her appendages to pummel her, and voicing out her disappointment. “You want to disgrace us abi? Knowing the kind of posts we hold in church, knowing the kind of influence we command, knowing how we challenge and discipline other peoples’ children.”

“You knew God from childhood,” her father added as he used his belt generously on her. “I will kill you before you disgrace us.”

“I’m sorry Daddy,” Kike pleaded.

“At no time did we draw back from taking you to church. We adhere strictly to our denominational doctrines, religiously teaching you what is expected. You were part of the young star society, the girls’ guild, and now the young ladies guild. You are a strong member of the Sunday school team, a role model. Why do you want to disgrace us by spoiling your life?”

“I’m sorry Dad and Mum, I will never do it again.”

“See! Ask your father,” Mrs. Johnson boasted. “I came into his house as a vrgn, and you must also marry as a vrgin. I will do all in my power to ensure that. Abi, have you been defiled?”

“No ma,” Kike answered, shaking her head.

Spent, they gave additional rules to further guide kike’s daily living. On no account should she be seen standing, sitting or talking with a man, either at the church or elsewhere. She must never go out without being accompanied by either her elder brothers, or the younger one. Her skirts and gowns, must always reach just a little above her ankles.

Kike left for her room, with her body drained of all strength. She felt her world falling apart, with nothing to hold it together. She wondered what her Mum’s reaction would be if she knew she is sxually active.

She was introduced to the adult game by a male classmate, a barrack boy, who was eager to satisfy her curiosity and answer her numerous questions about sx.

It started gradually, with her wanting to know if it is wrong to be attracted to the opposite sx, and why she always had funny feelings whenever she watches a film involving sxually suggestive scene, or read one of the numerous novels she borrows from her classmates.

Innocently, she asked her mother if getting attracted to boys, or having funny feelings is wrong. She needed to know what to do about it.

Her Mum’s reaction was discouraging. Shouting, she drew Kike to her room asking, “What do you know about sx? Mogbe! This girl wants to kill me. Oya, lie down.

She forced her to lie down, to check if her hymen was intact. Heaving a sigh of relief, she warned her never to mention the word sex in the house again.

“Why mummy?” Kike asked
“Because it is a dirty word,” Her Mum replied.

If she had been given a chance, Kike might have asked if it was right to read r©mance novels and magazines, or watch the kind of movies her brothers often sneak into the house when the parents are not around.

But Mrs. Johnson ordered Kike into the room, to prepare for a bible competition that would hold the next day. That ended the discussion between mother and daughter, although Kike’s curiosity wasn’t satisfied.

She had increased sxual feelings day by day, and one day, she vented out to a likewise ignorant female classmate. Stanley the barrack boy eaves dropped on their discussion, and volunteered to teach Kike on all she needed to know.

He persuaded her to follow him to a friend’s house, where he taught her that sx is beautiful and must be enjoyed, even by teenagers. The first time with Stanley was painful, but she soon got used to him and then others, before Jide came her way.


I’m in deep sht, Kike murmured as she prepared for the night. What happens if mum gets to know that I missed my period?

She searched her brain for what could have led to a missed period apart from pregnancy. God please help me she prayed earnestly. If I scale through this, I will never go near a man again.

Possibly as a result of her prayer, or her menstrual blood that had been delayed for a week decided to use that moment to show up, or because of the beating she got, she felt something flow from her underneath, and looked down to see bl©©d splattering at her feet. Raising her night gown to confirm if the bl©©d was from the right place, she twisted her waist in jubilation and relief.

After cleaning up and padding, she lay on the bed to sleep, but sleep eluded her.
Now that she has seen her menstrual flow, she feels a renewed tenderness towards Jide. Like realized that all her talk about reducing their sxual encounters was because of fear of the unknown, now, she wanted him like she had never done before.

Hugging the pillow, she stretched her hand to pick a novel she was reading before she left for the church. Titled “The dark charming prince”, it was about a man who tried all he could, to get a maid to lay with him.

Kike loved the intrigues and the suspense, and wished she was the maid being wooed by the hunk of a man.

As she read, and re-read about the sxual act that culminated from repeated attempts at $eduction by the man, her senses became heightened, her sxual organs hyper ar©used, and she ma$turbated.

© Bosede Fagbemi

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