THE BILLIONAIRE SON’S FAVORITE (American Story): Episode 1 to 10

The Billionaire Son’s Favourite
(American Story)

Written By Author Fehimuan🍔

Episode 7

Nuella’s POV
“Your maid is owing me money and she’s yet to pay, she’s a thief”. Sandra said and Davis shot her an evil stare.
“If you open your mouth and say a word about my mother again, I’ll have you arrested”. Davis said and Raymond gasped.
I couldn’t believe it..
He didn’t just stand for me… He called me his mother

Raymond’s POV

I slapped Davis hard on the face and sent him inside.
I took some money from my pocket without counting it and gave it to the woman and entered the house.

Davis was sitting on the sofa with muffled tears and I felt bad but how could he say I should marry that maid.
“Davis, I’m sorry”. I said and sat beside him.
“And I’m also sorry, I embarrassed you”. He apologized and I hugged him.
“I love you Davis and why I’m taking my time not to remarry is because I don’t want to make the same mistake that drove your mother away from me”. I said and he nodded.
“Yes Dad”. He replied
“I believe you’re brilliant, you should understand”. I said.
“Yes Dad”
“But next time, don’t let it repeat itself, don’t try to join I and Nuella together and don’t call her your mother, she can never be”. I said and he nodded with tears.
End of Raymond’s POV

Nuella’s POV
As I tried to lock the gate, someone push the gate wild and entered. I turned and found leo..
“Hi”. I said
“Hey”. Leo said.
“Are you here to see Mr Raymond?”. I asked and he shook his head negatively.
I blinked.
“I’m here to see you”. He said.
I blinked again.
“See me, well, I’m not into guys”. I said and he frowned.
“I don’t understand”. He said.
What was this idiot taking me for?
“Well, I don’t feel the same way for you”. I replied.
“Please, love me back”.
“Is it by force?”. I nearly asked screaming.
“But I love you”. He said.
“Please leave before Mr Raymond comes out and suspect us”. I said and he slowly entered his car and drove us.

“Fool”. I muttered.
As I headed to the parlor, I didn’t find anyone in the parlor and as I was about going to the kitchen, I bumped into Mr Raymond and I slipped… He held my waist and we were in an eye lock for over 10 seconds until Davis sneezed.
Raymond removed his hand immediately and I fell down and injured my leg…
“Oooouchh”. I muttered.
“Next time, be careful of your environment”. He said and left while Davis rushed to me with a first aid box…

He took a cotton wool and applied alcohol to the wound.. I had a small cut… He took the bandage and placed it on the wound to prevent it from germs.

“Davis, what do you want to be when you grow up?”. I asked and he smiled.
“An humble doctor”. He replied and I looked at him surprised.
“I don’t understand” I said.
“I don’t want to be proud like my father, I want to help poor people in the society”. He said and I smiled and hugged him tightly.
“I love you Davis”. I said.
“I love you too Mom”. He said and I faced him.
“Your dad is going to be angry if he learns you calling me mom”. I said and he smiled.
“I don’t owe him an explanation”. Davis blurted and that made me suspect him. He was just extremely brilliant…
“What position do you take in School?”. I asked.
“First position always, dad’s proud of me”. He said and I smiled.
I wish you were son Davis…. I muttered in my heart deeply meaning what I said.

Raymond’s POV
I switched on my phone and saw messages from leo..
“You switched off your phone… Please call me if you switch it on”. The message read.
I dialed his number…
The phone rang for a long time and he finally picked.
“Hello”. I said.
“Hi Raymond”. He said.
“It seems what you want to tell me is urgent”. I said and he sighed over the phone.
“I had a terrible dream”. He said.
“And what does that have to do with me?”. I asked rudely…
“I saw you in my dream, you were crying tears of blood”. He said and I sat up concerned.
“You’re making me scared”. I said and he sighed again.
“It was because of Nuella”. He said.
“What?”. I asked.
“She eloped with Davis and he followed her”. He said.
“It can’t be me you saw”. I said.
“It’s you”. He said.
“Davis would never elope with a stranger”. I said.

“That stranger is no longer a stranger… Nuella has the key to your son’s heart, if she wants to elope with him, she will”. He said.
“What do you suggest I do?”. I asked.
“Sack her”. He replied
End of Raymond’s POV

Davis’s POV
“Nuella, I’ve been getting a bad feeling since yesterday, I didn’t want to tell you”. I said and he looked worried.
“Tell me, what happened?”. She asked.
“I just have this bad feeling that something bad is going to happen”. I said and she blinked….

End of Davis’s POV

To be continued
My favourite character is Davis and Nuella… If Raymond becomes humble… I’ll add him to my best character list.

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