SPOILT AT CHURCH : Chapter 1 – 10



Lord, have your way in our midst today. In Jesus name I pray. The Choirmaster ended the opening prayer.

Signaling everyone to stand up by raising his two palms, he instructed the Keyboardist to start a prelude to get them set for a short praise session.

The church central choir was meeting in preparation for the revival service, which would commence in a week time. It was the custom at Beulah salvation church to have a yearly revival, when a guest minister is invited to rekindle the fire of God in the life of the congregants.

Admonishing the Choristers, the Choirmaster said everyone should be prepared to minister wholeheartedly at the revival. He emphasized that since one cannot give what he lacks, it is important that all choristers check their lives, and make amendments where necessary, in order not to pollute the altar of God with strange fires.

“Now to the business of the day,” he said, “I want you to suggest and pick soul lifting and inspiring songs for rendition on every day of the revival.”

There were diverse suggestions, out of which he picked the songs he deemed suitable. But some of the Choristers were not okay with the choices made, and couldn’t hide their feelings.

“The numbers picked are too slow,” a female Chorister said. “To me, we should pick songs that are lively and dance-able.”

“I concur,” another member said. “We shouldn’t be singing as if we are mourning. Remember the bible says in the presence of God, there is fullness of joy. We can only show our joy when we dance, shout, and sing songs that are bubbly.”

“Correct!” Kike said standing up. “I want us to note that people from different churches would attend the program. It will be an opportunity to showcase our talents, and make people know that our choir is the best in town.”

“I wonder if we are now in show business,” someone whispered from the back.

“Anyway,” the Choirmaster said with a raise of the hand, stopping further input, “I want to correct a notion please. I have always drummed it into our ears that we sing not just to entertain, but to draw souls to the kingdom. If entertainment alone is what people need, they can get it from musicians that are not Christians. If we are only here to show our singing prowess, then we are not better than secular artistes.”

“But entertainment is part of the requirements to be a choir in vogue.” Someone argued.

“It shouldn’t be the main priority. Our focus should be on how to use our songs to draw men to God. Any other thing is secondary, and could be counterproductive.”

All said and done, the songs were ratified and rehearsed over and over again.

It was time to pick the worship leaders for the program, and the Choirmaster turned to Jide Williams; the praise team coordinator asking, “Bro Jide, what are your plans for the praise and worship session?”

“We will use a key worship leader; Miss Martha Abegunde for the whole of the week,” Jide answered. “She would be backed up , by other praise team members.”

Kike flinched and changed her facial expression the moment Jide made that statement. Not long after, she excused herself and stepped out, sending a text message for Jide to meet her without delay.

“Why the distress call?” he asked as he got to where she stood.

Kike refused to answer but eyed him, and turned her face sideways.

“You better talk before the Choirmaster or someone meet us here.” Jide demanded.

“Why must Martha be the one that will lead the praises for the whole of the revival week? Why not me or someone else? She asked, fuming.

“Why not her?” He questioned.

“Everything is Martha! Martha! Martha this, Martha that, I doubt if you are not dating her. I caught the two of you making faces at each other today.”

“Is that all?” Jide asked trying hard to conceal his anger, “I need to go back inside.”

“Won’t you say anything?” Kike asked, holding him by the cloth.

“What do you want me to say? This lady is your friend, the decision for her to lead was unanimously taken based on her ability. And now that you say I’m dating her, maybe I should begin to think towards that direction.”

“I’m sorry,” Kike replied.

“Let’s go in before people start thinking otherwise.”

“It’s okay, but when do we meet again?” Kike asked.

“It depends on you,” Jide replied impatiently. Next week should be okay.”

“No!” Kike said with a frown. “Next week is revival week.”

“The ball is in your court,” Jide answered and left her.
After the rehearsal ended, , Martha waited at the gate for Jide to join her. Holding hands, they took a back street leading to Martha’s family home.

“What were you discussing with Kike,” She asked.


“Don’t feign ignorance, I saw you having a discussion with her.”

“That girl is a nuisance,” Jide replied, drawing Martha closer.

“I’m beginning to suspect the two of you,” Martha said and turned her back to him. “I caught you making faces at each other at the rehearsal today.”

“Look Martha,” Jide said, turning her to face him. “I can’t stoop so low, as to have anything to do with that girl. She’s lousy, she’s uncultured, and she’s not even beautiful. You know you are my one and only. Although, you are not treating me well. I’m a virile young man with flesh and blood, and your continuous insistence on no sx before marriage is demoralizing.”


“You shouldn’t expect me not to have it with other girls. Body no be wood. But, Kike is below my standard, and I cannot have anything to do with her.”

“If you say so,” Martha replied.

“On a serious note Martha, this no sx thing is killing me.” Jide lamented.

“How? Our agreement at the start of this relationship was that, we would save physical sx till our wedding night. But, I do everything to satisfy you. We kss, smooch, rub, and we do it from the back. We also engage in phone sx, and you have my nvdes, what else do you want? I even…”

“Even what? Say it! Jide prompted, raising up her chin. “Are you shy to say it?”

“Must I say everything?” Martha replied leaning against a wall.

“Don’t think I’m not appreciative of all we do together,” Jide said. “The little you show me now, gives me the confidence that you will be good in the other room. You know, I have this notion that God made your mouth to give utmost satisfaction. No one would believe the mouth you use to sing and inspire people at church, is the same mouth you use to give me joy at the right place. Honestly, you are good at what you do.”

“I don’t like it,” Martha objected, rising to her full height. “That is touching and far below the belt. When I hear you talk at times, I remember touts at the park. Must you say everything? No one that hears you making such reckless utterance, would believe you have ever heard of the name Christ, talkless of being a Christian.”

“You may say whatever you want to say about me Martha,” Jide replied. The truth is that my Christian is different from my societal life. My activities in the church, cannot stop me from enjoying Life. I’m a young man, who does not want to grow up regretting not living his life to the fullest.”

“And you are free to live your life to the fullest,” Martha said sarcastically. No one would ask you for the proof of your virginity, when you get married. The woman is always at the receiving end. You know what? I’m under obligation, that my hubby must present a blood stained cloth as a proof of my chastity to my parents, after my first wedding night. I’m obliged to keep myself, so that I would boldly say to the pastor during the wedding counselling, that I am a virgin. So, be satisfied with what you get, but don’t ask me for sex again. Know that I would do all that is needed to be done, in order to keep a man; that wouldn’t do the actual thing until the D-day. Good night.”

© Bosede Fagbemi

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