The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

Chapter 9 ❤

Christabel in the boot!

I don’t know if I should shout, cry or laugh. I don’t just know.

She came down and dusted her dress and straighten her hair well.

“Sir, I didn’t mean to, there was no transport fare in my hand, that’s why I hide inside your boot ”

Seriously, if I had open the boot at the army checking point what would have been my fate now? They would think I kept her there.

“What if I had open the boot for the armies to check in, what would have become of me? ” I asked.

“Sir, I will try and explain to them ” she answered.

I sighed .

” I was only teasing you and I didn’t know you gonna go far” I felt shivers running through my spine when I held her hand, and went in.

We walked in, my employees were staring at us and were gossiping, which was making christabel uncomfortable.

She removed her hand from mine coz I knew that’s what they were gossiping about.

I got to my office and met Mr Kingsley walking to and fro , he saw me and gave me a dead glare. I turned to Christabel.

“This my office and that’s yours ” I pointed to the office which was opposite mine.

My office was made of glass so I could see her anytime and whatever she do.

“Wow! ” That was what came out from her mouth only.

“Mr Kingsley, am sorry for coming late, I was stopped by the armies ” Trying to make things up.

“Oh really! What if I cancel the deal Huh? ” he fired.

“No sir, please don’t cancel the deal ” I pleaded, he’s here with his problem.

“Keep your mouth shut, your amorphous amanuensis didn’t tell you that am coming today or she told you but you forgot ?”

Ah God! He has started with his gigantic grammars of his again. He should just break them down.

“Sir she told me, and I already told you what happened this morning, I was stopped by the armies ” I replied as I covered my face with my palms.

“Whatever, let start the meeting cause I don’t have time ” I stood up and faced christabel.

“Tell all the staffs we are having a meeting with Mr Kingsley ”

She turned and I could tell she’s nervous.

At the meeting…

“Good morning everyone ” I greeted them and they did the same.

“First, we are having a new employee here, her name is Christabel Desmond and she’s my PA ” I introduced christabel to them. she stood up.

“Nice meeting you everyone ” she greeted smiling.

“Nice meeting you too, you are too beautiful ” my secretary replied.

“Yes, I thought she was his new girlfriend when they came in holding hands ”

I smiled.

“it seems you loquacious have forgotten me right? Now start the meeting ” he yelled making everyone stiffed.

He’s just too proud.

“Sir, we aren’t talkative, they were only trying to introduce me to them as the new PA ” christabel spoke out and all the staffs stared at her.

“We you shut your desipient mouth up, it like you don’t know me right? I can cancel the deal cause of your hauteur. You this inanimate charlatan”

I looked at Christabel, her face was red.

“Am not a lifeless imposter sir, and you aren’t the only educated person here, so stop being so dramatic ”

‘what’s she saying? I hope she’s not looking for trouble ‘

“Educated you said? I thought I was only dealing with some depredators ” he shouted.

“We are not thieves! Stop all this vociferous of yours, you are too full of hauteur.

If not for your senility I would have given you a temerarious beating, you this supercilious, edentate, obese man. Adversary of progress! ”

My jaw dropped!

She just insulted this man! Even Mr Kingsley couldn’t say a word again, he was too dumb to talk. He just got his type.

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

Christabel’s pov

Mr Kingsley or Queen slay whatever he called his name has really got on my nerves so much that I can’t take it.

He stood up and said the word “The deal is cancelled ” and walked out.

Every one gasped. They were whispering.

“She just made that man cancel the deal “🚺

” That’s serves him right “🚹

“Let him cancel it, he’s just too proud for my liking “🚹

“Another business deal is coming, I like the way christabel put him in his place ” 🚺

I searched for richard with my eyes and I saw him. I walked to him and placed my hand on his shoulder.

“Sir, am sorry I make him cancel the deal ” it wasn’t my intention.

“Do you know how much money that deal cost? christabel you have just cancelled that deal ” His voice was low.

‘Now am feeling guilty’

I sighed.

“Am sorry boss, it won’t happen again ”

“it’s okay, my only chance now is the McDonald’s company, just pray they accept the deal which cost 14bn and not that 5bn you just cancelled ” he answered and stood up.

‘I just pray they accept the deal’

The meeting was closed and soon everyone went home. it was I and Richard that went together in quietness.

we got home, I walked upstairs to go take my bath and was about to rest when I heard Richard’s voice shouting.

I quickly stood up, and saw him in the sitting room jumping.

‘Seriously? what happened? ‘

I ran downstairs, he turned to me smiling.

“Sir, what’s wrong? ” I was too anxious, seeing him smiling like this must have come out with a good news.

“Guess what? The McDonald’s company just accepted the deal ” he shouted.

“Really? wow let me see it ” he handed me his phone and I could read the message that they accepted the deal.

I was too happy. I looked at him, he was really staring at me.

“Congratulations sir” I smiled.

“Yeah” he walked towards me and pulled me into a hug.

my heart skipped. ‘He just hugged me? ‘

Before I could blink my eyes, he kssed me on my……………..

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

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