The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

Chapter 5

Mrs Williams pov

“Gift get me water in the refrigerator” I said as I continue watching television.

“OK ma”

“Am thinking of going to our son’s house today, darling” I said turning to my husband.

“Oh! well you can but why not make it tomorrow”

“hmm.. okay let me just call him” I replied

I took my phone and dialed his phone number, soon he picked it.

📱”Hello mom”

📱”Hello my son, how are you doing” I answered.

📱”Am doing good mom”

📱”Richy, am calling to inform you that am coming to your house tomorrow ” I smiled after saying that.

📱”What? okay mom, but please mum don’t bring any girl’s picture here coz am not ready ” he answered

oh! so he had noticed me already

📱”okay son, I won’t but… ”

📱”But what mom? ”

📱” Nothing son, don’t worry, expect me tomorrow ” I quickly cut the call.

I sighed, I really want to carry my grandchildren.

“Darling, what’s it?” my husband jerked me out of thought.

“Nothing much, am just thinking about our son” I looked at him.

“Well, it’s nothing to worry about, very soon Richard is going to get married okay? ”

“yeah, very soon, I can’t wait to carry my grandchildren ” i was relieved a little.

” MA, here is the water you asked for” gift said as she placed the water on the table and turned to go.

I drank the water a little and placed my head on my handsome husband’s shoulder.

Richard’s pov

“God! my mom is coming again, I just pray she didn’t bring any girl’s picture or talk to me about marriage” I finished my food and called Christabel to come clear the table.

I stood up, seeing her still make me remember what she did at the market today.

‘she’s really funny and crazy’ I smiled

wait! Did I just smiled now? I can’t believe I actually smiled after two months.

I never smiled since I broke up with my girlfriend, all I do was to yell at them.

I trusted her with my heart and everything I own but she betrayed me by sleeping with that jerk she called her ex-boyfriend, she even have the guts to say she doesn’t love me anymore.

I was heartbroken since then but now am smiling.

I smiled again and didn’t know when I laughed out really hard.

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

christabel’s pov

I was walking through the corridor, when I heard someone laugh, I stopped and noticed it was from my boss’ room.

wait! i hope his not… ‘let me keep my thought.

I placed my ear at the door.

He’s still laughing, I couldn’t hear what he said clearly but all I could heard was”market ”

I gasped.

‘He’s running mad! oh my God! he mustn’t go to the market, he’s gonna run mad without cure’ I ran to the kitchen straight.

I took the rope which the yam seller used to tie the yams we bought at the market and went back to his room.

I opened the door without knocking, I widen my eyes when I saw him in his boxer only.

‘He’s has completely run mad though he still look cute in his madness’.

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