The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

Chapter 8 ❤

“Huh? PA? ” I asked.

“Yes, but don’t worry the salary is lucrative ”

I felt relieved, he handed me my credentials and I took it from his hands our hands met each other and I felt shivers running through my spine.

I quickly collected the papers and walked to the sitting room and met Richard’s mom still watching the TV.

“How was it darling ” she asked smiling.

“It was fine ma, he asked me to be his PA” I bit my lower lip.

“PA? L I think she was surprised.

“Yes ma” she grinned.

‘What for? ‘

“You know what I will like you to do something for me ”

“Like what ma? ” I asked anxiously.

“Not Now, I will tell you tomorrow before I leave ”

“OK ma, I will do anything for you ma ” I smiled

I can’t imagine how happy my parents will be when they hear about this job.

“Really? OK but you will be shocked about it ” she replied.

I hope is not a difficult one.

I stood up and went to my room, I took my phone and dialed my mom’s number.

📱”Hello mom”

📱”Christabel! How are you, we have been expecting your call ” my mom answered.

📱”Am sorry mom, and guess what? ”

📱”What is it? Am not good at guessing ” my mom replied.

📱”OK, have gotten a better job mom as a PA ” I shouted.

📱”Wow! But PA to who and which company? ”

📱”Am the PA to the CEO of Williams cooperation, my boss’ company ”

📱”Wow! That’s very good christabel, so?” I could sense she’s smiling.

📱”So? ” I asked curiously.

📱”Will you be coming home to stay with us or you gonna stay there? ”

That’s really a good question.

📱”Hmm… I was thinking of coming home mom ” That was the truth.

📱”Christabel why don’t you stay there, you know the Williams cooperation is far from our place, so I would think you stay there, and follow your boss to work every morning and when coming back ” mom explained.

‘I think that’s a good point ‘

“That’s good mom, thanks”

“You welcome, I will be rounding off the call, your dad is still sleeping ” my mom said and cut off the call before I could say a word.

‘So I will be staying here again ‘ I looked around the room and smirked.

Mrs Williams pov

I think my plans worked out perfectly, I had know when Richard do come back from work so I had to go into action.

I went into her room and started asking about her family, she showed me her cute childhood photos.

When I saw her picture of when she graduated from secondary school and university.

I was praying for Richard to come home fast but I didn’t know he was already at the door.

I didn’t want her to pretend to my son again, I want Richard to see her as an educated girl.

I smiled when christabel told me she’s gonna be his PA. Being my child PA is really gonna make plans easier.

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

Richard’s pov

Being my PA will only make her close to me, have been trying to explain the kind of feeling am having right now but I couldn’t.

Next morning..

Christabel had dressed in a red short gown that covers her knees a little.

‘ I didn’t know how she got that dress but I must say she’s pretty in it ‘

“Good morning sir ”

“Good morning ” I mumbled.

I looked around to check if my mom is still around.

“Your mom went early sir ” As if she knew my mind.

“Oh! so are you ready for today’s work ” I asked, and she nodded.

“Good! so you will take a cab now and tell the driver you are going to the Williams cooperation ” I blurted out.

“But sir, I thought we are going together moreover, I don’t have any money to board a cab” she answered.

“Then you trek, and you must not be late coz you are to be in the company by 9:00am and this is 8:20am so you have 40 minutes left ” I grinned.

Seeing her sad cute little face was fun.

“Sir, is unfair o “she answered and took her bag.

“Wait, help me carry my suitcase into the car l I handed it over to her.

she collected it and rolled her eyes.

I quickly drank my tea but couldn’t eat the toast bread, I walked out and couldn’t find christabel.

She must have really gone to take a cab.

“Oh my goodness! I was only joking with her ” I entered my car, she wasn’t there.

I drove down the road to see if I could sight her but I couldn’t.

I got to the army checking point and they stopped me.

“Good morning sir” They greeted me.

“Good morning, how are you guys? ” I smiled.

“We are fine, we will like to check your driving license ”

“Driving license ?” I asked.

‘what do they want with my driving license? ‘

“Take,now can you open the boot? ” The man with a gun requested.

I never kept anything in the boot, but am getting late and Mr Kingsley would be waiting for me, that man got problem, I just pray he didn’t cancel the deal.

And one more thing about him is that he speaks gigantic grammars when he talks sometimes.

“Sir, I would like you to but am getting late to work, I have a meeting with my business partner ” I quickly said.

I don’t know why I didn’t want to open the boot but something kept pushing me back and not to open it.

“Okay, you know what? we are letting you go coz we know the CEO of one of the richest company can’t keep anything in the boot than documents, but you have to give us something before you go ” He winked at me, and I felt relieved suddenly.

I gave them #2000 and drove off to my company. I came down from the car and heard some sounds coming from the boot.

my eyes widen.

‘is my car going to blow? ‘

I walked to the boot and opened it a little, at first I saw something red. I opened it fully to see the greatest shock of my life.

my jaw dropped and I almost fell down.

Christabel in the boot!
The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

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