SPOILT AT CHURCH: Chapter 11 – The End


Bosede Fagbemi


Mrs. Johnson spent weeks brooding over the issue, and came up with different reasons to justify herself on why the Pastor, musn’t know of what happened to her daughter.

How will I tell him? She asked. What would happen to the new position as the coordinator of the virgins’ club.

To Mrs. Johnson, honour and position meant everything, and she would do anything to gain and retain respect.

The issue almost led to a fight between her and her husband, who for once was bent on asserting his authority as the Head of the household. He insisted on doing what is right, no matter the consequence. But even he, had to bow to pressure after unrelentless fire from his wife.

On a fateful evening, Mrs. Johnson invited Mrs. Williams and her son Jide, to the house. It was to be a closed door meeting between the four, without the knowledge of the fathers.

There, she revealed what happened to Kike to the two. Before then, she had claimed Kike had a severe case of malaria and typhoid fever.

Looking at Jide in the eye, she said, “You can’t deny you did this one.”

Jide dropped his head dejectedly.

“Why are you defiling our girls?” she asked.

“Girl you mean?” he said.

“Girls,” she repeated. “You know what I mean. Why are you allowing the devil to use you?”

“I’m sorry ma,” he pleaded.

“Sorry my foot. Look, this will be the last time you will try this. My daughter almost died from the drug you gave her to induce ab©rtion.”

“Jesus!” Mrs. Williams shouted.

“She told me all that I needed to know,” Mrs. Johnson continued.

“Ore, sorry,” Mrs. Williams pleaded on her knees. Why did you have to go to that extent Jide?” she asked.

“The issue is this,” Mrs. Johnson stated. “Because my daughter was defiled, Jide should know that he has gotten himself a future wife. With the ab©rtion, we don’t know the state of things in Kike’s body system. Though the doctor gave assurance that there will be no problem, but who knows what might crop up in the future?”

“No evil will happen in Jesus name,” Mrs. Williams prayed.

“Amen! But I insist that he has gotten himself a wife. They have to get married in the future. At least, my daughter wouldn’t have to give a long explanations on how she was broken, to another man.”

“I was not the one that disvrgined her,” Jide grumbled.

“Humph?” Mrs. Williams signed, surprised.

“Yes! She was very exposed before we met. I’m not under any obligation to marry anybody. I will marry whosoever I want at the right time.”

Kike, who had all along sat like a dummy, seeming unconcerned with all that was going on around her, looked up at Jide sorrowfully.

“Jide!” She called, “Your promise was that you will marry me, that was why I had been giving my body to you all this while. Why are you saying this?”

Kike looked pitiful, pathetic and disheveled, with the ordeal she had undergone showing on her emanciated body.

“What’s even the certainty, that I was responsible for your pregnancy?” Jide asked. “I’m not under obligation to marry anybody,” he repeated. “I will marry whosoever I want at the right time.”

“And you will rot in jail,” Mrs. Johnson threatened. “If you don’t behave, the Pastor will get to know that indeed, you raped Martha. My daughter confessed to me that it was true she visited you, and met Martha at the gate to your house, on the day you raped her. All I need is just to expose your evil deeds to the Pastor.”

“I’m ready to own up,” Jide responded, and stood up. “I have not been at peace, since the day Martha was punished. I will own up and take responsibility for the pre.gnancy. Martha is a more decent girl, and I was her first man.”

“Go ahead,” Mrs. Johnson said, and pointed to her friend. “Your son will rot in jail. You think Professor Aboderin would take it lightly with you? After the humiliation that you put his family through. I will tell you if you don’t know. The penalty for rapists as it is, is up to 14 years jail term. So you better sit down, and hear me out.”

Jide sat back terrified, looking towards his mother for help. She was equally terrified, and pacified Mrs. Johnson on her knees.
“Ore, we are sorry,” she said. “We will do whatever you want.”

“Fine,” Mrs. Johnson responded. “The two of them must get married at a set time. You know Kike is my only daughter. Don’t you think I also want to be called by the Pastor the morning after their wedding? To tell me that my daughter’s husband called to say he met her at home. This union will guarantee that, since your son will not dream of eating excreta. He should never think of backing out because as my people would say, a pounded yam of twenty years, can still be hot on one’s palm. Don’t you like the way the pastor’s wife used to praise mothers whose daughters were found chaste. I also want that honor.”

“But what of my grandchild in Martha’s womb?” Mrs. Williams asked. “Now that we know that Jide had his way with her. Will it be right to allow her face the consequence alone?”

“You can go to the church and announce that you are now a grandmother, and see how your son will waste away. If Prof. refuses to press charges, I will personally report that Jide also raped my daughter. You better borrow yourself sense.”

The agreed that Jide and Kike, would marry in the nearest future.

And before the Williams left, Mrs. Johnson gave a stern warning to Jide. Pointing at him, she said, “ Go and learn how to control your instrument. Make sure you tie it with rope, wire, cord, anything, until when you will be ready to father another child. Omo iran Kiran.”

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