THE ASHAS: Chapter 1 – 10

THE ASHAS: Chapter 1 – 10

Written By Simplicity God’s Will Ikielu


Meet Masha, the eldest of the triplets; always trying to make the family Happy and together.. she’s a nerd, a bookworm and will make a great inventor one day.

Meet Tasha, the middle, i.e, the second child, she always think about herself, she’s the prettiest but behaves in a strange way, call her the queen of manipulation cos she’s good at drama, she loves to always be alone or with her best friends.

THE ASHAS: Chapter 1 - 10.

Meet Sasha, the last of the triplets, she’s always reserved and kept things to herself, although, she and Masha aren’t on talking terms but they aren’t quarrelling either, everyone just maintained their own lane, she doesn’t have any friend.


What will happen when one of the triplets was killed? Who among the three was killed?

Who killed her? Was it one of them? Was it a friend? Or do they have an hidden enemy??

Will the other two sisters cooperate to find the killer? Or will the killer try to kill the other (s)?….

Please, who is ready to go with me into this little adventure??

And mind you, don’t grab your popcorn or ice cream cos, it isn’t a nice ride, cos a lot of suspect will pop up, and you will forget your popcorn while your ice cream will melt away 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Although, it’s a short one, I hope that you guys will like it and continue to sail with me…
Much love I gat for you all. 💜💖💗💚.

What about their father?

Simplicity Go-win cares for you all.

THE ASHAS: Chapter 1 – 10


THE ASHAS: Chapter 1 – 10

Written By Simplicity God’s Will Ikielu


Introduction to the tragedy.

My name is Sasha Flores, I’m a triplets, well, my father was late and my mother’s name is Suzanne Flores, I and my two other sisters like to call ourselves the Ashas.

Something happened yesterday, my sister Masha was found dead in the school near the play ground.

And she was buried today, I felt devastated, it just happened out of nowhere, and I cried for two days, I didn’t even leave my room.

Then a thought cross my mind, why don’t I find the killer and make them pay?

With that thought in mind, I left my bed, took a shower and moved to Masha’s room hoping to find a lead on the case.

And on my way, I met Tasha laughing with her best friend Lisa. Were they laughing at me? Nope, they haven’t seen me yet and I have no intention of talking to them.

Just then, I mistakenly drop my phone, Tasha saw me and ran up to me. Sasha, how do you feel now? She asked in a worried tone.

I’m fine, I answered with a lot of anger in my voice, though I tried to suppress my anger but I can’t so I burst out on her and said.

How could you be laughing at a time like this?

When we lost our sister, our third, our missing piece and now you are here laughing happily.

I can barely realized that you are grieving, or are you even grieving?

Did Masha not mean anything to you at all? I yelled at her.

Tasha look at me with such doubtful eyes, I think she didn’t expect that outburst from me, but neither did I.

Sasha, it was just something funny from the TV, and besides, you shouldn’t let the past weigh you down… Think about the future and don’t ruin it, she said to me calmly… I felt guilty for yelling at her.

Although they weren’t close but they were still sisters and deep down, I know that we all care about one another.

Just then, mom came in grab my attention, she was just coming from the supermarket and was struggling to drag the groceries, so I went to help her, and while I was doing that, my phone vibrate with a text from an unknown number. The text read

Hey Masha where are you? What, are they trying to mock me or what? .

THE ASHAS: Chapter 1 – 10

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