By Temi Akintade

The service has just ended. Hadassah was chatting with the middle-aged woman who had sung then sings my soul during choir ministration. While I was scrolling through my phone.

“I was shocked when I saw you. I mean, after so many years of asking God to bring you my way. You finally came!”

I turned to see who was speaking. My breath caught by the time I caught sight of his handsome face. “Pastor Nat.” I half-whispered.

“I have been waiting for you, Paulina. All night and day. Even when I was almost giving up, God told me to keep holding on. I did, and look what he has done!” He chuckled and signaled to one of his pastors.

“Pastor Ben, this is my wife. The one God told me she was my wife after my wife died many years ago. But she ran away and now she is back.” He grinned.

I threw my head back in laughter and my curly weave bobbed. “What if I was married? I have a daughter you know?” I teased.

“You and I both know that Hadassah is, and will always be my daughter. Can we go to my office? Where is Hadassah?”

I was about to speak but my phone interrupted me. It was Frank but I busied his call and signaled to Hadassah to come with us to pastor Nat’s office.

By the time we got into his office, he embraced me for a long time, we started in each other’s arms like satisfied lovers until Hadassah cleared her throat.

“Uh, mum who is he?” She asked.

“Your father.” He chipped in.

“My husband-to-be.” I couldn’t stop grinning. Not because I knew that the Holy Spirit had this all planned out but because I was so excited to be with pastor Nat and this time, it felt really nice to have waited on God for him to build my relationship with him, and for me to trust him to lead me to my glorious destiny with pastor Nat.

In the weeks that followed, pastor Nat didn’t waste much time in engaging me and informing the ministers in his church.
When Frank got to know, he was enraged. But I kept praying g for him to find peace and find the right path in Christ again.


Meanwhile, I already told Hadassah about her biological father Tayo and even though they didn’t bond quite well, they still saw each other once a month as I arranged it.

While I was planning my wedding in January, I heard a h©rrible news.

Mama Judith d!ed of heart failure.

Pastor Nat and I had to shift our wedding because she was a mother to me and was always there for me. Because of pastor Nat’s tight schedule, I traveled to Kogi state mama Judith’s hometown alone for her burial.

I didn’t know that Frank had come as well until he showed up in my face before the burial ceremony while I was returning to my hotel room.

“I have always loved you, Paulina. And you have grown up to be the woman I have always wanted for you.”

“Frank please go back and put your home in order!” I stressed.

“What home! The home my wife scattered!” He yelled and this time, he attracted a few heads. It was after he was calm that I realized that he could get violent.

So I raced into my room and locked the door. He kept banging my door a bit soon, he gave up.

I began to pray and ask for God’s help. Soon, I slept off while praying and a few hours later, my phone beeped. It was my husband-to-be pastor Nat.

“Why are you calling me by 8 PM. We were supposed to do a video call by 10:00 PM.” I rubbed my sleepy eyes.

“I couldn’t sleep. Come and unlock the door of your room. I had to drive down with Hadassah when the burden to come to Kogi became too strong.” He said.

I jumped on my feet and rushed to unlock the door. I rushed into his arms and kissed Hadassah when I saw them. It was surreal! I wasn’t even expecting them.

By the time Frank realized that I was not alone, he stopped approaching me and I told pastor Nat all that had happened.

Soon, mama Judith was buried and we returned to Abuja to continue with wedding plans. In January 2021, Pastor Nat and I got married soon, Hadassah gained admission into one of the universities abroad to further her education.

While I remained with pastor Nat, growing the ministry God has given to me, with pastor Nat helping me, and with God gracing me to help Pastor Nat in every area.

I, Paulina. The girl whose love life started in a Facebook chat room, the girl whose life was broken and scattered, but remolded by God to serve his purpose.


What have you learnt from this story so far?




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    This one of the best story I read so far, I can’t say if it was because it involved Christ but,it is really a lesson driven story… I love this story and pray God gives you more strength to write in Jesus name (amen)

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