By Authoress Blessed

Episode 21

Seo Jun Pov
“are you hurt? That you like her but she doesn’t like you? Are you hurt that she likes me only?” Dave asked.

“how about I show you that she does not like you anymore” Sun Da replied and in a brief moment, Sun Da had me in his arms holding me closely to himself holding my waist.

I gulped as I stared at his lips, they looked pinkish and small, they looked like they were meant for me.
Sun Da pecked my cheek and Dave laughed like he was a Iunatic.


“what does a peck mean? Does a peck signify that she likes you?” Dave laughed hysterically gathering more than enough attention.

I gulped softly, I was about to take a very absurd and stupid step.
I stood on my toes dragged Sun Da down to my height and crashed my lips on his.
I felt his body stiffen before he calmed down gradually. I hate to admit the fact that I loved the moment, it was so amazing.

I could feel sparks fly in me and my knees melting away as Sun Da pulled me more closer now responding to the kss.


Dave pov.
No, this can’t be happening. She doesn’t like him, Seo Jun can’t like him but why is she kissing him then?

“oh my! So hot!”

“I wish I was the one”


“I am jealous right now” I heard various comments and I ran out of the locker room.

Sun Da’s Pov
This is what a kss feels like it feels so good, the heart racing, the butterflies, that unique taste. I want this to happen over and over again.

She broke the kss and diverted her gaze to the floor. There were so many people watching and some were even capturing the moment.

I held her hands and dragged her to the rooftop.

“why did you kss me?” I asked.

“cause…..cause….. ”

“cause you like me?” I asked

“of course not, I did that to make Dave let me be” she replied.

“oh I see” I said.

“C’mon, let’s go to class” she said and held my hands.

“jeez! You are burning up!” She gasped.


“we need to get back home right now” she said.

“there’s no…..” she placed her finger on my lips making my lips shiver at her touch.

“no need for argument, you are following me and that’s final” she said like a big sister.

“what are you to me? A big sister?” I asked and she placed her hands on her waist and straightened up.

“yeah consider me your big sister from now on” she said.

“oh my! Big sister is so little. Big sister, I didn’t do the dishes, please don’t hit me” I faked a pitiful face.

“how dare you? You didn’t do the dishes? Big sister is going to hit you” she said and hit me playfully.

“time to go home so Big Sis can take care of little sick brother” she added and we both walked to the car.

She drove home instead and by the time I was home, my head ache had worsened. Seo Jun helped me to my bed and I groaned lowly.

“pain relievers” I requested with my eyes closed.

“where do you keep them?” she asked and I pointed to my drawer.


Seo Jun Pov
After taking the drugs, he slept off and I couldn’t help but admire his good looks. To be frank, he is much more cute than Dave.

I caressed his face gently and brushed the few strands of hair off his face. He turned a bit in his sleep and I quickly stood up.

Get a hold of yourself Seo Jun!!!
I walked out of his room and went to prepare a bowl of soup for him. After a while I was done, I was about going back to Sun Da’s room when I heard a knock.

Who could it possibly be? We don’t usually have any visitors, I opened the door to see….

“Dave?” I called pretty shocked.

“what the he.ll are you doing here?” I asked.

“so this is what you do now? Sleeping with rich guys like Sun Da” he replied instead and I slapped him hard across the face.

“you ba$tardized punk! Don’t you ever try talking about me like that, you know what? I hate you!! I hate you so much!!” I yelled.

“you slapped me?” he asked.

“how dare you ? You Bch!” he cursed and raised his hands to hit me.

“one finger, just one finger on her and you are dead” it was Sun Da’s voice.
He was the only always helping me from Dave now. I smiled broadly but my smile disappeared when Dave approached Sun Da.

I am not sure Sun Da can fight and even if he can, he is sick right now.

“you weak ba$tard!” Dave muttered and punched Sun Da in the face making Sun Da stagger backwards.

“hitting me doesn’t matter” Sun Da replied and Dave made to hit him again but I quickly got into the way and took the hit instead.

It was a very heavy blow and I fell to the floor immediately.

“you ba$tard! I told you not even one of your fingers should touch her!!” Sun Da yelled and punched Dave repeatedly making Dave fall to the floor.

The both of them got involved in a huge fight which Sun Da was winning. I stood up and held Sun Da from throwing more blows to Dave who looked like he was going to faint very soon.

“next time you touch my wife, I am going to kill you ba$tard!” Sun Da spat.

“your…. Your wife?” Dave asked stuttering.


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