THE BILLIONAIRE SON’S FAVORITE SEASON 2 (American Story): Episode 11 to The End

The Billionaire Son’s Favourite (American Story) Written By Author Fehimuan🍔 Episode 11 Davis’s POV “Don’t worried Nuella, I’ll make sure I bring Jeanne to justice”. I said but her face still looked worried. “Jeanne is not someone to trust, she might end up doing something to you” Nuellas said. “And that’s exactly what, i want … Read more

THE BILLIONAIRE SON’S FAVORITE (American Story): Episode 1 to 10

Billionaire Son’s Favourite (American Story) By Author Fehimuan Prologue Who is that proud man? Ohh… Raymond Micoff, CEO of the Coffs international company. He has been in several relationships even to the extent of having a child, Little Davis… He can’t take care of Davis alone, he needs a woman to help him… Davis’s Mother … Read more