•Love Happens• . Written by Authoress Kamara . Season 2 . Episode 1 . ~Ashley~ Xander shuts me off a kss. I hastily held his head when i noticed he was about to pull away after slightly planting his lips on mine. I locked his lips on mine and kssed him passionately especially his lower … Read more

LOVE HAPPENS: Episode 31-40

Love Happens Episode 31 ~Sophie~ Just one hour left to go home I had my cute yellow cheerleader dress on with a white canvas. That was what others wore as well .. Including my best friend Samantha Greene. We were practising new steps but i got tired. “We have to end it here for today … Read more

LOVE HAPPENS: Episode 21-30

Love Happens Authoress Kamara Episode 21 ~~Xander~~ I went upstairs searching for Ashley but i couldn’t find her. I stopped to take a deep breath but i heard voices and turned back. Miguel. I waited till they passed by making sure i hid my face. I followed the stairs they were coming from. I got … Read more

LOVE HAPPENS: Episode 11-20

Love Happens Episode 11 ~~Ashley~~ “Is there something going on between you and Kathryn?”. “Why would you say that?”. He said frowning. “Don’t deny it, i saw the way–“. “Dude”. André said interrupting me. “What”. I snapped at him. “Need to borrow Axel, sweetheart”. He said tugging Axel’s arm. Axel came to me. “Need to … Read more

LOVE HAPPENS: Episode 1 – 10

Love Happens Ese Eruemu Writes Episode 1 Ashley’s POV “Ash, you going in or what?”. Adrian asks breaking into my thoughts. I shoved him and he laughed going into the building with me behind. Then i heard someone yell my name from afar. “Ashley!!”. She squealed hugging me tightly. Its my best friend Jessamyn. “I … Read more


?SHE’S C®AZY BUT SHE’S MINE ? Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia SYNOPSIS… ?? Alberto would never have dreamt of ending up with a total clown! ? He would have dreamt being tied down with a clown at twenty eight!? Alberto wanted to live to the fullest and enjoy the admirations from girls. Not being tied down … Read more

HAUNTED : Episode 1 – The End

? HAUNTED? Episode 1 By: Feathers Nathan’s Pov: I sang along with the song playing from my headphones which was driving me cr@zy. “Oh….yeah, yeah,yeah. “You’ve got the pum pum pum “You’re just the perfect ride….” I had no idea mum had been calling my name for long. I finally got to know when she … Read more