GENTLE TIGER: Episode 1-10

💕🐯 Gentle Tiger 🐯 💞 Written by Uche Lawrence 💋 Prologue Ara is just a seventeen year old girl, she’s gentle but keep stepping on her toes. She become a tiger. Her parents are the richest family in the whole south Korea. But she didn’t let that get into her head. Everyone hardly recognize her … Read more

THE PRINCE AND I : Episode 1 – 10

👑💍THE PRINCE AND I👑💍 ★(He saved me…now I have to marry him)★ *(An Egyptian r0mance series)* ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Synopsis📜 ••••••••••••••••• She is a traveler. An Explorer. A cr@zy tourist. She is Madison Casteli. Let’s take a sneak peek, shall we?… . . . . Madison loves to travel.. Europe,Afghanistan,Africa,name it and she’s been there… She decides … Read more


The Trillionaire’s Surrogate. 😍 Written By Feathers Chapter 1😻 Jason’s POV “I’m pregn@nt for you sir.” Her silly voice came through. About few minutes ago, I was inside resting and watching a movie when I got informed that a woman is at the entrance of my house insisting that she must see me. I chuckled … Read more


CELEBRITY 🎤😎 FAVOURITISM 🎸👫 . BY RUTHIE LEE 🌸🌸 . EPISODE 31 “Okay, that’s strange, I’m always the hug-ger not you” Erick said, I know he’s way surprised by my hug. “there’s nothing strange about me hugging you” I said shyly as I let go of him and walked inside my room and he followed … Read more