The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

Chapter 10

Before I could blink my eyes, he had kssed me on my cheek.

unexpected kss!

I blushed within, he mustn’t see my cheeks red. My boss… I mean crush just kss me on my cheek.

‘Christabel why are you like this? what if he had kssed you on the lips? God! I would have fainted by now ‘

“Am sorry for not hugging you and also kssing you on your….. “He demonstrated by placing his hand on his cheek.

“it’s okay sir, it normal to hug and kss people” I grinned and I could tell he’s surprised.

Richard’s pov

I was too surprised by what christabel told me.

‘it normal to hug and kss people’ I laugh it off.

I don’t know what came over me to the extent of hugging her and also pecking her on her cheek. I can’t control this feeling.

And I don’t just want to believe am falling in love again, and not just to anyone but christabel .

she’s making me break my promise.

I looked at her smiling face, she’s just too beautiful .

“Sir, why don’t we celebrate this ” she excitedly.

“Oh yeah! of course we can ” she turned around and went to the kitchen.

soon, she came out with two champagne glasses and a wine, she poured it into the two glasses and we both drank.

15 minutes later.

we kept laughing and gisting, and I could say I enjoyed her been around me, I also kept stealing glance at her.

“Am beginning to like you Christabel ” I blurted out.

I quickly covered my mouth with my left hand and glanced at Christabel, she was asleep.

“Thank God ” I muttered.

I walked to her and raised my hand to her face, I touched her cheek then her nose they were soft.

my gaze went down to her lips but I looked away.

“Christabel, go inside now ” I spoke softly, she raised her head up a little.

“No, I want to sleep here richard ” she said with her eyes closed.

‘ she just called my name? that’s so brave of her’

I didn’t want to argue with her, I rolled up my sleeves and bent down to carry her in a bridal style.

I got to her room and placed her on the bed, I covered her with the duvet. I kssed her on the forehead and went out immediately.

‘Richard you are getting too far’

I got to my room, freshen up and jumped on my bed then slept off.


I heard someone screamed, I got up and ran to christabel’s room. I saw her sitting on the bed with her chest raising up and down.

I moved closer to her and sat at the edge of her bed.

” What’s it Christabel? why are you panting so heavily? ” I asked curiously.

“Nothing, it just a night mare ” she said.

“Night mare? I hope you are okay? ”

“Yes, but it just that I can’t sleep alone, I feel so scared ” she said, looking around the room.

I scratched my head. ‘she can’t sleep alone, does that mean am gonna stay with her till tomorrow? ‘

“Christabel, don’t worry am gonna stay here with you huh? don’t be scared ”

“Yes.. yes”

“Now sleep, am with you ” I said softly.

she lay down and I lay too beside her, I put my hand on the bed so she could rest her head on it and soon she slept off.

I looked at her beautiful face, she’s just too cute and I kept staring at it till I slept off

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

Linda’s pov

“Oh spare me out of this, you are just too grumpy ” I said, yelling at derrick.

“Seriously ! so you are telling me that, you gonna go back to that brat? ” derrick replied with anger.

“Yes, I can’t cope with you anymore! just leave my life alone ” I yelled.

I can’t just stand derrick anymore, he had really made me regret leaving richard.

I want richard back and I know he hasn’t got any girlfriend yet and if he does, am gonna kill that bitch who tries to collect him from me.

“Okay go, but just know that jerk you called Richard can’t accept you back ”

“I don’t care, and I know his gonna take me back coz am his first love ” I smirked.

I took my already packed luggage and stormed out of the house.

Derrick dare not stop me.

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

christabel’s pov

I woke up and saw richard beside me sleeping peacefully, I can’t believe he slept here with me all just because I was scared to sleep last night.

The nightmare was about a girl trying to kill me with a gun. it was really the weirdest dream ever.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom, brush my teeth and took my bath. I walked back to my room and couldn’t see Richard .

‘He must have gone to his room ‘

I creamed my body, then wear a comfy dress, I really need to get more clothes.

I walked downstairs and saw richard not dressed yet.

Are we not going to the office today?

“Good morning christabel ” he was smiling.

“Good morning sir ” I replied.

“You must be surprised why am not dressed yet? well it because we are both having a day off ”

I arched my brow.

“A day off? but I just started work yesterday and… ” he always cut me off whenever I tried explaining something.

“Yeah I know, and I was thinking you go shopping with me at least to get some new clothes for yourself now that you are working ” He winked at me.

Seriously! how did he know I was about getting new clothes? and he even winked at me! That’s so sweet of him.

“Okay sir, let me go take my bag upstairs ” I turned to the stairs to go bring my bag.

‘Am going shopping with Richard! ‘

I came downstairs with my pink love emoji bag. He went upstairs to go change into something. soon, we were both ready and I must say we looked like couple this time.

we got to the car, Richard had already opened the gate with it remote, we were about entering when I saw a girl come in. I looked at her properly and I gasped.


‘she’s the girl in my dream! what’s she doing here with her luggage?

I faced richard and I could see him shocked and angry at the same time.

He quickly ran to me and what he said made my jaw dropped.

“Act like my girlfriend christabel” And I stared at him.
The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10



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