By Authoress Blessed

Episode 31

Seo Jun POV
I woke up feeling someone’s hot breath on me. I opened my eyes to see Sun Da still sleeping and holding me tightly to himself.

I giggled and blushed softly. He really is disobedient, isn’t he? What happened to the pillows I placed in between us?

I studied his facial features, this was probably the first time I could observe him so closely.

His dark silky hair was ruffled but it made him look hot nevertheless.
His shut eyes made me notice how long his lashes were… And his pointed nose down straight to those lips.


I giggled and touched his face gently.

“I am really lucky to have married you” I mumbled.

” Just realizing that?” His voice jerked me back to life and I rolled away from him quickly.

“G… Good morning” I stuttered standing upright.

” How was your night?” He asked.

“Awesome” I replied.

” Had a good time admiring your cute husband?” He asked.

” Yes…. I mean no, what cute husband?” I said and gave myself a mental slap.

How could I tell him I had a good time admiring him?
He chuckled and walked over to me while I mumbled to myself, scolding my stupid mouth for not being able to control itself.

“You’re so cute” he smiled at me and ruffled my hair.

“I… I… I am so cute?” I asked him, stuttering and he nodded.

I am so cute? That’s the first time I am hearing him give out such compliments.

“Good morning darlings” I heard a pretty familiar voice.


Sun Da’s POV
“Expecting someone?” Seo Jun asked.

“Of course not” I replied.

We both walked out of the room and my eyes widened on seeing mum.

“Mum?” I called in surprise.

“Surprise visit!” Mum grinned and Seo Jun came out from behind me.

Thank goodness she slept over in my room last night if not how would I explain it to mum that we, a married couple sleep in two different rooms.

“Mother, good morning” Seo Jun greeted and rushed down the stairs to meet mum.

“Good morning mum” I greeted walking down the stairs.

“I am so confident that I am going to get my grandchildren very soon seeing the both of you sleeping in a room” mum said and I coughed nervously while Seo Jun fiddled with her fingers.

“Mum, we are taking things quite slow. We are still in school, remember?” I said and held Seo Jun’s hands.

” What are you taking slowly? Seo Jun, if you are using any pills, stop using them. Don’t worry, you both would soon be out of highschool anyways. Give me that cute grandchild, don’t worry I would take care of the child if you decide to go to college quickly” mum said.

” Mum!” I called.

” What? I bet you are the one who doesn’t want me to have my grandchildren yet, right?” Mum asked and Seo Jun nodded.

” Yes mother, he is always saying we need to focus on our dreams. Each time I tell him we have to focus on our family too, he takes offense” Seo Jun replied and I stared at her with widened eyes.

“I hate you Seo Jun, I knew you would tell me the truth and that’s why I have always hated you” mum said and I almost laughed out, remembering the lie that Seo Jun told the other day.

“I hate you too mother” Seo Jun replied and I couldn’t hold back smiles.

“See, he is still smiling! You find this funny? Kim Sun Da, I give you two months, I want to see a positive pregnancy result in front of me” mum said.

” Seriously?” I asked and she nodded.

“Seriously” mum replied.

Trouble! Trouble! Am I really going to have to…..

“Seo Jun, don’t worry at all. If you can’t get pregnant in two months, it’s okay but it must not be because of him, don’t hold back my grandchildren because of Sun Da but if my grandchildren want to stay back themselves, I can wait” mum said to Seo Jun whose face was red and flustered.

“I… I think your grandchildren would want to stay back a bit longer” I said to mum.

” Don’t worry mother, your grandchildren might want to come really quick” Seo Jun said, her hands squeezing mine tightly.

I could sense that she was totally nervous.

“Mum, just a minute. Let I and Seo Jun go and get your breakfast ready” I said to mum and dragged Seo Jun to the kitchen with me.

At least that would relieve her from the nervousness.

“Phew!” She breathed out.

“Sun Da, you have no idea about how nervous I was. Getting pregnant? At this age? Oh no” she said, breathing heavily and I stood in front of her.

“Why not?” I asked.


“Why can’t you get pregnant at this age?” I asked.

” Sun…Sun Da” she stuttered as I moved closer to her.

I watched her take steps backwards while I also moved closer to her. She hit the kitchen counter and stopped.

“What… What are you doing?” She stuttered.

“Didn’t you say that I was the one delaying the grandchildren?” I asked in a low and se.ductive tone.

” That… That is….” I placed a finger on her lips, shutting her up.

“I’m not going to delay anymore” I said and with that I crashed my lips on hers and quite surprisingly, she responded to it almost immediately.

My hands which were on her waist wandered lower and found her bum in the pyjamas.

I gave it a little squeeze and Seo Jun responded by letting out a

“Sun Da” I heard mum’s voice call and Seo Jun quickly pushed me off but mum had seen us already.

“Oops! Sorry for interrupting” mum apologized.

” You didn’t interrupt anything mother” Seo Jun replied.

” C’mon, go on, go on and give me those grandchildren” mum said and left the kitchen, giggling.

Seo Jun pushed me off and came down from the counter.

“Let… let’s cook” she stuttered.

“Yeah cooking… Let’s cook” I replied and we began cooking in awkward silence but I couldn’t stop smiling.

At this stage, Seo Jun will really give me kids. I chuckled softly.


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