THE BILLIONAIRE SON’S FAVORITE (American Story): Episode 11 to 20

The Billionaire Son’s Favourite
(American Story)

Author Fehimuan

Episode 15

Davis’s POV
I ran into my room and locked the door from inside… “A result of one night stand”. I muttered and chuckled… Then my laughter slowly turned into tears as I brought out my diary…

“Hey diary, you know what
Life isn’t a bed of roses like we think
Sometimes we get valued
Sometimes we aren’t even valued
And today i found out something….”
I stopped and began to cry again.

“I found out that I was a result of a one night stand
I really love my dad
But I hope he loves me back
And also love Nuella”.
I heard a knock on the door and quickly threw my diary and I sat on the bed.
“It’s me Nuella”. She said and I went to open the door for her as she entered and found me crying.

“You shouldn’t be crying because of what your dad said, he was just talking out of anger”. She said and I smiled
“Yes and that anger made him say things he’s not supposed to say, It’s like I’m worthless, it’s like I’m not even valued at all”. I replied as she held me close to her chest.

“I understand your pain and I wish I could help you solve it”. She said and I cried freely… She let me cry and I was happy, i was happy to be in her arms, I was happy…

“Thanks Nuella”. I replied.
“So do you forgive your dad now?”. She asked and I nodded.
“You should go and apologize to Granny for making Raymond know she’s lying”. She said and I shook my head.
“No, I’m not, she actually lied”. I protested but it was useless… Nuella’s smile sent me willing to do anything for her.

“Ok, I’ll do so”. I replied and went out of the room.
I turned back to look at Nuella… She had such a kind heart.. she’s was a unique fellow, I hope my dad sees her on time before another man does.
End of Davis’s POV

Nuella’s POV
I stood up and walked to my room with an heavy heart.. Raymond was turning my life upside down… He was tampering with my future, he was treating me like a trash… Is that how a responsible man supposed to behave? Well, I’m not even a man, how should I know?

And Davis! A result of just one night… Wasn’t he supposed to keep Davis from finding out? Some parents are just something else.. I shouldn’t blame him, my very own parents disowned me because of something not worth it.

But I’m tired of staying with Raymond, I’m losing my patience but what could I do? I have no where to go or run to… No friends… No family.
End of Nuella’s POV

Davis’s POV
Granny was watching a film when I approached her, she wasn’t even smiling..
“Granny”. I called out but she kept mute.

“I’m sorry for saying that”. I said and she looked at me and looked at the TV again…
“I shouldn’t have told dad you were lying, I know I was disrespectful”. I added and she smiled

She slowly looked at me and beckoned for me to come and I went to meet her.
“You’re forgiven”. She said and kssed me on the cheek.
“Thanks”. I replied.
“So you do like Nuella?”. She asked and I nodded.
“Do you think they’re meant for each other?”. She asked.
“Yes Granny”. I replied and she smiled.
“How’s your dad towards you since I’ve been away”. She asked.

“He’s always busy with work so he doesn’t have time for me”. I told her with a frown.
“Well, I’m here for you dearie, guess what we’ll do tomorrow”. She said giggling.
“Games”. I guessed.
“No” She shook her head with a frown.
“I’m not really good at guessing, uhh you’ll take me somewhere”. I said and she smiled.

“We’re going to have fun tomorrow, I’m taking you to my fun house”. She said and I almost screamed.
“Oh my God, I’ve heard of ‘Sarah’s FunHouse’ before but dad’s never taken me there”. I said and she smiled.
“Well, I’m taking you there tomorrow, we’ll leave Raymond and Nuella at home”. She said and I nodded.
“Yippee”. I screamed.

In the night…
Raymond’s POV
I heard a knock on the door….
“Who’s disturbing me?”. I asked as I wore my boxers and went towards the door.

I opened the door and Nuella pushed me and also entered inside as she jammed the door.
“What’s the meaning of all this?”. I asked angrily.
“Well, your mother said I should sleep in your room with you”. She said and my eyes popped out.
End of Raymond’s POV

Nuella’s POV

“Have you forgotten I’m your boss?”. He said and i frowned.
“Well, go back to your room”. He added and I opened the door.
“How about I go upstairs and tell your mom that I’m just a maid here”. I said and turned to go but he dragged me inside and we both fell on the floor lips inches from each other… Just a kss from those strawberry lips
He quickly pushed me and stood up… He closed the door and said angrily…

“I’ll sleep on the bed and you’ll sleep on the floor”. He said and I smiled.
“I need a phone”. I told him and he got angry.
“For what?”. He asked still angry…
“In case your mom asks to see my phone, I don’t know what to tell her”. I said and he nodded.

“Well, I’ll get an iPhone for you”. He replied and I smiled.
“Then I guess we have no problem”. I replied and laid on the floor as he turned off the light…

This was my plan, I couldn’t find myself suffering and being ordered around… I’ll collect money and things from you until I become dependent and leave your house…
I smiled..
End of Nuella’s POV

Davis’s POV
“Oh Lord, as I sleep
Grant me the grace to wake up in the morning,
Grant me that grace Oh Lord
Oh Lord
For those who have no food to eat
Father, give them something to eat…
And reward the humble and meek
For in Jesus name I have prayed”.


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