THE BOSS THE MAID: Chapter 11 – The End

THE BOSS THE MAID: Chapter 11 – The End

Chapter 16

Richard’s pov

I was crying profusely, seeing her like this sadden my heart so much.

‘ I know it linda’s doing, how can she do this to me ‘

The ambulance came and christabel was placed on a stretcher, we got to the hospital in 15minutes.

She was taken into a ward, I wasn’t allowed to enter so I stayed outside. I couldn’t sit, I kept glancing at the door.

“Richard, what happened? Where’s christabel? ” I turned and saw it was my mom with my dad too.

“Mom, she was shot, I don’t want her to die. I love her mom, I love her ” More tears dropped down from my eyes.

‘I won’t be able to get myself if she dies ‘

“You love her? I mean fell in love with her? ” mom asked and I nodded.

“OMG! Don’t worry she’s gonna be fine ” she assured me.

“She’s not going to die son ” my dad spoke out.

“I know it linda’s doing, she’s the one who sent them, she threatened to deal with her and she did ”

“Don’t worry son, we will get to her later, let just pray for christabel should live ” my dad patted me.

‘ I can’t afford to lose her just like that ‘

5 minutes………

The doctor sighed “she’s……… ”

“Go straight to the point, she’s what? ” I yelled.

“Calm down, she’s fine. She’s really a strong woman, we were able to remove the bullets. So she’s okay now ” The doctor smiled, I didn’t know when I hugged him.

I felt very relieved, Christabel didn’t die. OMG!

“Can I see her please? ” I pleaded.

“Hmm.. Yes…… But she’s still sleeping ” he replied.

“Okay doctor, thanks so much ” I didn’t wait to hear his reply when I ran to her ward.

I opened the door and saw Christabel laying on the bed. A tear dropped from my eye.

She had bandage on her stomach where she was shot, I walked to her and sat beside her on the bed.

“Christabel am sorry I didn’t protect you from the bullets and thank you for staying strong for me, I will always love you with all my life ” I said, holding her left hand.

Seriously, a woman in her fifties came in with a man which I know he must be her husband.

She was panting heavily, I looked at her and saw the resemblance of christabel.

‘she must be her mother ‘

“What happened to my daughter? someone should tell me ” she half yelled

“MA please calm down, she was shot but she’s okay now ” my mom answered her.

She calmed down but not fully “who did this to me? what’s my offence? ” she was crying.

An hour later…..

christabel’s parents and mine went home cause I told them am gonna stay here with christabel though they insist but I told them not to worry.

I glanced at christabel and didn’t know when I slept off.

THE BOSS THE MAID: Chapter 11 – The End

Christabel’s pov

The next morning….

I opened my eyes slowly, everywhere was blur. I recalled what happened to me yesterday .

I was shot on my stomach.

The blurring became clear and I could hear a beeping sound of a machine, the walls were painted white.

I stood up but i was held down by a sharp pain in my stomach, I heard someone mumbling and I traced it with my eyes.

‘Richard!!’ he was sleeping on a small couch and I stood up finally sitting on the bed.

I remembered when I said I love him before I landed here. he opened his eyes and saw me smiling.

“Christabel!! You are awake? ” he ran to me and sat beside me.

“Yes Richard, am awake. How was your night? ” I asked staring into his swollen eyes.

‘He has been crying? ‘

“It wasn’t fine but now that you are awake I think it fine ” I chuckled.

“Okay, can we go home now? please I want to go home ” I pleaded

‘I didn’t really like staying in the hospital for long ‘

“No, but the doctor said you will be discharged on Friday ” he answered smiling.

“Friday? that’s long! ” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, christabel am sorry I didn’t save you from the bullets, please forgive me ” he was about crying.

‘Why is he blaming himself? ‘

“it nothing, you don’t have to blame yourself for it richard, forget about it okay? ” I said, looking down at his plump lips.

“is there something on my lips? ” he asked touching his lips.

“No… No… Nothing ” I looked away shyly.

“I know what you want ” he smirked.

‘What I want? ‘

“What? ” I asked. He bought his face close to mine till we were lip to lip.

“This” He kssed me on my soft lips and I responded, forgetting the pain I was having.

“I love you christa ” I heard him say

‘only my father call me Christa ‘ I smiled.

“I love you too Richard ” I said after we broke the kiss.

THE BOSS THE MAID: Chapter 11 – The End

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