THE BILLIONAIRE SON’S FAVORITE (American Story): Episode 1 to 10

Billionaire Son’s Favourite
(American Story)

By Author Fehimuan


Who is that proud man?
Ohh… Raymond Micoff, CEO of the Coffs international company.

He has been in several relationships even to the extent of having a child, Little Davis…

He can’t take care of Davis alone, he needs a woman to help him…

Davis’s Mother Jeanne Micoff had run off with another man after giving birth to little Davis and due to this, Raymond hates women and treat them like trash…

He feels they’re all the same till he meet that lady…
Who’s she?
That humble jerk!…

She’s Nuella Bella, the only daughter of her parents and she won’t let her heart get broken after numerous heartbreaks…

She’s also poor since she got sacked from a company…. She decides to look for a job and bumped into Mr Raymond’s wealthy mansion…

She’s his son’s favourite, it doesn’t mean he would love her…

He’s her boss, doesn’t mean she should give him all the respect when he’s wrong..

Two opposite behavior contrast…

She tries to cope in his house but a man who doesn’t like women is aggressive…

Will she love him?
And even if she does… What will happen?

Find out in this intriguing story by Author Fehimuan


THE BILLIONAIRE SON'S FAVORITE (American Story): Episode 1 to 10.
American woman

The Billionsaire Son’s Favourite

By Author Fehimuan

Episode 1

Raymond’s POV
I quickly slammed my laptop… Dmn it, I had wasted time, Davis would be stranded, fk, I needed a nanny or just an old lady to take care of Davis… I can’t be inconveniencing myself..

I took the files and put them back in the cabinet with a sigh.

“What’s actually wrong with me?”. I asked myself as I looked at myself in the mirror… I was more handsome than this, have I been slacking since Jeanne left me after giving birth to Davis, that evil wife of mine..

I went out of the office slamming the door behind me with a thud.. “Alice, don’t forget to send the files to the head office”. I said and she nodded as I went to the parking lot to take my car.. I noticed someone watching me, like he/she was stalking me but did it matter.

I got into the car and drove off to Davis school, he was sad when I got there and as a single father, I tried to apologise in any way I could… He was just four years, could he possibly know what I was going through…
Just a little kid
Abandoned by his evil mother
Just a little kid
When brought into this evil world.
“Ok, I’ll get you Oreos when I’m less busy tomorrow”. I said.
“You said Mom would come for me and I’m tired of waiting for her, I need to know how she’s doing”. He said.
He’s demanding for an evil woman. How could he realize that?

“Let’s get into the car”. I ordered and he stood like he didn’t hear me.
“Get into the car”. I screamed back at him and he entered the car frightened.
“Now, I don’t want you to ever talk about your mother, she’s irresponsible”. I said and he shook his head.
“When I see my classmates with their parents, I get jealous, their mom gets expensive things for them and I know my mom would do the same if she was here”. He said and I started the car engine…

“I’ll get you a nanny”. I said and he blinked surprised.
“What?”. He asked.
“Someone to take care of you”. I added to make it simpler but I knew he understood what I meant by nanny
“I need my mother”. He cried out .

I got offended.
“If you don’t keep quiet, I’ll shove my hand into your stomach”. I said and he chuckled.
“You’re driving, you can’t do that”. He said and I laughed too…

It was a nice drive and we finally arrived home, the gates automatically opened when my car flashed it’s light on them…

Davis got out of the car with his lunch pack after I had Parked the car and he ran into the house… The house was lonely, that place when I had built with Jeanne… I only promised him a maid, I didn’t know where I’ll get a maid.
End of Raymond’s POV

Nuella’s POV
“Momma, I don’t like the way you treat me in this house, it’s not fair”. I said.

“What isn’t fair, if you had a job, we would treat you better”. She replied.
“Is it my fault I wasn’t educated, did you take me to school, the English I’m managing to say is just as a result of the conversation I have with people”. I replied

“Shut up”. Dad screamed at me
“And that’s what he tells me to do?… Shut up”. I muttered. “Do you ever realize I’m a sad person, even a boyfriend I don’t have yet I’m beautiful”. I replied.

“How does that concern me?”. Mom asked.
“I’m fed up of all of you, you can’t appreciate what I do”. I replied.
“How I starve myself to make sure you guys eat, is it my fault we’re poor?”. I asked leaning on the wall.
“Before we gave birth to you, we were doing absolutely fine, you brought bad luck into out lives”. Dad said.

“And I’m sorry to tell you that we’re disowning you”. Mom said and my heart beat.
“Disowning me?”. I asked terrified and she nodded.. her expression was blank, no tears… So it was simple to just disown a child with no remorse?
“I’ll get going, I’ll leave your house”. I said with a sad expression trying to hold back the tears steaming up in my eyes… I ran to my room and locked the door from inside, I began crying… Should I really end it all?.. should I commit suicide?.. was the world quite evil?… Some parents are looking for children yet some are disowning theirs…

I packed my clothes into my bag and hanged it around my neck.. I was still a young lady and I’ll make money and make all of them beg me.

I reached downstairs and avoided their gaze..
“We’re sorry”. Mom simply said.
“Sorry indeed”. I muttered and left the house angrily taking a bike.

“I don’t know where to sleep, it’s better I look for a house”.
The bike developed fault and stopped working in front of a huge and wealthy house… I came down of the bike.
“I’m not sure if uh the bike would be able to carry both of us”. The bike man said and I smiled.
“It’s fine” I replied.
“My money”. He said.
“What money?, Did you carry me to my destination”. I asked the idiot who frowned and left sad.
“My money?, Can you just imagine, lazy youths of America”. I muttered and knocked evily on the gate that my hands hurt.
End of Nuella’s POV

Raymond’s POV
Who’s the person knocking on the gate?
“Dad, what’s that?”. Davis asked.

“Probably some mad woman”. I replied and went downstairs as Davis followed me towards the gate…

I heard a feminine voice..
“Hello, anyone here?”. She asked.

I opened the gate to see a young and beautiful lady looking at me.

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