πŸ’ƒMARRIED TO MR ARROGANT πŸ’… (They are both cr@zy πŸ˜‚) Written by: Authoress Ti Fe πŸ’žπŸ“š SEASON 1 episode 1 πŸ’§ SARAH’S POV πŸ’§ “Bryan! Where is my white shoe?” I yelled angrily at my three year old brother who was playing with his face cap in my room. “I.. I.. The water closet was … Read more

A NIGHT’S MISTAKE: Episode 11-The End

A NIGHT’S MISTAKE Written by: SYLVIA ADAOBI PETER. EPISODE ELEVEN {They are connected….two hearts with a great bond πŸ’πŸ’} πŸ’RYANπŸ’ I swung around, amazed. “I didn’t do it! He was tryna….” “Shut up and put your hands up! Don’t waste our time boy!” One of the four police men said, pointing a pistol at me. … Read more

A NIGHT’S MISTAKE: Episode 1-10

A NIGHT’S MISTAKE ©️ Authoress Adaobi 〰️ β™ οΈπŸ’–SYNOPSISβ™ οΈπŸ’– Darla’s eyes squeezed shut as the ruthless CEO squeezed her bvm roughly ready for a hit. “You’re so beautiful secretary…I wanna see what you’ve got down there! ” Darla knew she shouldn’t be doing this but she badly needed the job. After going through the interview at … Read more

TO LIVE FOREVER-By Tamara Blair: Episode 41-The End

πŸ’— To Live Forever πŸ’— πŸ“˜ Chapter 41πŸ“˜ Written by: Tamara Blair πŸ’– Claribel’s P.o.vπŸ’– “ are Hailey?” I asked and she nodded. I thought Hailey lives in England,why did she come here? “You mustbe wondering why i came here and how. Well, Adrian over here came over to England to look for me” “He … Read more

DIAMONDS -By Faith Lucky: Episode 1-10

πŸ’«THE DIΓƒMΓ”NDSπŸ’Ž Prologue: By: Faith Lucky. The diamonds? Who are the Diamonds? And where do you belong? The White diamonds? Or the Black Diamonds? Okay…a little introduction. The diamonds are a unique set of people in the country discovered to have special powers. Once their powers are discovered, they’re taken to the special school – … Read more

TO LIVE FOREVER: Episode 31-40

πŸ’— To Live Forever πŸ’— πŸ“˜ Chapter 31πŸ“˜ Written by: Tamara Blair πŸ’– Claribel’s P.o.vπŸ’– “So what did he say?” Shannon asked after i told her Adrian came to me today. She was driving to my house after school. “Nothing,well,he wanted to say something then he saw the bruise on my elbow, the one from … Read more